Fear of Sex
Psychological Impotence

when a man develops a bent penis

A fear of sex is a very common and natural emotion for men who develop Peyronies Disease, a bent penis.

What does this have to do with prostate massage and health?

Well, unfortunately, Peyronies Disease often develops at the same time in life that a man develops prostate problems.

So, I wanted to make this information available to you on this website.

fear of sex: psychological impotence and a bent penis

Erectile Dysfunction
When You Develop A Bent Penis

Let’s be real. You now have a penis with an enormous bend that looks freakish and very unnatural. Of course you’re going to be self conscious about it. You wouldn’t be normal if you weren’t. And, this is where the fear of sex and psychological impotence begins.

It’s embarrassing and humiliating

I mean no guy says, “Hey, I have a huge bend in my cock! It’s just so cool. Wanna try it out??”

Of course not.

What we normally do is try to hide it as much as we can.

If our erections have become softer because of the bending, through our panic, we do our best to use it. If we can. We WORRY like crazy. And, are afraid of the humiliation that may follow.

Severe Worry Can Cause Impotence

We worry that our wife/girlfriend will be turned off by it. Or, that it will be too painful for her to enjoy.

We worry (if we are single) that our lover may spread the word. Massive humiliation!!

We worry if things are going to get worse.

We develop an ever growing fear of sex. Of having sex. Of not having sex.... That makes a man even more impotent!

Am I right?

It’s horrible. It’s depressing. And, it’s a nightmare!

Then we are told we may need a penile surgery....

From very very bad to worse.

Has A Fear Of Sex
Given You

Psychological Impotence?

This newly developed fear of sex actually causes something even worse for many men: Psychological impotence. Psychologically induced Erectile Dysfunction. An inability to attain or maintain a decently hard erection.

This is what “Psychological Impotence” is. And, psychological impotence is every bit as debilitating as hormonal impotence.

We usually think this new impotence problem is a completely separate thing from our bending. This makes us feel even worse. First the bend. Then the weaker erections. Then useless erections or none at all. What next?

Depression is a very natural result of this.

Here’s The Good News
The Bad News

Let’s look at the bad news first:

Weak erections are a natural development for most men with Peyronies disease.

Fear of sex is normal for men with a bent cock. You are not alone here.

A bent penis causes weak erections, which cause fear of sex, which in turn causes psychological impotence. Erectile dysfunction. Impotence.

Here’s The GOOD NEWS:

“If you had normally hard erections

before your erections started bending severely,

you will most likely have normally hard erections again
after you straighten your penis.”

And then,.. your developed fear of sex will disappear like magic!

99.99% Of The Time
Straightening A Bent Penis
Does Not Require A Surgery

Yes. It’s simple for most men.

The problem is:

Most men don’t realize how simple and easy it can be
to straighten out a bent penis
without surgery, injections, or drugs.

In fact:  The #1 medically endorsed and recommended method of ALL the Peyronies Disease Treatments available today, for straightening a bent penis, is none of those.

It is: Correct Penis Traction.

Correct penis traction is:

  • Safe

  • Effective

  • Inexpensive

  • Medically Endorsed and Recommended

And, besides penile surgery (that comes with some pretty horrific possible side effects including: impotence), correct traction is the ONLY other medically endorsed and recommended Peyronies Disease Treatment that will effectively straighten a bent penis.

By effectively I mean: Make your cock straight enough that it looks normal again.

Drugs will not. Injections will not. Creams will not. Even if you spend $30,000 on them.

More Good News:  Correct traction can be effective for 99.99% of men with a bent penis.

It’s Normally
Easy Problem To Correct

As you probably know by now, prostate massage can work seeming miracles for your gland.

Similarly, correct penis traction can work seeming miracles when it comes to the erectile dysfunction that often comes with a bent penis.

Don’t let a severely bent penis ruin your life for another minute.

If you are suffering from severe penis curvature, this tiny little article you have learned enough to change your life, and your future, for the better. You don’t need to spend countless hours researching this simple, though personally horrifying, problem.

  • You have now learned how easy and inexpensive it can be to straighten out a severely bent erection 99.99% of the time.

  • You now know the #1 medically endorsed and recommended method.

  • You know surgery is not necessary 99.99% of the time.

So, don’t let that bend, that fear of sex, and the sexual impotence it can cause, be your future.

It’s normally such an easy problem to fix!

losing the fear of sex from peyronies disease
fear of sex and psychological impotence
after the fear of sex is gone
no more fear of sex from a peyronies disease bent penis

Be Well.....

~ William

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