Why You Need Vitamin E
Prostate Health

vitamin e and prostate health

The reason Vitamin E supplements receive such big press is that our common foods are generally deficient in this vitamin. So, when we supplement and finally get enough of it, all kinds of "miraculous" things seem to happen. A lot of people spend a lot of time and money in laboratories looking for prostate health answers and treatments that wouldn't be necessary if men were more properly nourished.

Many common male sexual problems would be rare if our diets contained adequate nutritional elements. Prostate health would then be the norm for men of all ages.

Almost everyone has heard about Vitamin E and all of it's "miraculous" powers.

The fact is, all the vitamins and minerals have "miraculous" powers. We would literally die without any one of them. They all perform various functions that create the miracle we know as life.

This one is very important in 2 specific roles in prostate health. Impotence and prostate cancer.

Let's Look At Impotence First

Deficiency of this vital nutrient causes loss of fertility in men.

"For some men, more Vitamin E
can be the difference
between fathering a child and impotence."

This vitamin is required for the formation of key sex hormones and enzymes responsible for sperm production. Deficiency inhibits the formation of sperm.

It may also aid in sperm mobility. Lack of antioxidants (including Vit E) cause free radical damage to the cells of the body. The delicate wall of the sperm cell is highly susceptible to this kind of damage. This can cause infertility.

Vit E is a "free radical scavenger". It can prevent this damage. It increases the ability of sperm to fertilize an egg. The sperm become better able to attach to an egg.

In clinical study, men taking an E supplement for 3 months (400mg per day, natural, not synthetic) had sperm that were 2 1/2 times as potent as before the test began. (R. Bayer, "Treatment of Infertility with Vitamin E", Int J Fertil 1960; 5:70-78)

Another study in Saudi Arabia found that 20% of the men with low fertility, who were previously unable to conceive a child, became fathers!

This valuable nutrient is used up more quickly when consuming fish oils and vegetable oils. So, be sure to add this vitamin when using those oils.

Vitamin E
Has Been Shown to
Reduce Prostate Cancer

Worldwide research shows the benefits of adding the correct type of this nutrient to your diet to be amazing!

"In a Clinical study by Dr. Demetrius Albanes,
daily Vitamin E supplementation
reduced prostate cancer by 32%
reduced the death rate from prostate cancer by 41%.
Pretty darn impressive!"

In laboratory test by Dr. Qing Jiong, gamma tocopherol (one of the 8 natural forms of the nutrient. And, the form most present in our foods.) was shown to induce death in laboratory grown cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. It did this by interrupting spingolipid synthesis.

The study also showed that the anti-cancer effect was enhanced with the use of mixed tocopherols (containing gama tocopherol).

The researchers from New York's University of Rochester found that adding Vit E to cancer cells inhibits the production of the androgen receptor (AR) which is needed in order for prostate cancer cells to grow and develop.

PSA Drop of As Much As 90%

We already know that the PSA test is useless here.

However, for those of you who still worry about those numbers: Research team led by Dr. Shuyuan Yeh found that this amazing nutrient also caused a huge PSA drop. As much as 90%.

If you are not aware of that and your PSA numbers are scaring you, here's an article that you may find very interesting: The Useless PSA Tests and Their Potential Dangers

Which Type Of Vitamin E
Has Been Found
Most Effective

There are many forms of this nutrient available in the stores and on line. Be sure to use natural form only. Stay away from all the synthetic forms. They do not give the results and they are all toxic. They are labeled dl alpha tocopherol not d alpha tocopherol (dl is synthetic).

It is better to use a Vitamin E complex rather than a single form. Nature always works with nutrients in combinations. Hundreds of combinations. Never as isolates. Complex combinations is the way nutrients occur in nature. There are 8 natural forms of Natural Vit E. D-alpha-tocopherol is the most common.

The test by Dr. Shuyuan Yeh used alpha-tocopherol-succinate.

The research done by Dr. Qing Jiong used gama-tocopherol. This form is not as commonly known. It was used most effectively in a mixed tocopherol combination.

This is also an oil soluble nutrient. It requires fats for absorption. You need some fat in your meal to use this vitamin effectively. Fat free and extreme low fat diets deprive you of all the different oil soluble vitamins.

Although we commonly and effectively supplement with vitamins, it is best to make sure you also consume foods that are high in the complete natural nutrients you need. That way you receive the essential nutritional complexes (combinations).

Good and Bad
Natural Sources of Vitamin E

"Vegetable Oils" claim to be a good source of tocopherols. You have probably heard them called "poly-unsaturated" oils. Although these oils contain a small amount of the tocopherols, common "vegetable oils" (with the exception of pure olive and coconut oils) are dangerous to your health because of their omega imbalance and chemical extractions. They are not a good way to get the nutrients you need.

All commercial vegetable oils are highly processed. This renders them basically useless.

Even cold pressed vegetable oils (with the exception of raw olive and coconut) are very high in Omega 6 and Omega 9 fats. These "polyunsaturated oils" (Omega 6, and Omega 9) create dangerous amounts of free radicals and can greatly increase your cancer risk.

Raw fresh cold pressed wheat germ oil and fresh raw wheat germ are excellent natural sources of Vitamin E. Whole raw almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, and avocado (California) are good also.

The best healthy source of natural tocopherols and of gama-tocopherol is raw (cooking destroys and alters the vitamin) sesame seeds.

Be Well.....

~ William

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