Healthy Prostate

creating a healthy prostate

Creating a healthy prostate gland is not as difficult as it seems. Even if you have been suffering for many years.

True, if you are days from dying of prostate cancer, or your gland has swollen to the size of a grapefruit and you need a catheter to pee, you may be severely challenged in this direction, or, even beyond repair.

HOWEVER: For most men, creating a healthy prostate, at least one that functions comfortably and satisfactorily, should definitely be doable.

Everyday “Miracles”

having a healthy prostate
a healthy prostate at any age

Even severely ill glands can often recover seemingly “miraculously” if a man is willing to take the necessary health steps to achieve his goal.

This happens every day.


Because you are not just unlucky. Or cursed. Or any other nonsense.

Over time you have done things that have impaired your prostatic health. YOU have been the one who messed yourself up. Usually unknowingly. But, yes, it was you.

Once you understand this, you have taken your first step to a successful recovery and a healthy prostate.

Why? Because: You can change what you are doing that is causing your problems.

Who Are The Men That Fail?

The men that fail are almost always the ones who did not persevere.

It took years for most of us to ruin our health. We did it slowly and gradually. And, almost always: unknowingly.

The actual problems may seem recent. Or, you may have been suffering for years.

Either way, they usually developed over time. And, it will take some time to reverse them and develop a healthy prostate again.

Yes, we would all like a pill to fix things quickly. However, the best a pill can do is give you some temporary symptomatic relief.

If you want you body to heal you have to have the discipline to do the necessary things long enough. If you want to stay healthy, and have a healthy prostate, you will need to do many those things for the rest of your life.

But, this is definitely true: 

"If you quit too soon,
even with the very best program,
you will fail."

The Disasters Of Modern Living

Modern living is a disaster for a healthy prostate.

Does this mean you have to live like a cave man to have a healthy prostate gland?

Of course not. But, you do have to stop poisoning your body. You do need exercise. You do need to sleep enough. You do need to eat properly.

And, little known to most men:

healthy prostate massage

“Correct Prostate Massage can probably help you
make progress toward a healthy prostate
 faster than any other single thing.”


internal massaging for a healthy prostate

Because correct massaging will bring more blood to your gland. That means more nutrients, more oxygen, and more cleansing of toxins. All the things that help your body heal itself and create a healthy prostate.

Your job is to increase that blood flow. Correctly massaging your gland will do this.

Your Body Is A Self Healing Mechanism

The same actually applies to virtually every condition of illness in the human body. Not just a healthy prostate.

One of the things most of us do not realize is that the human body is a self healing mechanism.

We’ve all seen a cut heal. AND, we take that for granted.

But, please take a few minutes to think about that. You tear your skin open. A scab forms almost immediately. And, within a few weeks, it’s all perfectly mended. That is a true miracle!!

Did you need a doctor? Some special formula? Some special materials?

No! Your body knows what to do.

The same is true for almost every disease there is. IF you give your body the chance to do it’s work and you don’t get in it’s way.

If you assist your gland, by nourishing it properly, cleaning it, and by properly massaging it, you will make even faster progress.

Not Everything Is Possible

No, you will not regrow a body part if you lose it.

But, virtually every disease that has been considered “incurable” has been “cured” numerous times by many different people all over the world. Even the very worst diseases in the very most advanced stages.

Yes, that includes cancer, heart disease, diabetes,...

There is a point of no return for these conditions. But, for people who start before it is too late, there is usually a “cure”. And, that “cure” is usually not what we are commonly taught.

And, “too late” is often not true. This also applies to regaining a healthy prostate.

Reversing The Common Problems

Now, I am not going to get into the radical diseases in this article at all. I simply am mentioning them to make a point.

What I am going to talk about here is the average man who winds up with a prostatic problem, or problems some time in his life.

The common things: Pain (prostatitis), a swollen gland, BPH, incontinence, erectile dysfunction,....

And, you know what? That includes over 95% of us.

These things should not be common. They should be rare and unusual.

These things also, are not normally that hard to correct for most men when they find what is causing them and remove the cause9s).

But, we continue to suffer year after year. Decade after decade.


an unhealthy prostate causes suffering

Because no matter what drugs, or herbs, or treatments we take, we continue to do the things that are causing the problems in the first place.

Most often: We just don’t realize this. AND, we are almost never taught this. So many of us suffer for decades unnecessarily.

Removing The Cause Of Your Problems

The only reason I began this website was because I had suffered from numerous problems in this area before I was even 34 years old! Terrible sexual pain and malfunction.

I was only 34! I was not some decrepit old man. I was a young athletic man in otherwise excellent physical shape.

But I had an unhealthy prostate that no doctors I saw were able to help me with. Sure, I got different prescriptions for pain, inflammation, etc... I might as well have been taking gum drops. Nothing helped me. And, I was in some serious pain.

That pain didn’t go away back then because I didn’t stop doing the thing that were causing the problems.

I just didn’t know (at that time) that certain habits of mine were to blame. Like excessive alcohol intake. Excessive sex. Sitting constantly most of the day. Huge intake of grain based foods....

How I Developed
My Own Personal Healthy Prostate Program

I wanted a healthy prostate again. Mostly, I just wanted the horrible pain to end. I really didn’t even care if I never had sex again.

Finding the answers was really hard! And, it took me years. Why? Because it involved a way a thinking that is not the norm:

I was looking for the cause.

No one was addressing the causes of my problems. Always the same useless answers. AND, they seemed to have a billion useless (often expensive) “remedies”.

They remedied nothing for me.

Then, I found one of the men who would become one of my best teachers. He told me this:

Every constant health problem has a cause.

Take away the cause.
The problem stops.

That means the things you are doing to hurt yourself, and the things you are not doing to help yourself. Those are the cause of almost every human health problem there is.

Simple. Right?

Here Are The Hard Parts

 1)  The first hard part was: Learning what the causes were. Because: They are not common knowledge. They should be. Plain as the nose on your face. But, they are not.

 2)  The second hard part is: Discipline. The self discipline to do what you need to, to give your body the chance it needs to heal itself. No one can do this for you.

 3)  The third hard part is: Persistence. Persistence is the thing that usually determines success and failure in creating a healthy prostate. Or, any other worthwhile achievement in life.

So, I began trying everything that seemed to make common sense.

I learned what to stop doing and what to start doing.

I stayed with the things that brought me real relief. Even though it was only a little relief at first.

And, these things, with persistence, actually healed me. They stopped my constant chronic terrible pain. They ended my peeing many time each night. They ended my temporary erectile dysfunction (ED):

Those are the things I relate to you on this website.

As well as what things I have learned help other men.


If you are not willing to change bad habits, and exchange them for good ones, then forget about feeling better. Ever again.

The Road To A Healthy Prostate

This is what I learned I personally needed for a healthy prostate.

I found that I needed to:

  • Moderate my sex life. I was way too overactive.

  • Correctly massage my gland so that it could have a healthy and increased blood supply. This was absolutely key! When I learned how to do this, my progress improve 500% faster.

  • Eat the right foods and stop eating and drinking anything that caused problems. Basically: alcohol, grains, sugars and junk of any kind had to be eliminated. You can add caffeine to that list if you are a heavy caffeine user (coffee, tea, cola drinks, etc...)

  • Stop sitting in a chair continuously for such long periods of time. Almost nothing will screw up your gland as surely as this.

I found, in the beginning, I had to get up from my chair every 20-30 minutes, move around a little and do some short prostate breathing exercise. That was a super refresher and pain reliever!

I know. This seems may like too much work.

Well, do you want to feel better or not?

Don’t whine. Just do the things that make you feel better. Do the things that create a healthy prostate. You’ll never regret it. And, it really doesn’t take much time at all. 20 - 30 minutes spread out through the entire day.

What Kind Of Results Did I Get?

Some pretty fantastic ones!

Now I can sit and work for an hour or two without a problem. My pain is gone. I pee normally. AND: I have much more general energy.

But, that is because I am so much healthier than I was back then. That was 30 years ago.

Yes, now I am 64 years old! Why is my sexual better in my 60s than in my 30s? Because I’ve created a much more healthy prostate than I had back then.

I stopped doing the things that caused my problems. And, I do the things that create a healthy prostate.

Here Are Some Healthy Prostate Basics

*  Correct massaging. I can never emphasize this enough.

*  Drink more water. Good clean pure water. We need to keep your glands flushed out and clean.

*  Moderate your sexual activity.

*  Stop worrying so much. Yes, worry can mess up your body physically. This may be the hardest thing to do, and, the thing that takes the most discipline.

*  Stay physically active. If your entire body is weak and sickly, do you really expect you’re going to have a healthy prostate?

*  Eat real natural foods. Cut out the junk and the poison. And, take the supplements you may need.

The Most Basic Diet For A Healthy Prostate

diet for a healthy prostate
natural diet for a healthy prostate

The best diet for a healthy prostate is the primitive diet. It’s also the basic diet for general optimum health. It’s what humanity developed on. It’s what kept us all healthy for hundreds of thousands of years.

It still is the best food for us today.

But, as a civilization, we like to play with our food. And, eat non foods... Of course we have all kinds of problems.

Most men don’t need to go to the extreme with the primitive diet. It’s the guideline. But, a lot of grains are pure sexual poison for many men. As is excessive alcohol. Smoking is a problem too. Caffeine, etc...

Experiment. Try removing one of these items at a time for a month. If you feel better, that’s probably telling you something.

Try eating it again for month. If you feel crappy again,... you’ve gotten the message. Directly from your own body.

Your own body can tell you more than any other human being ever can.

Sometimes You May Feel Bad
No Matter What You Do

Still, there may also be times when you think you’re doing everything right, and out of nowhere, you feel like crap again. Don’t give up on your healthy prostate goal!

Stay with what has worked for you and you’ll get right back on track.

Sometimes, as hard as we try, things still go wrong. That’s life. It happens.

But, if you stay with what has worked, you’ll get back to the good results you had before. And, you’ll keep improving.

a healthy prostate

And, those of you who are willing to do correct prostate massage, you will speed your progress about 400% - 500%.


Because, as you learned: correctly massaging your gland cleans it. AND, brings it much more of the nutrients it needs to heal itself and become a healthy prostate again.

Make sense?

Be Well.....

~ William

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