Prostate Massage
Requires Extra Gentleness

prostate massage

As you know, I always stress being gentle with prostate massage.

But, sometimes extra gentleness is needed. And I mean EXTRA gentle!

When a man has a healthy male gland, normal massaging really just feels pretty darn good.

When There Are Prostate Problems

But, most men who come to this site are having some kind of problem in this area. This means their gland is usually sore, or often times, VERY sore!

If you are suffering from prostate pain, and you have decided to try prostate massage, it is very important to approach your massaging VERY gently.

There are two reasons for this:

  • Your gland hurts already and you don't want to increase your suffering

  • A sore inflamed gland is usually weaker than a healthy one and easier to damage or cause more pain

Does A Gentle Prostate Massage Really Do Any Good?

Extra gentle massaging sometimes makes it feel like you are not really doing anything much at all. So you wonder how you are going to get any real results.

But for a very chronically painful gland, being VERY gentle is often what can be the most effective means of regaining health in this sensitive area.

For a very painful prostate that has never been massaged, a sitz bath and vibratory massage is often much more soothing than an internal prostate massage.

As your gland starts to feel better, the regular internal massage can be tried. Of course, very gently at first.

Take Your Time

Although the internal application is much more beneficial to a healthier man, for a man with a very painful sick gland it may be just too much too soon. And it may cause more pain than benefit.

Being careful when massaging your tender area means doing less. Being less aggressive. Using less pressure. Being much MORE GENTLE!

Remember: Even the gentlest rubbing is going to be much more beneficial than no massaging at all.

Getting Maximum Results

Sure, we all want maximum results as fast as possible. Especially when we are in pain. But, there is an old German expression which says: "The slower I go, the faster I get there."

Think about it. How many times have you rushed a job on something, screwed it up, and then had to go back, clean up the mess, and then take the long way anyhow? We all have.

When that happens, the job winds up taking longer than it would have if we did it correctly in the first place.

And with your sexual equipment (or any ailing body part) it is almost always better to go a little too slowly than a little too fast.

When you already have pain and problems, it is not worth risking making them worse. Then you just have bigger problems.

Be Safe!

So if you understand how beneficial manual internal stimulation can be, and you have a sore or hurting gland, please check with your doctor first. Make sure some gentle massaging will be OK for you.

It almost always is. But, always take the safe road and check first.

Then begin your prostate massage program SLOWLY and GENTLY.

At the end of the day, your progress will faster and you will feel better all along the way!

Be Well.....

~ William

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