Is Healthy For You

Adequate Sun Exposure to Your Skin


Your Risk of
Prostate Cancer

Yes: Sunlight is your friend!

"Regular sun exposure to your skin,
reduces your risk of prostate cancer,
breast, colon, and practically every other cancer
including skin cancer."

Avoiding The Sun
Could Be Hazardous to Your Health

A 2004 study in the medical journal The Lancet showed: “Paradoxically, outdoor workers have a decreased risk of melanoma compared with indoor workers, suggesting that chronic sunlight exposure can have a protective effect.”

I know, that's contrary to everything you've probably heard about sun exposure to your skin. The fact is: There is not one piece of scientific evidence that sun exposure causes skin cancer.

Wow! How about that?

Yet, every study done on sun and cancer has shown sunlight to drastically reduce the incidence of not only prostate cancer, but breast cancer, colon cancer and every other cancer studied, including skin melanoma!

Repeated SunBURN
Does Show A Connection With Skin Cancer

Repeated sunburn does shows connection with skin cancer. Also, in clinical study, people who regularly drink scalding hot beverages have a 5 times higher rate of lip and mouth cancer!

Does that mean we should not drink beverages? Of course not! Neither should you avoid sunlight on your skin.

It is the repeated burning that seems to damage the cells. Not the beverage. Not the sun.

The only time to use a sun screen is when you are going to be exposed to an unusually long or intense amount of sun. Then use a "mechanical" sun blocking lotion.

The mechanical sun blocks use titanium dioxide. They actually shade your skin. Similar to wearing a piece of clothing.

Chemical Sun Screens
Are All Highly Toxic

Don't use the sunblocks with the ingredients whose names you don't understand are hard to even read.

In research studies it was found that the people who use the most of these chemical blocks, the most often, have the highest amount of skin cancer. Much higher than those who used nothing at all.

Vitamin D synthesis is credited for the amazing results of the sunlight. Vitamin D is essential to your health. The only two reliable natural sources are sunshine and cod liver oil. Sunshine directly on our skin being the best.

There Is No Substitute


is our #1 Premier source of Vitamin D.

If you just can not get sun exposure for some reason, the next best source is Cod Liver Oil. Cod Liver Oil contains excellent Vitamin D (the sun is still best). Cod Liver Oil is also one of the best sources of Vitamin A and the very essential Omega 3 fats.

I use Cod Liver Oil in the winter when I can not get sun directly on my body.

Vitamin D2 and D3 (like you find in most multivitamin supplements and commercial milk) are synthetically produced from irradiated oils. They do not give the same results.

Using synthetic Vitamin D is like putting wooden tires on your car. It will roll. Not well. Not long. The rest of the car will suffer. And, the ride will be terrible. Your body knows the difference.

Why Is Vitamin D So Important?

You need fat and Vitamin D to absorb and metabolize minerals properly.

"People who get regular sun exposure
have been shown to have a 50% higher mineral content
in their blood."

Lack of Vitamin D puts you at a higher risk of prostate cancer and other cancers. Lack of Vitamin D is also related to impaired nerve function, osteoporosis, kidney stones, heart malfunction, and a host of other diseases.

Natural Vitamin D
Has Life Protecting Properties

Enjoy The Sun!

Enjoy the sun! It gives you life and health. Don't burn. Gradually try to work up to 30-40 minutes a day of full body exposure (or more if it is comfortable).

To start, 5 minutes a day is good. Add time slowly. A minute or two more every few days is good.

The best time to sun is between 9:00-11:00am or between 2:30-4:30pm. This is when you will get the most gentle healing rays.

If you just can't sun bathe, Cod Liver Oil is the next best choice for the quality Vitamin D you need.

If you want to learn about the many ways sunlight heals your body, pick up the book "The Healing Sun" by Richard Hobday.

Be Well.....

~ William


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