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Stress (emotional or physical overload) can have the most adverse influence on a person's body.

A normal amount, however, is actually a very healthy thing. A regular tolerable amount (like sensible exercise) is what actually strengthens the body.

But if it is chronic, it breaks the body down.

You've undoubtedly heard of people getting heart attacks, headaches, impotence and all kinds of other ailments from colds to cancer that were caused by this problem.

All that is really happening in these instances is that these people were giving their body more of a load than it could handle or recuperate from. So, the body breaks down and/or stops functioning normally. It is really that simple.


The Weakest Parts Break Down First

If that is your male gland, emotional or physical overload will cause you all kinds of prostate problems that may seem unsolvable.

Biological changes happen during stress. States of mis-emotion (emotion that debilitates): Anger, Jealousy, Hatred, Fear, Anxiety.... cause chemical changes in the body that were designed as survival mechanisms.

Basically these chemical changes were designed to put you in "fight or flight" mode. These chemicals gave you extra stimulation to increase your strength. You could then fight off or run away from the predator or disaster.

But these same chemicals are harmful when extended for prolonged periods of time. Like taking amphetamines. These chemical changes can cause the filtering mechanisms in your prostate to get overloaded. (The natural filtering process protects the sperm by keeping toxins out of the seminal fluids) This causes inflammation and swelling and pain.

This overload to your male gland can not only cause great pain and discomfort, it can make you impotent!

Normal Amounts of Work Are Health Building

We all know regular exercise strengthens the body. And, regular mental exercise strengthens the mind. It has been proven over and over again that seniors who stay mentally active live longer and are more alert.

It is only when having too much mental or physical strain becomes chronic or too intense that it causes problems.

I found a wonderful little e-book that has helped many people remedy their overload problems and regain health and peace in their life. It is an eBook called "Stress". You will find their URL at the bottom of this page.

You can download it right away. It may be just the help you are looking for!

Be Well.....

~ William

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