A Banana Penis
Easy to Straighten

What Is A Banana Penis?

A Banana Penis an erection that has a slight upward curve to it. Just like a banana.

banana penis

And, normally it is nothing to be concerned about.

“Why Do I Have A Banana Penis?”

This is a really common question.

Actually about 50% of men have some kind of curvature in their erection.

A lot of different things can cause be the cause. This includes:

 -  Genetics. Some men are just born this way.

 -  Constant pulling to one side during masturbation

 -  Tight restrictive clothing that always pulls your cock to one side.

 -  A mild Peyronies condition

Is It A Disease?

Normally it’s not a disease. And, it’s not a major bending, with possible pain on erection, like Peyronies Disease can cause.

It’s just noticeably curving upward and you’ve probably gotten some comments on it.

Does that sound like what you have?

It’s definitely not straight. And, this bothers some guys who have one, a whole lot!

Your Slight Upward Bend

If you are one of the lucky ones whose girlfriend or wife likes the little upward bend, feel gifted! And, enjoy it!


I’ll tell you why.

It’s sometimes even called a “porn star penis”.

banana penis and sexual pleasure

And, there are a number of women who prefer this to any other kind of erection because they say it hits their G spot so much better that they cum all the time.

Why change that???


In What Direction Is Yours Bending?

A penile bend can be upward, sideways, or down, however. It can go off in any direction.

The direction of the bend matters. At least as far as intercourse is concerned.

A curved down penis, that is more than slight, can be a big problem because the only sexual position you may be able to perform is doggy style.

A favorite of many.

But, if that has become your only choice, you may want to straighten your cock just so that your sex life improves.

And, straightening is so easy! It’s nothing to be afraid of if you do it correctly and safely.

How Much is It Bending?

This is an important question too.

If you have just a slight bend in any direction, my suggestion is: forget about it.

It’s no big deal.

As long as you can have comfortable intercourse, who really cares. None of us are perfect.

However: If your curvature is more than a simple banana penis and is causing you sexual problems, or, a lot of embarrassment, don’t worry. You can fix it.

99.99% of the time, it’s so easy to straighten that you won’t even believe it!

Even if you develop a severe and hideous bend, as Peyronies Disease can sometimes cause. It can still be straightened easily 99.99% of the time anyway.

So PLEASE: Stop worrying!

How Long Does It Take To Straighten?

A simple small curvature might only take 2 - 3 months.

A more severe bend usually takes  6 - 12 months.

It really depends on your own body and how you use your traction device.

The bigger the bend the longer it normally takes to straighten. That seems logical. Right?

But: “Almost every bent penis can be
straightened easily.

Without surgery, injections, or drugs.

straighten a banana penis

It’s really easy and it’s also very safe and inexpensive to do if you use correct traction.

All those other methods are risky, most have proven to fail or give minimum results, and they are all very expensive and unnecessary 99.99% of the time.

Why take chances and waste a lot of money?

Correct traction is now medically endorsed
and recommended in 29 countries

Are You Curved Or Are You Bent?

A banana penis is considered to be a curved penis.

A small curvature. It simply is shaped like a banana. That’s where the name came from.

A bent penis is what we usually call an extreme bending. It can go off at a 90 degree angle and hurt terribly on erection.

But, either can be easily straightened 99.99% of the time without surgery, injections, or drugs.

And, a banana penis? That small curve... That’s a piece of cake!

Is You Banana Penis A Problem?

Here’s the big, and only really important question:

Is your bending causing you a problem?

That could be an intercourse problem. Or, an embarrassment problem. If it is really bothering you or your partner, it’s important.

If neither of those problems is happening, again, I say: forget about it.

However, if your bending is causing you a problem, or misery, straightening your banana penis with correct traction is almost always very simple and easy.

fix a banana penis
successfully straightening a banana penis

Be Well..... 

~ William

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