Fix a Bent Penis
Safely and Easily - 2024

Learn how to fix a bent penis without surgery, injections, or drugs.

It's easy to fix a bent penis.

Yes, it's easy to fix a bent penis. Safely. And, without surgery 99% of the time.

And, it’s a LOT easier than you probably have been led to believe it is.

The Horrible Reality

I know, I know,... it seems so horrible right now. And, if you went to a medical doctor already he probably told you that you have Peyronies “Disease”.

“Oh my God! What am I going to do???”

This is the fear that the word “Disease” instills in us.

Especially when we see our erection curving at a 90 degree angle. Or worse!

And, when it has become impossible to have normal sexual relations with the woman we love most in the world..... we are devastated!

Can we fix a bent penis without a surgery? Can we fix it at all?


I want you to stop reading right now. Take a deep breath and clear you mind of all fears.

Because here is the actual fact of the matter:

Peyronies Disease is one of the Easiest
male sexual problems to correct.

99.99% of the time, you can straighten a bent penis safely,
 by yourself,
with the same method that is now
medically recommended and endorsed in
29 countries worldwide.

Nice, huh!!

When I finally learned that for myself I almost broke down and cried!

So: take another deep sigh of relief. Relax!

If you are like 99.99% of men you can straighten your bent penis safely and easily, all by yourself in a matter of months.

Here Is
The Reason Why
It's Easy to Fix a Bent Penis
Caused by Peyronies Disease

A bent penis caused by Peyronies is not actually a “disease”. It’s a simple (though horrifying) condition that is easy to reverse. And, yes, a bent penis is usually very easy and inexpensive to fix.

A Peyronies bent penis is caused by a hardening scar (and/or plaque) formation inside the penile shaft that keeps part of your penis from elongating properly during erection.

Your penis then bends in the direction of the tough hard scar(s).

That is ALL that is happening!

That’s ALL. Nothing else.

You did not catch a bent penis disease from anyone. You can not spread it. Your kids will not inherit it. Peyronies is NOT a disease.

Don’t Be Misled

Sure, you’ve probably read the articles that say the bent penis you have is  “...Peyronies Disease.... a serious condition that affects about 5% of the male population. The only cure for this condition is: my very expensive treatments (that have been clinically proven to be only about 0 - 20% effective)."

"Or" (they continue), "a risky, potentially dangerous bent penis surgery, which I may possibly, kind of sort of, maybe can help you avoid  .... Do not listen to William when he tells you this is not a serious problem....  blah, blah, blah....)”


That’s pure nonsense!! And, soon you are going to understand why. You don’t need their very expensive “help”, useless remedies, or a penis surgery 99.99% of the time.

However, have noticed that these ‘very serious’ people all have something expensive they want to sell you?

If you want to go that route,.. fine. Just don't blame me if your results are lacking, or, causing a problem worse than you had before.

Forget about it. Forget about every bent penis "fix" that has been clinically proven minimally effective, forget about expensive things that “may” work for you, and those things with possible side effects that have the potential to cause you permanent future physical damage.

What Has Been
Clinically Proven
 to be:


I am entirely tired of the people who try to sell me stuff I do not need, that does not really do the job, when there is something better available that really works. I hate it.

In my own case, the alternative methods to bent penis surgery, that were offered to me, were looking in the $3,000 -$6,000 range. Each! In case I needed to try more than one because the previous one did not completely work.

Try??? I want one that works. Not a $6,000 maybe.

Then there were the bent penis surgeries I found which ranged in price from $9,000 to $16,000.

I did not have medical insurance. And, now I say “Thank God for That”!

When you have a bent penis that is bending maybe 90 degrees or more, and destroying your peace of mind, you (like me) may just want the fastest way out possible.

That would be surgery.

Surgery scares me.

So, I studied more, read more, and learned a lot!

What About Penis Surgery
to Fix a Bent Penis?

There are only 2 current methods clinically proven to reverse a bent penis condition. Penis surgery is one of them.

I like to solve a problem as fast as possible. Surgery is the fastest option. But, $12,000 - $16,000 was a huge amount of after tax money for me!

Still, I was willing, if I could have my old sexual life back.

Well, guess what I discovered with a little more research? There are horrible sometimes hideous  possible side effects from bent penis surgery!

Here is a partial list of all the possible side effects from this type of surgery:

  • Impotence
  • Inability to achieve an orgasm
  • A shorter penis. Yes, shorter. (this is definite part of the surgical straightening operation)
  • Damage to the urethra (tube that carries urine and semen from the body)
  • Scarring (which could bend the penis in another direction in the future)
  • Permanent nerve damage
  • Lack of sensation
  • Infection

Oh Fantastic!! My cock will be straight again (if I can get an erection!).

I may not be able to maintain an erection.

If I can maintain an erection, I may not be able to feel much or have an orgasm.

I get all this for only $16,000. OK, fantastic! That sounds Great! I’m convinced. Sign me up..... Do I appear to be a moron???

The Non-Surgical
Medical Breakthrough

Fix a bent penis safely

Here’s where I finally saw some light and felt some real hope.

In 1994 a man named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana MD, a European penis surgery specialist, developed a small post-operative traction unit to keep a man’s penis straight after penile surgery. The unit worked exceedingly well.

With further application, Dr. Siana found: this same unit could be used to fix a bent penis caused by Peyronies Disease. All by itself. Without surgery.



Now, this only happened in 1994. That’s 25 years ago, so it’s considered relatively new information.

*Dr. Siana’s traction device proved to be so good, in fact, that it was found you could not only straigten your erections, but, you could make them permanently bigger with continued use.

So, don’t get confused when you see  these units  marketed as penis enlargers or “male enhancement” devices.

They are the best penis straightening devices available in the world today.

I Wanted to Know More

I wanted to know more about this device. How it compared to bent penis surgery. How I would use one? AND, if I could afford one.

First, it’s a surprisingly small device. Quite small. I had imagined some big table top thing... that hurt to use.

Neither was the case. It’s small. And very comfortable to use. And super inexpensive. So, I had my doubts.

Penis straightening with traction

I found out that the very best devices in the world were under $300. I thought it was a misprint and meant $3,000. “Isn’t medical equipment always super expensive?”

No. Under $300. A couple of good ones are less than $180.

Is it the same thing as Dr. Siana uses? Does it work? Is it the real thing? Or, is it another useless thing to throw my money after? Dr. Siana created the original device. Now, these devices are the real deal from the best manufacturers in the world.

Does It Really Work?
AND, Is it Safe?

Those were my two questions now:

1) Does it really work?

2) Is it safe?

First, I wanted to know if the thing really works. At least most of the time. Not once in thousand cases. Most of the time. Could it really fix a bent penis? Specifically mine?

Well, upon a little more research I found that, yes it does work. In fact the device is so good that it is now medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.


Now I Wanted One

OK. Now where do I get one?

So, I began looking on the internet. I find everything on the net. Well... this is where it got really confusing. There are about 23 different kinds out there! And, most look alike. Which one do I buy? Are they all good? Do they all do the same job?.....

More study. A lot more research.....

This part took a while. It can be hard to cut through all the advertising hype. I hate hype. What happened to the days of honest straight forward information?

Upon very close inspection I found there are many small construction differences in the many brands available. And, huge differences in quality as well as strength of materials.

I found these ‘little’ differences made all the difference in the world to performance, safety, and results.

The Potential Dangers
Inferior Devices

Many of the products had attachments that can easily burst the blood vessels in the tip of your shaft, leaving it purple or red. Often permanently.

Inferior construction materials make a weaker frame that could break and possibly puncture your shaft.

Weak cheaper springs make results take 2 or 3 times longer.

What The Research Revealed

But, at the end of my studies I found there were only 2 very reputable companies which  made units that satisfied all my personal desires for safety and results.

These were the Quick Extender Pro devices and the Pro Extender devices.
Both these companies make units that are the best money can buy.

They are both:

  • Made with Medical Grade Materials
  • Classified as Class 1 Medical Devices
  • Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back

You Only Need One
to Fix a Bent Penis

I wanted to try both to see which I liked better. Either one would have been enough.

Why did I get both? Because I am somewhat of an overachiever, and, I was desperate to get the fastest results possible.

I know, this was really unnecessary and a waste money. But, I had no guidance and I wanted to try both of them.

Pick one or the other. You don’t need both.

I found both are equally as good and far better structurally than anything else that I could find.

When It Came To Fixing
My Own Bent Penis

Safety and Effectiveness
Mattered Most to Me

When sifting through all the many available units, safety and effectiveness were the only MAJOR deciding factors for me.

As far as safety goes, I read the horror stories of cheaper inferior products (that look the same) causing some serious injury.

Ruptured blood vessels from incorrect penis traction

I also read about permanent discoloration damage due to broken blood vessels in the crown of the penis. A far too common occurrence with inferior devices.

I learned how the attachment systems of the better ones can eliminate this problem.

I was not going to save $100 or $200 and wind up with a possibly permanently damaged penis.

I was trying to fix a bent penis, not mess it up more. So, I wanted the best one I could get.

Again, getting both units was totally unnecessary.

But, I returned neither one because they both were what they claimed to be. And, I enjoyed using both of them.

Again, either one will do the best job possible for you. 

Go back, click the link for each one, and see which appeals to you the most. Get that one. One is all you’ll need to fix a bent penis 99% of the time.

Do You Have Doubts
Like I Did?

We all have our doubts about what we read these days. It’s only natural. Too many companies lie or over exaggerate in order to sell their crappy products.

How many times have you been burned or disappointed in something you bought that seemed really good?

Here’s my two cents on the matter:

Safety and effectiveness is what I was looking for. I wanted to fix my bent penis as soon as possible. BUT, I wanted to do it safely.

Penis traction has clinically proven to be the best, safest and most efficient method to straighten a bent penis.

That’s Clinically Proven. That mattered to me. So I chose this method.

No, traction is not as fast as surgery. But, it does not have the possible hideous side effects of bent penis surgery either. I wanted the safety factor.

Surgery would always still be available.

It will take a number of months to straighten a bent penis with correct traction. How many? That depends entirely on how bad your condition has become, how you use the unit, and how fast your body responds. 6 -12 months for truly bent penis to straighten is normal.

I Wasn't Willing to Take
The Surgical Risks

With bent penis surgery you get speed.

With a bent penis surgery, you should be good to go in about 2 months.

 -  If  your shaft was not neurologically injured too much.

 -  If  complications do not develop.

 -  If  your sexual equipment still works as it should following the nerve damage associated with surgery.

Too many “ifs” for me.

As it turned out, after traction, I never needed surgery.

The Right Choice

With correctly applied traction to fix a bent penis, your end result will come in probably 6 - 12 months. But, it keeps getting better and better along the way. Allow 2-3 months to start enjoying real results.

After that, as you see yourself getting straighter and straighter, the excitement grows.

If you think it is not working fast enough for you, bent penis surgery is always available. I sincerely doubt you will choose a surgery once you start seeing the results of a high quality traction device.


-  Correct traction is clinically proven to be the Safest and Most Effective method in the world.

-  Correct traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

-  The very best traction units in the world are available for only $200 - $300.

Doesn’t it make sense to give correct traction a try before undergoing a possibly damaging bent penis surgery (the only other method proven effective) for $12,000 - $16,000?

What If It Doesn’t Work?

I've never gotten a single letter from anyone who followed the directions and did not get the results they came for.

But, if either of those traction units doesn’t work for you, both of those companies give you a 6 month money back guarantee. So, there’s no financial risk. That's the kind of product I personally like to buy.

I truly doubt you’ll fail at this if you just stick to the program.

And, like me, as you start getting results you’ll probably be only to eager to continue.

The feeling of things going back to normal is indescribable!

If You’re Here
You’re Probably Smart and Well Educated

I find that almost everyone that comes to this site is mentally acute.

You read this site because you are smart and serious about solving your problem.

But, it doesn’t require a genius mentality to see the obvious here.

Correctly applied traction just does not have the possible hideous side effects that bent penis surgery comes with. That is why it was my first choice.

Even if you are a multimillionaire, and cost means nothing to you, correct traction is the only clinically proven effective option that comes without the hideous surgical risks.

Will either method (surgery or traction) make your bent penis 100% straight like an arrow? Maybe. Probably not. But, they can both make it straight enough so that no one notices.

This is your one and only penis. It’s ability to function properly, and your entire future sex life is what  we are talking about here.

Personally, I think Safety is the most important feature of a method that is proven to work. And, these are the only two manufacturers that make devices I found to fulfill the Safety and Performance requirements to fix a bent penis.

The Rest is
Up to YOU

Safely fix a bent penis

Now you know:

Peyronies is not a “disease”.
You do not have to suffer with it for the rest of your life.

Peyronies Disease is just a simple physical condition that is easy to correct.

If you are like 99.99% of men with a bent penis caused by Peyronies, correct traction can straighten your erection out again. Safely and easily.

Be Well.....

~ William

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