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Older Men

older men can create good prostate health

If you one of the older men (70s - 90s+) who have learned that some prostate massage may benefit you, the internal technique may not be right for you.

It may even be a very bad idea to attempt it.

As we get very mature it is obvious to see the changes in our external bodies. The muscle become smaller and weaker.

We have less hair on our heads. Our sight and hearing diminish. As does our sense of smell and taste.

And our skin even becomes much for sensitive and delicate. Well, the same things are also going on inside our bodies. And just like the skin on our bodies, all the tissues inside our bodies become weaker and more fragile.

Moreover, the anus, rectum and lower bowel in older men may now have hemorrhoids, polyps, cysts and other problems. Putting fingers or massaging devices up there may cause serious problems.

Proven Prostate Pain Relief

But, there is still a way for older men to bring more health giving, pain relieving blood circulation to ALL your internal organs and to help keep you feeling much healthier.

For much older men, this is done with the only external peripheral massages. You will see them listed in the navigation bar on the left side of this page.

Even if your hand strength is too weak to do them yourself, you can still have a family member or a nurse do them for you without any embarrassment. You can also use the Vibratory Massagers described in the "Immediate Relief" article. It is very easy and highly effective.

The sitz bath (also described in the first section of that same page) is also wonderful for relieving prostate pain, congestion, swelling and lower back pain.

Eliminating constipation will also be very important for you if that is currently a problem for you. Constipation causes all kinds of toxins to develop in your colon and these can irritate your gland terribly!

Lack Of Sexual Activity And Exercise

If you are an older man, you may have lost your sex drive. Even quite a while ago. This is not at all unusual.

The thing is, your gland still needs to be kept healthy with a good supply of fresh blood. Good blood circulation. This is true for all your internal organs.

Not only is blood flow slower and generally more congested in older men (and women!), but, exercise and plenty of movement is often lacking. And for some it is impossible.

The Amazingly Effective Peripheral Massages

Slow blood flow can cause a lot of pains and health problems in not just the male gland, but in all the organs, muscles, and joints. And this is where the internal peripheral techniques can be of incredible benefit.

The peripheral techniques will bring more blood not only to your male gland, but to ALL your internal organs.

Improving the blood supply to your internal organs can give you:

  • Less pain

  • Better digestion and elimination

  • A clearer mind

  • A more cheerful happier disposition

  • Less depression

Rejuvenating All Your Internal Organs

Older men, (and older women also!), with very delicate innards, can get great benefit from doing all the external techniques.

These massages will not only bring a greater supply of fresh blood to your painful swollen male gland, they will also bring a greater supply of blood to ALL the internal digestive organs as well as the intestines, liver and gallbladder.

Lying on your belly and having someone gently massage your kidney areas for a few minutes is also a wonderfully health and energy giving practice. Chinese doctors often consider the kidneys one of the most important areas to strengthen.


Older men also can greatly improve their health with the addition of some fresh raw vegetable and fruits and some fresh raw juices. Dental problems often make this seemingly impossible.

Even if you are one of the older men with no teeth at all, you can still eat fresh raw fruits and vegetables. All you need is a vegetable juicer!

You can find a good dependable juicer on the internet (or at Walmart) for as low as $50. You don't have to get any special or fancy kind. Any vegetable juicer will do a nice job for you.

A good vegetable juicer will grind the vegetables and fruits into a very fine pulp and separate that pulp from the juice. You take some of the pulp and mix it with some of the juice and make the most wonderful apple sauce! Or peach sauce! Or and type of sauce you like.

You can also mix a spoonful of the pulp into a glass of juice and just drink it down! That's the way I like it! You don't have to eat all the pulp. But, drink all the juice! That way you get lots of fresh vitamins and minerals that require very little digestion.

I have never seen anything rebuild health more quickly than fresh raw vegetable juices (NOT bottled or canned juice)!

The Benefits Of Juicing

This raw juice will almost always give you an immediate feeling of renewed energy.

And that finely ground pulp is the absolute best fiber supplement you can ever hope for. And it doesn't taste like cardboard. You can even add some of the pulp to soups and meat loaf to help keep your bowels moving nicely.

Fresh raw juice requires very little digestion and it helps clean the blood and will really speed up the progress of your external prostate massage program.

Tomorrow Can Be A Healthier Happier Day!

older men can have an active healthy sex life

If you are in the group of older men who could benefit from some sexual rejuvenation, the external prostate massages may be just right for you!

Try the external techniques. Though they are simple and gentle, they are very powerful.

Drink some extra water. And if at all possible some fresh raw vegetable juice!

And remember: always check with your doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle. I've not yet heard of a physician that would not allow the things I have described on this page. But, there are always some special cases.

Show your doctor this page. If he thinks it will be OK for you, you may just be on your way to a whole new healthier and happier and more pain free life!

Be Well.....

~ William

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