Which Penis Traction Device
Most Effective?

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Quick Extender Pro

By this point you have learned that a high quality penis traction device is the Safest, and clinically proven, Most Effective method for straightening a curved penis that is caused by Peyronies Disease.

“More and more,
the medical community is turning to correct penis traction
as the first line of treatment
Peyronies Disease.”

ref: Dr. Paolo Gontero
Medical News Today

Yes. Clinically proven #1 above every other method.

This includes including: surgery, injections, drugs, creams, etc...

Even is the curvature is severe and painful.

So, in this article I am not even going to discuss the inferior other methods. Including high risk surgery. I will save those for separate articles.

I am only going to be discussing the best, highest quality devices for correct penis traction.

Penis Traction Device?

Prostate Massage?

How did we get to discussing a penis traction device on a prostate massage website?

It's a common subject for so many men in midlife.

Did you know that just when men begin having all kinds of prostate problems, they are also ripe for developing Peyronies Disease?

If this is your situation, you know what I'm talking about. And, you may be searching for an answer that does not involve a surgery.

Well, now you found it. Prostate problems and a bent penis are not related. And, a bent penis is very easy to fix 99% of the time. So, don't despair. And, don't worry.

The non-surgical method, that can fix a bent penis 99% of the time, is called penis traction. And, it is done with a simple penis traction device that you use by yourself. It is the Safest and Most Effective medically approved method in the world today.

So, if you are being plagued by a bent penis, here will will help you will learn how to get one of the best penis straightening device available in the world.

"Which Penis Traction Device
Do I Choose?"

There are so many different brands.

And, you’ve probably seen numerous ads in your search.

What you probably are learning is: There are a lot of different penis traction devices out there (23 by my last count) ALL claiming to do the same thing. Straighten or lengthen your erections.

Although these different units may look similar, they are not all the same. And, some can easily cause you permanent penile damage.

So, which one do you choose?

You want the most effective and safest one you can get. That’s all that really matters.

How Do I Know Which Ones Are
Most Effective

The concept on each penis traction device is the same. To apply a constant lengthening pull on your shaft.

At first glance they all look pretty much alike too. That is why it can be so easy to make a poor choice.

If you look more closely, however, you may begin to notice some difference. First, there is the way they attach to the tip of your shaft.

Some use a round tube (called a noose), some have a long flat collar. Then some have a double noose, and there is the ultimate attachment called the quad system, etc......

Those differences become easy to see.

However, since you can’t feel the pictures you don’t really get an idea of the construction quality either.

ALL the photos are professionally done to make each unit look very good.


“...there are MAJOR differences between
the best ones,
the middle grade ones,
and the dangerous cheaply made ones.”

Construction Quality
Means Everything

If you’re just going to do something simple like wash your car, you may try the $3 car wash detergent instead of the $19.95 one first. What do you have to lose? Right?

The cheap one probably won’t ruin your paint and if it works real well you save a few bucks.

When you go to the dentist, however, do you choose the $40 dentist in the bad part of town. Or, do you pay for one of the “expensive” ones that your friends and associates use and have had excellent results with for many years.

And, if the work of $40 dentist causes your tooth to decay underneath later on, and then need a root canal, how much did you save in money OR good dental health?

The same is true of your sexual equipment. And, the penis traction device you use on it.

You get just one set of male parts. There are no replacement parts. If you mess these body parts up, you may not be able to correct the damage.

High Quality Penis Traction Device


If you get a good high quality penis traction device and use it properly, you will wish everything else you had to fix in your life was as easy and relatively inexpensive to correct.

If you save $100 on an inferior penis traction device, and get the flimsy bargain that looked the same as the quality one and then you puncture your shaft, or break the blood vessels in the tip of your shaft using it, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

You Never Regret
Making The Right Choice

Here’s the insanity of getting an inferior unit:

You can get a top of the line kit from Quick Extender Pro for under $200. Yes, under two hundred dollars.  That’s it! Less then $200.

These are not thousands of dollars. The best penis traction devices in the world are easily affordable by almost any man. So, don't cheap out. Take good care of your penis. Get the best quality there is. You'll never regret it.

So: Please be smart.
Don’t go bargain hunting when your health is at stake.

You will never regret the quality choices.

If, however, this makes no sense to you, then you can stop reading now because I will be of no help to you.

The Three Most Important Things
when choosing a penis traction device

I have personally researched every available penis traction device I could find in the world.

Of the 23 I found, only two met all of my personal requirements for both results and safety.

There are 3 things that are most important:

1)  How well made is the device made?  Is the penis traction device strong and will it last through the entire straightening process?

2)  Is it going to be safe?  Not just in overall strength of quality materials. But, in how gently it holds your shaft so as not to cause blood vessel damage. This is rarely mentioned anywhere.

3)  How effective is it?  This means, how quickly and correctly will it do the job.

Let’s Look At
What Determines Your Results

2This means your penis traction device needs to be made of the highest quality materials possible.

The workmanship needs to be first rate.

The attachment has to be well thought out so that it does not cause damage to your body.

Your penis traction device needs to be:

  • Strong

  • Reliable
  • Safe

  • Effective

That’s all that matters here.

Cost should not even be a consideration. Like you just learned: The very best units in the entire world are only about $200 - $400.

And, since correct penis traction has been clinically proven to be the best method of straightening, I don’t believe any man who found his way to this website, would find that anything less than fantastic.

Especially when compared to the high risk surgical cost which you may already be aware of:  $9,000 - $16,000.

What About
Penis Surgery?

OK. I keep mentioning that this is a high risk surgery. And, you probably are wondering why, and, what those risks are.

Every surgery cuts nerves. When they are cut you feel nothing past the point of the cut. This may heal months or years later. It may not.

In many other surgeries this is not a very important issue so it is really rarely discussed except in the fine print of the papers you sign before the surgery.

Maybe you have heard about the lack of feeling or sensation in the face after a face lift (when the person can no longer feel their own face for 5 years or longer). But, the face still functions during that time because the muscles were not cut.

Your sexual equipment may not function properly afterward because the penile skin is all important to sexual stimulation and orgasm.

Really? Yes.

Here’s what can happen to your penis and sex life after a peyronies surgery:

First you’re going to have a lack of sensation. What does this mean?

It means:

 “With this type of surgery
you may become impotent.

Either for a while
 or forever.”

-  You may become unable to maintain an erection or have an orgasm due to sensation loss

-  This surgery will also shorten your erection by about 1/2 inch. That’s how your erection is  straightened out with this procedure. And, yes, your erections (if you still get them) will be shorter permanently.

-  You may damage your urethra (tube that carries urine and semen from the body)

-  The surgery will cause scarring. This scarring may bend you erections again later on in another direction or directions.

-  And of course, post surgical infection may mess things up.

99.99% of the time it is unnecessary to take any of these risks.

Correct Penis Traction
Medically Endorsed
Medically Recommended

Don’t think this device is a toy. Or, inferior to a medical surgery just because the modern penis traction device is so inexpensive.

Correct penis traction method has been clinically proven to be:

“the Safest and MOST Effective way to
straighten a bent or curved penis
caused by Peyronies Disease
99.99% of the time.”

In fact the penis traction device method is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

This includes:  USA • Canada • United Kingdom • Thailand • Taiwan • Uruguay •Belgium • Germany • Holland • Denmark • Portugal • Japan • Argentina • Philippines • France • Serbia • Luxembourg • Venezuela • Italy • Australia • Andorra • Chile • Mexico • Malaysia • Tunisia • Norway

The BEST RESULTS Possible!

A penis traction device is so effective at what it does that continued use (after your shaft is straightened) can actually lengthen and widen your shaft.

Yes, it’s true.

So,.. yes you are ahead of me here... The majority of advertising for this device is for “male enhancement” (making your cock bigger).

These units sell about 10 to 1 for male enhancement.


Because only about 4-5% of the male population develops Peyronies Disease. And, many will do nothing about it.

But, there are an enormous amount of men who would like a bigger cock and stronger erections (yes, these can also aid in erectile strength for many men).

And, businesses are here to sell products and make money. The male enhancement industry is no exception.

But, make no mistake: Using a high quality penis traction device correctly has clinically proven to be the best, safest and most effective method for straightening a bent or curved penis caused by Peyronies Disease.

OK William, Which Ones Are Best?

I’m sorry if I got a little long winded there. I just wanted to be sure you know you’re not buying a toy when you get a high quality unit.

Like I said, there is one brand that meet all of my personal requirements for results, safety, and comfort.

The Quick Extender Pro units. No matter what the ads of the other brands say, I have found none of the other brands units comparable.


Quick Extender Pro penis traction device for straightening and lengthening.Quick Extender Pro

They are:

  • Medically recommended
  • Classified as a Class 1 Medical Device
  • Made of the highest quality materials: Medical Grade
  • Stamped with the “CE” seal. (this is given to medical devices by European Health Authorities

Was The Penis Traction Device
Invented  by a Medical Doctor?


The penis traction device was first developed in 1994 by a penile surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

He is the founder and director of the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Denmark and Germany.

Dr. Siana designed the original penis traction device to keep men’s shafts straight after penile surgery.

He later found he could use it instead of surgery to straighten out a bent shaft. And, then found continued use would actually cause the shaft to safely grow longer and wider.

Pretty lucky for lots of men like you and me!

It is inexpensive, highly effective, and has non of the surgical risks.

Please, Do Yourself A Big Favor:
Forget the "Bargain" Brands

As I mentioned earlier, don’t let yourself be mislead into a “bargain” penis traction device. It could cause you misery for the rest of your life.

If you cause yourself physical damage with a poorly constructed “bargain”, how much of a bargain was it?

Get a high quality penis traction device. It’s all you will need to do the job correctly 99.99% of the time.

The two brands I mentioned are the best I have found in the past 7 years. And, they get consistent spectacular results.

Your Results Are Guaranteed


Both of the units I mentioned are guaranteed to work for you.

Both of those companies give you a 6 month money back guarantee on their products.

If you don’t get results they promise, you can return your penis traction device and get your money back.

They work.

So: Take a deep breath!

You now can stop worrying about Peyronies Disease and make that problem a thing of the past.

Be Well.....

~ William

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