How Can I Have
Natural Prostate Health?

Natural Prostate Health - Can I have it?

"How can I have Natural Prostate Health?" This is a frequently asked question.

I mean who really wants to take all kinds of medications and pain relievers and erectile dysfunction drugs anyway? And still be in pain, impotent, and feel like crap? NO ONE!

But, millions of men do. In fact, we are led to believe that this is just way life is as we age. We begin to expect sexual problems. That's nonsense! But it seems true to most of us because most men wind up with some kind of sexual dysfunction and problems here in mid or later life.

That's probably why you're reading this now!

The reality is: excellent natural prostate health is what every man should have.

What Exactly is Natural Prostate Health?

Creating natural prostate health

Well, it simply means a healthy male gland that functions properly until you die of old age. One that functions painlessly and does not swell up and give you problems peeing. A gland that you are never really concerned about or even think about.

Like the thymus gland. Who really thinks about that one? Have you ever heard of anyone who complained about their thymus gland? The same should be true of all our other glands.

Where Natural Prostate Health Comes From

We used to be hunters and gatherers who spent most of the day (or all of the day and night) out of doors in the fresh air.

We were physically active most of the day. We ate natural health building foods that were rich in all the nutrients. And we drank lots of pure clean water.

We slept when we were tired. Ate when we were hungry. Had sex when we felt like it and without pressure to perform.

We had no food additives, environmental pollution, or drugs poisoning our bodies. AND, our male gland worked perfectly, and painlessly until we eventually died. That's what real natural prostate health is!

Today's Reality

However, we just don't live like that any more. And most of us probably wouldn't want to give up our modern conveniences. And we don't have to in order to achieve an excellent physical condition.

We just have to give our bodies the attention they need each day. And it's really easy to do this. If we just know how.

It's very much like caring for a wife. Stop paying attention to her and mistreat her enough: She'll make your life hell for you and then leave you. Your own body will do the exact same thing.


most wild animals have good natural prostate health

Our bodies (and our minds and spirits) suffer from this modern way of life. Not because it is necessarily bad, but, because modern life doesn't give our bodies what they need to be well, strong, and happy!

So to have good health, we have to pay attention to things now that we didn't have to pay attention to in earlier times.

After hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, we have only been living this "modern" unnatural way for about 150 years.

The human body can adapt to many things. Just not that quickly.

It's kind of like using a Ferrari to pull a plow. It will get all crapped up pretty fast. And it won't work right. It was never made to be used that way.

Same with our bodies. We need to give them proper use if they are going to function correctly. We need movement. Good circulation. Proper fuel. Proper rest and proper maintenance.

Sedentary Lives

With our sedentary jobs, our nutritional and physical abuses, our bodies, run poorly. These days, once a man reaches middle age, natural prostate health is rare. This is usually indicated by some type of pain and/or malfunction.

Add to that all the stresses we now have, environmental pollutions, food additives, and drugs we consume : Is it any wonder that we suffer so much physically. And mentally?

It's not just our current sexual malfunctions and problems, but all the diseases that are rampant today. Most of these diseases were unknown 200 years ago. Even 100 years ago! There is no mystery about where they come from. They come from modern living.

To make things worse, instead of correcting what we do, we try to take drugs to make everything OK... That will never happen!

What Can We Do?

Natural prostate health comes from living as close as we can to a natural life.

No, we don't have to go live in the wild in a tent to be healthy all over. There's nothing wrong with, or unhealthy about, having a nice home, a nice car, a TV and nice clothes. But we need to clean up our acts. And it's really not that difficult.

What we do need is:

  • Wholesome Natural Foods
  • Pure Water
  • Fresh Air and Exercise
  • Adequate Sleep and Rest
  • Sexual Moderation
  • Daily Stress Release

If we all changed our lives this way, 95% of doctors would be out of work and looking for new careers. It's true. And a whole lot more men would have the natural prostate health they so desire!

If you study the civilizations that lived this way, doctors were rarely needed. And, outside of a plague, disease was not common.

Creating Natural Prostate Health

Because we live as we do these days, our male gland usually just plain doesn't get enough blood circulation or adequate nutrition for natural prostate health. And our sexual glands get poisoned on top of that.

You can reverse this. The closer you get to implementing the healthy guidelines above, the better you're going to feel. Physically and mentally. It really doesn't matter what you are suffering from.

Those healthy practices bring general improvement to a human being no matter what he is suffering from. And they are the road back to natural prostate health!

Why Massage?

What does massage have to do with natural prostate health?

Well, a lot! It's not always so easy to get the blood sufficiently moving in this area to achieve maximum wellness these days. Mostly because we sit too much.

That's one of the most harmful things to this area!

Sitting too long at one time cuts the circulation to our gland. And it begins to collect poisons and suffocate. Pain is your bodies way of telling you this is happening.

This is why adding correct prostate massage to your new health program can work seeming miracles!

What Correct Massaging Does

In and of itself, it will simply help your body to heal and take care of itself.

Massaging our male gland often seems to be an almost magical practice when applied correctly. But, it's really just a practical, easy, efficient way to help compensate for our modern life style. And all the extended sitting we do each day.

Correct techniques bring more blood to your gland. It restores circulation. This brings more oxygen and nutrients to the entire area. The two things that too much sitting cuts off from it.

And the techniques help release stored toxins so they can be flushed out. An over accumulation of toxins in this gland are the main cause of prostatic cancer.

You Must Remember: The human body is self healing. No medication or potion ever cured anything. They simply assist the body to do it's functions. OR: they suppress the symptoms so you don't know that you're decaying and falling apart.

So why not give your body the best help you can?

A healthier lifestyle combined with correct prostate massage does just that. These things help enable your body to heal itself like nothing else can! And they do this with NO SIDE EFFECTS! This is how you achieve natural prostate health.

Achieving Complete Natural Prostate Health

There are countless cases where cancer, arthritis, heart disease, all the things we are taught to fear most, have all been made to vanish when the body is returned to a truly natural environment and way of living.

And that is the same way natural prostate health is regained and maintained.

No, it doesn't mean you won't ever feel bad again. You still may get a flare up now and again. We are human. But, for the most part: most everyone can feel better and regain radiant health and well being 99% of the time.

Even when it seems impossible, there are endless cases where person after person after person recover from every horrible and terminal illness.

And this is also true for most men with sexual problems who then took care of them correctly.

Natural prostate health comes from living as close as possible to the way we originally did. Add a little regular correct massaging to enhance your efforts and see what a difference it can make for you! And see how incredibly good you can feel again!

Be Well.....

~ William

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