Can a
Penis Massage

For certain men, Yes!

last updated September 1, 2020
7:01 pm

A penis massage can be very beneficial to many men who are suffering from certain types of erectile dysfunction.

Just like correct prostate massage has proven to help millions of men, regular penile massaging can help improve and restore sexual function for many men.

It Won’t Help Everyone

Penis massage is not the answer to all erectile problems.

I wish I could tell you that it is. But, it is not.

It is, however, a simple and practical way to improve circulation in your shaft. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction due to poor penile circulation, this may be all you need to reverse your erectile problem.

What Penis Massage CAN Do

Penis massage does one important thing:

It helps bring more blood to your shaft. This extra blood circulation is more important than most men with erectile dysfunction think it is.

What does this extra blood circulation do?

A few very important things.

More blood brings more oxygen and more nutrients to your cells. This energizes your nerves and makes your libido increase.

"Better blood circulation in your penis
produces stronger erections."

If you have poor circulation in your shaft, penis massage will help to:

  • Increase your penile blood circulation

  • Clean the blood vessels in your shaft

  • Rejuvenate weak erections

If you are a young man, it’s a different story. Penis massage will most likely be quite an erotic experience for you, and, it will  possibly give you an orgasm also.

How To Do A Correct Penis Massage

It’s really very easy.

You may think it is too easy to do any good. But, don’t be fooled. It can be quite a powerful sexual rejuvenator for older men if practiced regularly!

There are very few specifics here.

First: You DO NOT want to be squeezing your shaft so hard that it hurts.

Second: You have to squeeze your shaft hard enough to pump some blood there.

Squeeze hard enough so that it feels like you’re doing some massaging, but, not so hard that it hurts.

Those are the guidelines.

Here’s the technique:

Hold your flaccid (soft) shaft in your hand and squeeze the entire shaft and tip firmly, but not painfully. You want to squeeze and release like you are pumping something. About two squeeze and release cycles per second.

Try holding your shaft in different places for more effectiveness.

You only need to do massage for a minute or two.

That’s it. So simple.

Then relax. Feel the sensations.

Even after you let go, you’ll most probably feel a warming sensation in your shaft. That’s from the enhanced blood flow. You may even be slightly aroused. You’ve been successful!

I Know,
It Sounds Almost Too Simple
To Do Any Real Good

But, you may be Amazed!

One of the most interesting things about human health is that motion, exercise, massage all move your blood. We are not supposed to have to worry about creating good circulation. It’s supposed to happen just from our daily activities.

It is supposed to happen naturally and without thought.

But, we are not supposed to be eating all kinds of junk foods, stressing out all day every day, being chronically lazy, or ingesting drugs of every nature either, smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, etc...

“Good circulation, with healthy clean blood,
is the key

to healthy body functions and healing.”

Think about this: Your blood is what your entire body is created from. Every cell. Day after day.

Creating Good Sexual Health

It is very important to have clean healthy blood.

You must nourish yourself correctly, breathe a lot of healthy clean air, and drink plenty of clean water each day to insure that all the nutrients you need are available to whatever part of your body is in need of nourishment.

You need adequate rest and sleep.

You must control your stress level.

I know. That information sounds almost too simple and common. Like grade school material. Right?

But, often we forget some of the most basic and important things as we get older.

Healthy blood with good circulation is one of the great truths of healing anything. Wise men always understand this.

If you’re having trouble with your erections, what you just learned (or already knew) about penis massage and proper nutrition, may be all you ever need to learn to restore your strong erections.

You Need To Breathe!
Here’s What Happens With A Lack Of Oxygen

Let’s look at an example of how lack of oxygen can clog things up:

Did you ever see a car or big truck spewing clouds of black smoke? That’s fuel that did not get enough oxygen to burn.

penis massage for better erections

Did you every see how clogged up some of the pipes inside one of those machines can get?

The same thing happens inside your body.

Yep! Your body requires sufficient oxygen to burn your food. If you don’t get enough oxygen, a lot of mess accumulates in your blood vessels.

penis massage, clogged blood vessels, and weak erections

This is new information for you right? We are never taught these things anymore. But, this was common knowledge in the the old healing institutions. And, is well know in Asian medicine.

Spend at least a few minutes breathing deeply during each day. See how much better you feel all over.

When We Eat A Lot
Breathe Only A Little

When you eat plenty of food (especially the rich heavy foods that we all love) and don’t get enough oxygen, your blood vessels get lined with a lot of residue. Unburned “fuel”. Just like the smoking automobile.

I'm sure you've heard of cholesterol clogging the arteries. Right?

But, did you know high sugar content alone, in your blood vessels, causes inflammation in the blood vessels? This inflammation narrows the vessels. It slows the blood flow down. On top of that, It creates a rough surface that these unburned foods cling to.

Yes, there are a large number of reasons for clogged veins and arteries. The ones I just mentioned are just two of them. And, I talk about these two because you probably never heard about them before.

But, think about it for a moment. Does it make sense?

Chronic Dehydration
Can Clog Your Blood Vessels

If you want good circulation, make sure you drink enough clean fresh water each day. Not garbage beverages. Good clean water.

Did you know that chronic dehydration can cause hardening of the arteries? It can cause them to get coated with cholesterol.

Yes, chronic dehydration can do that.

Do you know why?

Your body is coating your blood vessels in this situation to protect the cells from losing water.

If you dehydrate too much you die. Right? You know that.

We all learned that in grade school. No air: we die in a few minutes. No water (over dehydration) we die in a few days. No food: We starve and die.

If you eat right, exercise even moderately, sleep enough, drink plenty of pure water (not sodas and garbage drinks), back off the excess stress (some is actually healthy), the chances of having cholesterol problems is almost non existent.

Opening Up
The Blood Flow In Your Shaft

For many older men, this is the key to stronger, harder, more youthful erections.

Now, if you are a diabetic, you probably know more than most people about clogged blood vessels.

Diabetic men often become completely impotent later in life because the blood vessels in their shaft are too clogged (from their insulin problem) to allow enough blood flow for a decent erection.

For a diabetic, this problem is very difficult to reverse.

But, diabetics are not the only ones with this clogged blood vessel erectile problem.

Now, I am not going to tell you that if you practice penis massage that you are guaranteed to regain erections of steel. Although, a number of men most likely will.

HOWEVER:  If you have moderate clogging in your shaft, and you eat a natural diet (that is naturally cleansing), you get some decent exercise at least a few days each week, practice some nice breathing exercises for even a few minutes each day, and get in the habit of some penis massage each day, you may be Amazingly and Happily Surprised by what happens to your erections after a few weeks or months.

You may be quite Amazed!

Yes, penis massage can greatly help rejuvenate erections in many men. But, a healthy life style is even more important.

What Can Penis Massage Do?

Will penis massage do the job all by itself? For some men, yes.

For other men, penis massage won’t do anything at all.

But, for MOST men, regular correct penis massage may improve the circulation in your shaft enough to:

  • Significantly improve your ability to achieve erection

  • Significantly improve certain types of mild erectile dysfunction

Here’s A
Lost Health Secret
You Probably Never Learned

penis massage and cayenne pepper for better erections
cayenne pepper and penis massage

Cayenne pepper.

Yes. Regular ground cayenne pepper, made into a tea, has been specifically used to aid circulation and clean blood vessels for over 100 years.

Yes. Plain old red cayenne pepper. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

Cayenne has even been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years because it causes the blood vessels to dilate (open). This blood vessel dilation is why cayenne also has worked seeming “miracles” on many heart problems.

Cayenne and penis massage together may surprise you!

Will Penis Massage
Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction?

Maybe yes. Maybe no. It depends on the situation.

There are far too many different causes of erectile dysfunction to make such a blanket statement.

I wish I could say yes. But, I can not.

For some men it is too late. For others, a little simple circulation enhancement can work seeming miracles.

But, regular penis massage can increase circulation in your shaft.

Cayenne pepper also enhances circulation. And, as you learned, this pepper has proven a God send to many with circulatory problems.

I personally find the two together to be quite Amazing!


Penis massage can help increase circulation and sensation in your shaft.

It is a simple technique that may help improve your erections and sexual performance.

“It works well for some men.
It doesn’t work at all for others.”

The only way to know is to try it out for yourself. Self penis massage is simple, easy and free.

penis massage works
penis massage and weak erections
penis massage for stronger erections

Be Well.....

~ William

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