Prostate Nutrition

Prostate nutrition is really no different than good nutrition for general health.

natural food for good prostate nutrition

Every time we turn on the TV, or open a magazine, or listen to the radio, someone is trying to sell us on some special diet or food supplement for our various problems.

You know why? They all have something to sell you.

Is what they sell bad? Sometimes no, sometimes yes.

The thing is:

“Life is not so complicated.

We don’t need a special diet for
every bodily malfunction.

But, we do need quality natural food
good prostate nutrition

Do Wild Animals
Special Diets?

correct prostate nutrition

Look at the animals in the wild. They know what to eat. No one has to tell them what is good for them and what is not. And, NONE of them suffer from prostate problems. Their natural food provides perfect prostate nutrition.

Interesting. Isn’t it?

We, as a species, like to thing we are so vastly superior and smarter than out animal brothers and sisters.

But, who has more diseases? We do. Thousands more.

And, we are the only species that tampers with and alters our food.

Do you ever see wild animals, living in a natural environment, getting BPH, prostatitis, prostate cancer, or any other of these sexual maladies? NEVER.

Hmmmmm. It makes you wonder. I hope.

Fake Foods
Undermine Good Prostate Nutrition

fake food can harm your prostate

Eating junk food is not good prostate nutrition. And, it will deprive you of important nutrients you need for good prostatic health.

Now, our current health problems, if you take a practical look at the situation, have to be happening. We have to be getting all kinds of sicknesses.


Because we like challenges?


Because we eat all kinds of degraded and foodless fake foods that don’t nourish our bodies correctly and that actually poison us with a wide variety of unnatural food additives and preservatives.

Good prostate nutrition comes from eating a wide variety of good healthy natural foods.

Is Old School Still True?

I know. I sound like the health lecturers of the 1930s.

But, this old information is still absolutely true.

If you eat only natural foods, drink clean water, sleep sufficiently, exercise regularly, leave stress where you find it as much as possible, laugh more.... You’re probably going to feel a lot better and be a lot healthier.

And, we all know this. Right?

I mean I haven’t just told you anything you don’t already know. Did I?

But, are you doing these things?

Probably not all of them.

If you were, you wouldn’t be reading this page because your gland would be feeling just fine and you’d have no need to find out how to make it feel better or function better.

Am I right again?

What About
Prostate Supplements?

prostate supplements are helpful for good prostate nutrition

No one really wants to take supplements. They are annoying. But, they can be very helpful and a wonderful addition to your good diet. Especially if you are trying to regain optimum health.

Because of our years of less than perfect health maintenance, our general air and water pollution, our chemical exposures, poor air quality, general weak food, etc... Most of us need some extra prostate nutrition. And, to get those extra amounts of nutrients we can use Supplements.

That last link will take you to a full article I wrote on supplements that may help you learn more abut what has worked for hundreds of thousands of other men.

A More
Primitive Diet

OK. So, let's get to prostate nutrition specifically.

Are you at all familiar with what is called The Primitive Diet?

It is the best. For everything. That includes prostate nutrition.

primitive diet for good prostate nutrition

That diet, however, always sounds so awful to most civilized people who like processed foods. They often picture people sitting on the ground eating meat with their fingers off of a bone.

While that is not a bad thing, it’s not at all necessary.

And, that food right above (all in a primitive diet) sure looks delicious!

You don't don't have to make a drastic switch immediately. Slowly add more real foods to replace fake foods. In a short while I think you'll be Amazed by how much better you start feeling.

Creating Disease

Unnatural Foods

Now, if we look at the wild creatures, they all eat a primitive diet. Because that is all they have available. And, what they eat is what their mother’s taught them to eat. They live in perfect health.

Natural food is the kind of diet the human body was developed on. It’s all we ate for a couple hundred thousand years. In the last 10,000 years we started playing with it. Today, we create things to eat that are not even real food anymore.

Our mother’s did the same thing as the animals do. They taught us what they knew. But, they also gave us treats often.

Unfortunately, treats are usually nutritional disasters. But, normally, in moderation, a health young body can stand a small amount.

Sweets of all kinds, including cookies, cakes, pies, etc... can easily cause sugar addictions. If you doubt that, just look at how many diabetics there are.

“29.1 million people in the United States have diabetes, but 8.1 million may be undiagnosed and unaware of their condition.”


That’s horrible! That’s from uncontrolled sugar addiction.

The Basics
Excellent Prostate Nutrition

As you read in the very beginning of this article:

“Life is no so complicated. We don’t need a special diet for every bodily malfunction. However, we do need high quality natural food for good health.
No. You don’t have to sit on the floor eating meat off the bone with your fingers, or spend your free time searching for roots to dig up and eat.

There are just three main points to effective prostate nutrition:

good prostate nutrition

 1)  Eat only natural foods. Organic, if possible. And, eat it in as close to it’s natural state as possible.

Yes. We can cook a lot of our food. But, some raw food every day is important.

Yes. We can have all kinds of wonderful sauces made from real natural ingredients.

Yes. Some wine is fine if you like it.

prostate pain and nutrition

 2)  DON’T EAT things that aggravate your prostate. It sounds obvious, but how many of us pay attention to what our bodies are saying?

Some men are sensitive to certain foods. Some men are not.

For Example:

Beer can be a major problem for a lot of men. It can cause absolutely horribly painful prostatitis. It did for me.

Grains can also do this. Yet, for some men grains pose no problem at all.

The same for hot peppers. Did you know, hot peppers are one of the healthiest foods there is? They are fantastic for the heart and circulation.

But, some men will have terrible prostatic pain after they eat them.

Learn to listen to your body. It’s really very smart. If you feel really lousy on any particular day, think back to what you did and what you ate the day or days just before.

prostate nutrition and prostate supplements

 3)  Prostate Supplements. A worthwhile addition to your good prostate nutrition. They can speed up progress and help you avoid future problems. Especially BPH.

“Men over 50 have a 50% chance of having BPH, while men over 80 have a 90% chance of having the condition. Current estimates show approximately two million men currently receive treatment for BPH. Symptoms of BPH vary from man to man, and worsen over time as the prostate gland continues to enlarge.”



When our gland is not properly nourished, it gets weak. In an attempt to keep functioning sufficiently, it grows in size. Much like the thyroid gland when a person has goiter. That’s what BPH is.


But, just take a look at that statistic above. 50% of men over 50 will suffer from this. Wow!

That would not be so epidemic if prostate nutrition had been sufficient.

Yes, taking a bunch of supplements each day is annoying. And, not free. But, not being able to pee is also not a really great thing either. You get to choose.

Prostate Massage

Yes. You’re going to hear about this a bit now too.


Because some proper regular prostate massaging will help your blood flow in your gland.

And, why is that of any value?

That increased blood flow means your precious gland will have access to more of the vital nutrients you need.

As, well as more oxygen.

And, more toxin removal. The main cause of prostate cancer.

Yes, prostate massage is a great asset.

Without massage, excellent prostate nutrition and certain supplements alone can work seeming miracles for many men.

With correct prostate massage, you can expect progress about 400% - 800% faster. Yes, about 4x - 8x faster.

All You Need To Know
Prostate Nutrition

So, here’s the good news:

Good prostate nutrition is neither complicated or difficult.

A good healthy diet for your entire body is generally a good healthy diet for your male gland also.

You don’t need to study prostate nutrition, thyroid nutrition, kidney nutrition, heart nutrition, etc...

You just need to learn good natural human nutrition. Yes, you very well may need supplements to support different areas of your health. They are worth the money and worth the inconvenience of taking them.

No, I don’t sell any kind of supplements. So, maybe what I am saying will have a bit more credibility to you.

Enjoy your food. You don’t have to eat all kinds of weird things. All natural foods that don’t cause you an unfavorable reaction are healthy for you.

Good prostate nutrition, is really that simple.

Be Well.....

~ William

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