Prostate Sex

Creating The Most Intense Male Orgasms!

prostate sex for extreme intense orgasms

What is prostate sex? It's when your male gland is manually stimulated during sexual activity to create a more intense orgasm. And it can be extremely intense!

These are the orgasms that men say "knock their socks off" or make them "explode" or "gasp for breath". They can be Powerful!!

This type of orgasm differs from prostate orgasm in that your desire is to enhance and amplify the sensation when you cum. With prostate orgasm your are trying to milk your gland. Or, release the sexual urge without the orgasm.

Your Super Powerful Male "G Spot"

Prostate Sex is kind of like someone tickling you while you are already laughing. You are multiplying the sensation dramatically. You may not even be able to stand it. That's how intense it can get!

Your male gland is a very erogenous area. It is often referred to as "the male G spot". Having your partner massage you in this spot prior to intercourse can be a long a lovely experience. And it can make your erection hard as a rock!

Prostate sex as foreplay is also a wonderful and healthful way to warm up your sexual system for an even more satisfying experience.

Why It Works

This special gland of yours serves a variety of sexual functions.

It stores the semen that you eventually ejaculate when you cum. When it is empty, really empty, your desire for sexual activity is usually non existent. When it is full, really full, everything female and human can look really good to you!

That's part of Mother Natures design.

The more semen you accumulate, the better your chances for procreation. She wants you to have sexual intercourse when you are most able to make her some babies! After that, she wants you to rest and rejuvenate so you can do it well again later.

How It Works

When your gland is full of semen, or you are aroused, the nerves in the gland become highly sensitized. That's when you are "horny". The more easily you replenish this semen, the more often you become horny. Make sense?

And, the more sexually attractive a woman is you, the more these nerves are stimulated.

Combine sexual attraction with a gland full of semen and a man will do almost anything for the woman in question at this moment. Another of Mother Nature's little pleasant games.

Alcohol consumption can also increase this desire. It doesn't even take a lot. See how we get in trouble and wonder the next day: "Why did I do that?" Mother Nature simply wants her babies. So she set things up this way!

Tens of thousands of years ago this made sense. There wasn't a whole lot of us around and she wanted to keep the species going.

Now, because we have had no natural predators for such a long time, there are just too darn many of us. But, that's a whole different article!...

How You Do It!

Prostate sex is achieved by stimulation of the gland itself during sexual activity. And, it is very simple to do.

There are three basic ways to do this:

  • Manually (with your partner's finger. Or your own finger if you are going solo.)
  • With a massage device
  • Using Drugs or herbal aphrodisiacs

The easiest way is with an Aneros massager. There are a whole line of prostate sex devices available from Aneros. They are not only wonderful sex toys, they are also some of the best devices for a healthful prostate massage.

Personally, I have found the silicone Helix model call the HelixSYN to be the most comfortable massager ever.

aneros for prostate sexHelix
prostate sex with an anerosHelixSYN

All the Aneros devices are designed to be used "hands free". So you can enjoy using your hands for other pleasant things during lovemaking.

But, a partner's finger can be a huge turn on in itself. Just be sure to be gentle. Pushing too hard on your gland can make prostate sex painful and cause you to lose your erection! It can also hurt the gland.

Just gentle prostate massage will do the best job and actually be the most erotic.

As far as drugs and strong herbal aphrodisiacs go, I believe they should not be used. They come with too many possible horrible side effects (which you hear very little about) such as heart attack and blindness. Not the most common of outcomes. But, is the risk really worth it to you?

The herbs are much gentler to your system than the drugs. However, if you have any type of heart, kidney or circulatory problems, they can be just as dangerous for you.

Getting healthy will give you all the sexual ability you really need. And it will enable you to keep that virility well into you 90s.


I have to warn you, and this Warning should be taken seriously.

Prostate sex creates the most intense orgasms possible. But, the intensity of it can be more than some men can stand.

If you are older, or have a weak heart, prostate sex greatly increases not just the intensity of the orgasm, it also increases the stress on your system and your heart.

For a young healthy guy this is almost never a problem.

But, for older men it may be too much and is not at all advised. You've heard the stories about the 70 year old (or even the 40 something....) guy who dies while making love to his 20 years old girl friend? That's because the excitement and blood pressure increase was too much (or too often) for the man's body to handle.

The same thing can happen with prostate sex. It can become extremely intense!

Having Fun and Being Safe

You still can probably enjoy gentle erotic prostate massage as foreplay. Yes, that means before you cum. And in moderation. It's really erotic and wonderful that way!

But, don't try to have the biggest longest orgasm of your life if you have any doubts of your ability to handle it. Especially if you have any indication of heart weakness. You could kill yourself. I'm serious about that.

On the other hand, for the young and healthy, you can achieve the biggest, most explosive, longest lasting orgasms of your life with prostate sex. It can give you orgasms so mind blowing that you just lay there like a pool a jello afterward!

So be smart. Be careful. Don't overdo. And Enjoy!

Be Well.....

~ William

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