What Can
Massage Therapy
Do For You?

massage therapy

"What is the value of massage therapy ?" Is that one of the things you are thinking when I talk about all this prostate massage?

Well first, let me tell you:

"Properly done, it feels good! That is valuable all by itself."

Any healthy pleasure we can get in life, we should take advantage of. And enjoy!

One of the wonderful things about this kind of body work is: you don't need all kinds of special training to do a good job. In fact you don't need much training at all. If you rub a part of the body and it feels good, you're doing it correctly!

Learning to work out specific problems may take some study and practice, just as it does with correct prostate massage. But, a pleasant deep body rub of any type is healthful and a form of massage therapy.

Massage Therapy Promotes Better Health

Massage therapy is a very valuable tool for promoting health. Both physically and mentally.

It will:

  • Stimulate the blood flow
  • Ease tension and stress
  • Bring more nutrients and oxygen to the area
  • Help cleans toxic deposits in the tissues
  • Promote healing

There Is Power
The Human Touch!

massage therapy and improved health

"One of the important things we lack
in today's high pressure, politically correct, phobic society is human touch.

We don't make enough physical contact. Even the Bible talks about the miraculous healing powers of "laying of hands".

"Laying of hands" is simple caring human contact.

Unfortunately, children suffer from this the most. With all the phobia of child molestation these days teachers and adults are no longer allowed to hold a child in their lap when they are hurt or crying. Or give them a reassuring hug. When I went to school this was the norm.

Their hands are no longer held when they need an escort. This distance is just horrible. These children will suffer for this immeasurably as life goes on.

Simple human touch is miraculous! And some of the best therapy there is for most emotional problems.

The Value Of
Prostate Massage

Even simple massaging is a wonderful tool for healing.

"When it comes to the prostate gland,
simple correct massage therapy
has probably brought more relief
than all the prostate medications ever prescribed."

Why? Because done correctly, massaging brings more fresh blood to this precious neglected suffocating gland of ours. That increased blood flow is what enables the body to heal itself.

This blood flow:

  • Cleans our gland

  • Brings fresh Oxygen and necessary nourishment to it
  • Releases pressure and tension inside of it
  • Soothes and relaxes the nerves and muscles
  • Stimulates the sexual functions

Do Yourself a BIG Favor

Learn to practice the techniques you have available to you on this site. You don't have to be a genius to become very good at it. Just pay attention to how you are reacting to your work. And, if you are working on someone else, pay attention to their response.

Soon you'll learn how to feel a muscle. You'll learn how much pressure is enough and how much is too much. But, you must pay attention as you work and, most important, you must CARE about what you are doing.

If you are getting worked on by a professional and it feels too mechanical or impersonal, find another one.

And, when you are doing your own prostate massage therapy, be very gentle. Especially at first. It won't take too long before you know exactly what is right for you.

Also: Don't overdo. A little correct work of this kind, done regularly, will go a long way!

Be Well.....

~ William

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