Prostate Massage Stories

the Successes and the Failures

I must hear and read more prostate massage stories than anyone else on the entire Earth!

Prostate massage stories generally fall into two categories. The success stories and the failures.

What Makes the Difference?

In normally healthy men there seems to be only ONE difference in why these men either succeeded or failed.

It’s so far beyond obvious that it seems all the failures looked right past it.

Can you guess what it is?

No,.. guess again. It’s even more basic.

Here’s A Typical Story
A Man Who Got No Results

Let me relate a story of an apparently devoted reader who got no results.

See where in this prostate massage story you figure out why he failed to get the results he wanted.

A man, let’s call him Joe, writes and tells me his prostatitis is driving him crazy. It hurts a lot. And when he has a flare up it is terrible!

Joe says he has been having prostatitis  issues for the past 12 years and nothing seems to help. He has now been reading my website for the past 6 months and he tells me he thinks it is the best information he has ever found.

He praises the prostate massage stories from my readers as truly inspirational.

(Now, here’s the kicker:) Joe goes on to say,  “I’m thinking of trying the massages you describe. But, in the mean time is there anything you can do to help me with my problem?”




Just Thinking?

Joe has been reading the website (about 200 articles) and the success stories for the past 6 months. And now he is “thinking of trying the massages” I explain in detail? And, he wants to know what I can do for him?

Nothing Joe! There is nothing I can do for you. You have every bit of information I have ever written right at your fingertips. Now, you have to do something for yourself.

Stop just thinking about things and take some necessary action!

Yes, it takes some time, and some effort, and some discipline.

He is only “thinking” about doing the work and he doesn’t know why nothing is changing!

Are you with me right now??

"And, that is the entire key to success here!
The men who took action and stuck with it, write of almost miraculous successes."

The ones, like Joe, who only read about it and think about it go on suffering eternally. Their prostatitis, etc.. never seems to really end! In all reality, why would they?

 You MUST find and take the necessary actions to get results.

This Is
The Reason

This is the reason I have found for success or failure in virtually every one of the prostate massage stories I have heard or read.

Men either actually took the necessary actions, or, they read about them and occasionally thought about doing them but never really did the work. Or, they tried it once or twice.

That is where success and failure were determined in virtually every letter I read.

It Doesn’t Work If.....

All the best massaging techniques do not and can not possibly work if you don’t do them!

It’s that simple!

Just like your car. If you don’t get in it and drive it, it will never take you anywhere.

The external massages require only your fingers. You can start them today! If you want to do the internal massages the easy way, buy your Helix right now (if you don’t already have one). Yes right now. Not 3 months from now. And start seeing how much better you can feel!

If you just read right past that, and did not stop to order your massager, you’re not doing it right now, are you?... And, you’re no closer to your success!

Didn’t think I’d catch so many of you on that one, did you?

Now, try some of  the external massages today. Virtually anyone can do these. Also try the Miracle Prostate Exercise and see just how much better you can feel right away.

When your massager arrives, don’t just leave it on your desk. Use it! (first: please check with your doctor to make sure you don’t have any kind of health issue that could make internal prostate massage dangerous for you. It’s quite rare that this is the case. But, it’s better to be safe than sorry.)

Here's What To Do
If You Want to  Fail Miserably

If you only try massaging once, you’re probably not going to turn your life around, feel incredible, lose all your prostate issues, suddenly meet the woman of your dreams, or win the lottery. It’s not impossible. But the odds are really small!

Remember:  Prostate massage stories that end in success are the ones where the man has done his massaging. Regularly. Correctly. Over a period of time.

And, when a cleaner healthier lifestyle is also added over time, success is always faster and greater.

The ways ALL of these things have already been successfully done by thousands of other men are described in detail in the pages on this website.

YOU can succeed too!

The Obvious

NO ONE expects to go to the gym once, or even three times, and come out looking like Mr. Universe.

I mean that’s obvious. Right?

So why do men expect things to change in their sexual lives in just one day?

And, why do they expect things to get better when they keep doing all the things that are causing the problems and they take no corrective measures?

How can they expect incredibly powerful techniques to work for them when they don’t use them?!<BR><BR>

OK, have I beaten this point into the ground already? Good! Now you know the biggest secret of success here.

Prostate Massage Stories

What will your prostate massage stories be?

Will you be telling your friends how much better you are feeling? How much better your sex life is? How problems you had for 20+ years seem to have all vanished?

Will your prostate massage stories tell how you now have greater overall energy? How you’re generally just happier? How you generally just feel better and healthier overall?

Or, will you be telling them that it just doesn’t work because you tried it a few times and nothing really changed?

It’s all up to you now!

Don’t act like Joe. Be a success here!

The Secret Bonus!

One of the great recurring things you’ll find in success filled prostate massage stories is that the men are happier and feel better overall.

This is no accident.


Because when any part of your body is malfunctioning it affects the entire body negatively to a greater or lesser degree and it has a profound negative effect on overall happiness.

The exact opposite is also true. And, this is practically a Secret Bonus! It too seems to happen for everyone.

When you improve the health or function of any area of your body (especially a chronically suffering area) overall health improves. AND, a person’s overall state of mental well being and happiness generally improves radically also. It seems almost miraculous!

But, life itself just seems so much better, and easier and happier as you get healthier.

Do you want that for yourself and the one’s you love? Silly question, huh?

So, make the necessary changes in your life and do the work you need to do. Your life  may very well become better than you ever thought it could be again.

AND THEN: send me your wonderful prostate massage stories of success, renewed vitality and happiness! I want to share them with the world!

Be Well.....

~ William

* This article and the prostate massage stories on this website are not written with terminally ill people in mind or men with cancer issues.

Cancer is a unique subject unto itself and not an area I spend much time with.

If you have prostate cancer, it is, in my belief, a complete systematic problem that must be approached in that way. Just local massaging will probably not eradicate  or reverse it.

So I am addressing generally healthy men here with issues such as: prostatitis, BPH, pain, swelling, toxemia, erectile dysfunction, etc.... These are the prostate massage stories of success you will find on this website.

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