The Kegel Exercise

for Men

Kegel exercise for men is a bad idea! Very bad!

Why? But, aren’t these supposed to strengthen and tone the sexual muscles?

And create greater sexual ability? And sexual health?

NO! Not in men!

The Road To Sexual Disaster

This muscular contraction for women is often a great idea. For women, yes, the vaginal muscles do get toned, their vagina gets tighter, and that makes their man a lot happier!

But female bodies and male bodies are very different in the sexual area.

Kegel exercises for women are usually very beneficial.

They can often cure incontinence and make the woman’s world a much happier place. Especially after childbirth.

Kegel exercises for men, on the other hand, can be the road to disaster!

They can create all sorts of prostate problems and other sexual problems.

Let me explain:

Where They Came From

Kegel exercise was developed by gynecologist Arnold Kegel specifically for strengthening the bladder control and sexual muscles in women.

At least he’s the guy that gets the credit.

Kegel exercise is actually derived from the ancient Taoist “Deer Exercise”.

Now there was a time when this practice could be helpful to men. Let me tell you why it is almost never beneficial now, and even extremely harmful, with one exception.

Why Kegel Exercises Are BAD
Most Men

Today most of us live in a very high stress environment: work, traffic, the horrible “news” casting, the economy, etc.... Life used to be a simpler situation for men. And women.

Stress is the defining factor here.

The body instinctively reacts to stress.

It will go into “fight or flight” mode. Even in a subtle hidden way. It depends on the degree of stress.

And where does our body prepare for “fight or flight”? With adrenaline release and with muscular tension and readiness response.

Now, where is our first muscular response? That’s correct: In our anal muscles!

Didn’t know that, did you?? No one ever teaches us this stuff in school.

We don’t squeeze our anal muscles consciously during stress. It’s a genetic muscular reaction.

It prepares the body to run or fight, adds strength to our core (abdomen and back muscles), and prevents bowel movements from interfering with our “life saving” reactions.

Reality Check: Nobody is really going to kill you behind your desk when you’re all stressed out. (although sometime you may wish they would...)

And it’s supremely rare to get physically attacked while you are driving your car or listening to the God awful “News” programs.

So this reaction no longer serves a beneficial purpose for us.

And, because daily stress is so constant, our anal muscles can become chronically tense.

Now, because we are under some degree of stress most of the time, this chronic tension in our bottoms often causes some type of chronic pelvic floor problem. Even if it is only tight unhappy muscles.

Kegel Exercise Make This Chronic Tension Worse

Now, this chronic tension can cause a multitude of problems including:

  • Chronic, undiagnosable, anal pain
  • Intense, undiagnosable, prostate pain
  • Constipation
  • Bowel problems
  • Sexual dysfunction

Performing the Kegel exercises will make chronic anal muscular tension increase!

This causes pain!

Pain that can not be diagnosed by standard medical methods.

The ONLY way I have discovered to relieve chronic anal tension rapidly is with correct anal massage.

And, it’s easy to find out for yourself if you have chronic tension here! (keep reading...)


Prostatitis is a general term for any kind of pain in our male gland.

If you have prostatitis from chronically tight anal muscles NO medicine will ever cure it! None! You will go to your doctor for years and/or decades trying to get rid of it.

And, you NEVER will get rid of this pain unless you get rid of the chronic muscular tension in your anal muscles that is causing it!

I know this personally.

Prostatitis can keep you awake at night. Make your day and every waking hour miserable. And, have you in ever present fear of this “mysterious” pain and misery will return at any time!

It can also ruin any pleasure you get in your sex life.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Then read on. You may just have found the answer to your problem...

Now if you add addition tightening and tensioning to your situation, you will make those tight anal muscles even tighter! And that is exactly what tis exercise will do.

Can Anyone Really Benefit From The Kegel Exercise?

So who is the Kegel exercise good for?

A lot of women can benefit from Kegels because their physiology is different from ours and they tend not to process stress in the same way.

They also have babies. And that process stretches the heck out of everything down there.

Kegel exercises can be very effective in tightening things up again.

Men Who Can Benefit

Men who can benefit from Kegel exercises are usually older gentlemen who are incontinent (bladder and/or bowel).

If you are one of these men, you probably have little if any sex life, and you are probably at least somewhat out of shape.

Your rear end is probably flat as a pancake (muscle deterioration) and you probably have some kind of sagging tummy and somewhat slumped posture.

All this is only a sign and symptom that all your muscles are not being used enough and have not been exercised enough for years.

Incontinence is just a symptom of the overall muscle degradation. Your bowel and bladder muscles are very weak.

The good news is: Incontinence is very often reversible.

No, you probably won’t regain the bladder strength or volume of a teenager no matter what you do. But, you don’t have to, to function nicely.

If You Are Incontinent
There Is Hope For You!

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life in a diaper and looking forward to becoming a drooling helpless man that someone else eventually has to feed either.

I’d rather be shot and put out of my misery than be “alive” that way!

If incontinence caused you to find this page, then incontinence may have been a life saving gift to you. Because now you will learn you can change your life in EVERY physical strength aspect.

If you get into a nice regular exercise program, you can get stronger and stronger.

That’s a fact!

It has been PROVEN over and over again in countless clinical research that men even in their nineties, Yes their 90s!, can gain muscle mass with resistance (weight lifting) exercise.

You’re not going to be Mr. America at 90. But, you can feel good and live well.

The kegel exercise is just the same as lifting weights for your bladder and anal control muscles. They can work much better again!

Regaining Control Of Your Bladder And Bowels

The message here is: Don’t despair if you are now suffering from incontinence (bladder and/or bowel) and general weakness.

It can make you feel totally depressed.

Know this: Unless you have some rare condition, if those muscles are flaccid and weak they can get much stronger with this kind of muscular workout.

YOU can get able, and, in most cases, continent again. Another thing we never learn in school. So many men and women suffer needlessly because of lack of education here.

Getting stronger doesn’t happen overnight. But, it happens all the time.

So now is YOUR time to get back into the flow of life and really LIVE again!

Like I said, you’re never going to be what you were physically at 20 or 30 again. Don’t be fooled. BUT, you should be able to ENJOY life more again and be free of the diaper curse and fear for the rest of your life!

For The Rest Of Us

Don’t do the Kegel exercise. Period!

What you most likely need, if you want better sexual health, is correct prostate massage technique.

If your anal muscles are tight, you will want to add the anal peripheral massaging to loosen them up and increase your blood flow down there.

I receive countless letters and email from men all over the word telling me how successful they have been using these two sexual enhancing techniques.

These two techniques have been effective for:

  • Reducing and reversing any prostate problem(s)
  • Improving sex life (and enjoyment of sexual activity)
  • Relieving prostate pain when nothing else works

Your Best Bet for Sexual Strength

Again: Kegel exercise is really a bad idea for most men.

Even young men, who want to “max out” on sexual strength can really hurt themselves and ruin their sex life by doing the Kegel exercise.

Your best bet for sexual strength is a healthy lifestyle combined with correct massaging techniques, moderation (yes, moderation), and a calm mind.

I know, it sounds too simple to really be exciting. We want a wonder exercise, or pill or drug..... Well, as they say in New York, “Forget about it.”

A healthy body, and good living habits (including correct prostate massage) are what have proven to work. And, they are what can keep you working and functioning well until you die.

Kegel exercise is just a really dangerous and harmful practice for most men.

Be Well.....

~ William

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