Taoist Sex
Sexual Stamina

taoist sex for sexual stamina

Taoist sex teaches us the wisdom and enjoyment of not always ejaculating.

No Orgasm and Enjoyment?! Are we serious here? Yes, definitely.

Pleasure vs Procreation

The instinctive natural goal of sex is procreation. Male ejaculation is necessary for this. So we naturally strive to ejaculate. Nature has a plan. So she made it feel so good that we would always want to.

However, the act and goal of sex (intercourse) in civilized man is not always (or even usually) procreation. It is pleasure. And, connection. Love. Taoist sex teaches us how to have more of this. Much more!

After ejaculation, the male body wants to rest. And it needs to rest to rejuvenate and create more semen. The fact is, within the male body, special specific hormones are secreted after ejaculation which actually cause a man to want to sleep.

Ejaculation, is a drain on the whole male physiology. Same as a workout in the gym.

Women get just the opposite reaction. After sex, their hormonal secretions actually energize them!

The reason this is believed to be so is: procreation in early human times. There weren't that many of us around. Nature did everything possible to get the females pregnant and reproducing.

Nature wanted to be sure those female eggs were fertilized. The man was supposed to sleep after sex so the woman could run off to find another lover, or rather, fertilizer for her egg(s).

It all had to do with evolution and survival of the species.

Taoist Sex
Injaculation NOT Ejaculation

It is well known that a man who overindulges in sexual intercourse or masturbation tends to be weak, lethargic, and lazy. His body is trying to get him to rest and recuperate.

"The man who has gained the skill to hold back his ejaculation, as in Taoist sex,
can have sex 2 or 3 times a day
and feel very alive and vigorous all the time."

Even if he is in his 50s or 60s! In fact, with this Taoist practice, he will commonly feel unbounded energy.

This is where the Taoist sex practice of Injaculation comes into play.

Injaculation is the art of orgasming without ejaculation. It's not the same kind of orgasm. But, it is quite wonderful.

In Taoist sex the actual orgasm (ejaculate) is stopped from happening by using acupressure. You get right up to the point of ejaculating. But, the pressure placed on the nerves of the perineum prevents the ejaculation from happening.

The sensation can be overwhelming and last for a long time!

In Taoist sex the belief is that the semen is going right into the blood stream during this "injaculation". They claim this causes the retained energy.

This not correct. But absorption of excess semen will happen slowly.

What does happen by not allowing your body to ejaculate is this:

  • Your body retains it's sexual energy and drive
  • Your body does not release the post sex hormones that cause fatigue and lethargy
  • Sexual intercourse can be repeated almost immediately over and over again
  • Endorphins are still produced and these endorphins make you feel Amazingly Good! Just as if you did ejaculate
  • Your entire sexual system is refreshed and rejuvenated from the enormous increase of blood circulation

It can be a very healthful practice. Especially for older men.

Learning the entire Taoist sex practice of Injaculation is not necessary to achieve these benefits. All the benefits just mentioned happen because your body was entirely sexually stimulated without ejaculation and depletion.

Whether you use this Taoist method or just stop all penile stimulation before ejaculation, the healthful results will be the same for you.

One Of The Best Forms
Prostate Massage

This kind of regular sexual practice is also one of the best forms of prostate massage. It will recharge and help rejuvenate your entire sexual system! This happens because of the huge increase in circulation to all your sexual organs.

Instead of draining your body of vital energies and nutrients you actually will recharge your entire sexual system with increased blood flow.

As you learned in previous articles, increased blood circulation is the goal of prostate massage in achieving prostate health.

Having the will power to "pull out" and not ejaculate (cum) takes practice. You might miss a lot in the beginning and still ejaculate before you pull out or stop masturbating. However, if you will learn to end your sexual stimulation before ejaculation, boy will you be happy you did! And, so will your lover.

This Is My Own
AMAZING Experience!

Let me relate my own wonderful experience with this Taoist sex technique:

Normally I can have sex (ejaculations) about twice a week. But, two months ago, my girlfriend came to visit for a 3 day weekend after a long abstinence.

We had sex like rabbits! And I am no teenager! Far from it. But, my sexual stamina was at an all time high. The reason is, I refused to ejaculate. I stayed so horny all weekend, I couldn't get enough of her. She was thrilled!

My energy and vitality remained on a high the whole 3 day weekend. My prostate felt great! And so did my spirit! My girlfriend was really happy about the whole thing and asked what I was doing. So I told her.

I allowed myself to ejaculate only on the last time we were together. It was amazing!

You Can
Learn How To Have:
Super Human Sexual Stamina!

Without Creating Prostate Problems

The thing is, after you practice not cumming a number of times, it becomes quite easy to do. And if you're over 35 or 50 or even 60, having sex every day, or more than once every day, (especially with no prostate problems) is a spectacular thing!

Sexual intercourse can energize you! It does not have to drain your energy. But you have to learn how to hold on to your power and your energies. Or as Taoist sex says: "injaculate".

And, the way your partner looks at you will be worth the entire practice!

Should you ever let yourself ejaculate? Of course. It is very important that you do ejaculate regularly. You must keep your sexual fluids moving to for good prostate health and good male sexual health.

But, you'll be able to have much more sex, feel stronger, happier and healthier if you learn the art of not cumming or the Taoist sex art of "Injaculation".

Be Well.....

~ William

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