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Optimum Health!, Issue #010 -- Awareness! - Part II
May 01, 2008


Your Key To Success!

Part II

In Part I we discussed becoming aware.

Becoming aware of what works for you, and, what does not work for you.

YOU is the key word here.

This is true in all aspects of life. And, the point seems childishly obvious.

Don't Just Follow The Sheep

Following the herd (like sheep) is not always the best idea.

I have observed countless intelligent men and women continue on religiously with "health" programs, or investment programs, or relationships that do them absolutely no real good. And, too often even cause them harm.

They just follow the herd with no awareness. Or, they disregard their own awareness. They believe everyone else must be correct.

And, it is always easier to see how others are doing this, than it is to really see it in ourselves.

Obvious UN-Awareness

A most obvious example of this is the man who wants to build his muscles. He read that the super steroid muscle men work out for 4 hours each day. So, he grits his teeth and he starts working out for 4 hours each day.

It's killer! But, he keeps doing it because he really wants to succeed.

Then, after 1 or 2 months he feels like absolute crap! AND, he looks terrible, and, has lost a few pounds instead of gaining some solid muscular weight.

The whole routine was WRONG for his body. He just wasn't paying attention to how things were actually going.

Give this same man 30-45 minutes of barbell work 3 times a week, and his muscle building progress can be amazing! And, his health may improve radically.

Prostate Massage

This also happens with prostate massage. We often get so excited about something that we just over do it and get hurt. Always start slowly and gently. Never over do.

It is also important to point out that not every prostate massage is necessary for everyman's prostate health.

Some men do require them all. I did. Some need only 1 or 2 to feel better again.

This is where Awareness comes into play.

Learning About YOUR Body

After you do a particular prostate massage, or a particular set of prostate massages, notice how you feel over the next 3 or 4 days. This seems almost like a stupidly obvious instruction. But, it is not.

You must learn what your needs are.

Most men just luck out the first time with the internal prostate massage. And that's great! It has phenomenal healing influence. It is, after all, the most direct of the prostate massages.

However, sometimes a man will do a massage too vigorously at first and feel worse! Instead of resting a few days and then trying a more gentle and gradual approach or another massage, they give up. They believe prostate massage does not work for them.

That's usually a very big mistake.

Different Men Have Different Needs

For most men, the internal prostate massage is just an absolute God send!

But, some men need to add the peripheral prostate massage because they sit too much all day. They have severe blood constriction around their abdomen.

Other men finally get results when they are willing to add the anal prostate massage. These men usually sit a lot also and have very constricted anal muscles that are slowing the circulation to their prostates.

Some men don't break through until they add the Miracle Prostate Exercise to their prostate massage program.

Some men, like me, need them all at different times.

Some don't ever feel better until they quit riding a bicycle. Or learn not to sit or sleep with their legs crossed....

Some require other actions.

When you have been constricting the blood flow in any way, you will have pain and/or problems. Correct prostate massage will always increase the blood flow to your prostate gland.

Becoming Aware

If you suffer from prostate pain or a prostate problem, always get a good check up from a Urologist first. Become "Aware" of what your problem is. If you have a medical problem, the course of action you take is up to you. Do some research.

You may choose conventional or alternative action. That's always up to you.

If your Urologist says there is no problem, don't worry. Most prostatitis (statistically 8 times out of 9) shows up as "nothing wrong". For these men simple correct prostate massage has often been all they needed.

Keeping Aware

While performing your prostate massage, and afterward, pay attention to how you feel. Especially if you are new to this. Be extra aware for a few weeks.

This, again, seems too obvious. But, so many men are trying so hard to make a living that they forget to pay attention to their bodies once the massage or exercise period is done.

For best results in any health endeavor, you must remain aware of how you are doing throughout the day. Day after day. You don't have to think about it every minute. But in the beginning take stock every few hours.

How is the pain level? Has it decreased? How is your mood? And the great body indicator: How is your overall sense of well being? Do you just feel better in general?

Also be aware that with any massage (to any part of your body) you may feel worse the day or two after. That is just the body releasing a lot of trapped poison.

It's just like starting an exercise program. In the beginning things get a bit sore. Then, after a few days, as you continue, that soreness disappears and leaves a greater and greater sense a well being.

What Is Right For YOU

Being aware is how you will learn what is right for you. Not just with your prostate massage, but with every aspect of you health endeavors.

We are all somewhat different from each other. We need to remember to listen to our bodies. Not the hype around us. Not what everybody else is doing. Our own body.

Notice how different foods make you feel. Notice how long you can sit without discomfort. Notice which exercises make you feel best. Notice how much exercise is best for you.

Every body is different. Manuals are only a basic guide. A good place to start. But, you must become aware of your own body's rhythms and needs.

Too Obvious

If you've been operation on "auto pilot" don't despair. I have even had major corporation executives laugh and tell me: "... It was so obvious, I didn't even see it."

Once you start paying attention to the effect of all the things you add to your health program and all the things you delete, your progress will soar! And, you will reach your goals much faster and be able to maintain them.

The 2 Keys to Your Success!

So here are the 2 keys to your success:

1 - Be aware of the effect of each change you make.

2 - Make only ONE change at a time so that you can be sure you know what the effect is.

In the case of prostate massage, it's OK, even usually a good ides to start with a combination of the massages. But, then, when you are feeling better, eliminate just ONE massage at a time to see if that one makes a difference.

If it doesn't help, forget about it.

If it makes you feel better, keep doing it!

Prostate problems can screw up your entire life if they get severe enough.

Massaging the prostate too vigorously can actually cause you more pain.

So, in the beginning, go slowly and gently. Stay Aware. And remember: Just feeling "somehow better" each few days almost always means you're headed in the right direction.

Be Well.....


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