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Optimum Health!, Issue #021 - How Long Does Prostate Massage Take to Work?
November 09, 2022

How Long Does it Take?

One of the most frequent questions I am asked by my readers is: “How long does it take for prostate massage to work?”

The answer to that is: It depends on three things:

The Person

Their Current State of Heath

Their Issue(s)

I know, that answer is no real help at all.

But, it’s true. Not everyone responds the same way. Some people seem to feel better overnight. Some take many months to turn their situation around.

The one main factor that will win in almost every circumstance is: Persistence.

Let’s take a look at each category:

First: You, The Person

Will He Persist in his Discipline?

Persistence is usually the determining factor.

Does a man conscientiously do the required things? Does he try them once or twice and then give up? Is he persistent over a period of time?

We live in a very cause and effect Universe. NOTHING happens just by luck. There is always a cause. Sometimes it is just genetic and there is not much we can do about that.

The rest of the time, and in most prostate problem situations, there is usually a very good answer and a very definite remedy for the situation.

If you can grasp that thinking, you have an infinitely better chance of reversing most problems in your life.

Your prostate is no exception.

Second: Your Current State of Health

The body functions as a whole. Yes, of course we have specific issues. Like prostate problems.

Specifically: Prostatitis, BPH, Infection, Impotence, Blockage…..

We will not be discussing prostate cancer in this article at all.

But, ALL these other developed problems stem from a body that has not been properly cared for. Even if we didn’t realize we were doing detrimental things.

Genetics can play into our prostate troubles. But, that is usually less so.

The fact is: The healthier you are, the less discomforts you suffer from. Do you agree?

And, the healthier you can make yourself, the better you will feel.

The Issue(s) You Face

Depending on your prostate issue(s), how long it takes to correct or improve them can vary hugely.

For example, Prostatitis may disappear in 2 weeks if it is bacterial and Silver-Water.html was able to do the trick.

That was my own case. I personally suffered from severe prostatitis for over 2 years until I began using ionic Silver Water. And, moderated my sexual activity. Once I started with those two disciplines, my pain was gone in 2 weeks. 2 weeks. After more than 2 years of chronic suffering. It was truly Amazing!

But, that is not the answer for everyone.

Some types of painful prostatitis often resolve in a matter of days with just some simple direct prostate massage.

Why, because prostatitis (pain) is often nothing more than congested blood flow. The accumulated toxins and bacteria can cause a lot of pain and distress. Clean up your prostate and the trouble these things cause disappears.

Some men require more time. Some less.

BPH, on the other hand, can take 6 months to a year to see some decent progress. And, sometime, BPH has advanced too far to reverse.

There are a lot of variables.

BUT: Most men can improve their situation with regular correct prostate-massage-technique.html prostate massage technique.

Remember: Improve your diet, exercise regularly, get sufficient rest, cultivate a tranquil mind, and not only your prostate, but, your entire life will improve.

That’s No Help!

I know, all that may seem like no real help at all. Right? We want results fast. Right now. A magic medicine. Right?

Can’t we just take some pills and be OK again?

Not usually. Almost never in my own experience. They may have worked for some men. No one I ever talked to.

You have to do what’s necessary . Not necessarily what is easy.

So, what’s the answer?

Your Body is Self Healing

Most people seem to believe that “medicines” heal us.

Occasionally that is true.

For the most part, any and all medicines simply assist the body in healing itself.

If you have a horribly painful infection, like say Gonorrhea, a nice big shot in the butt can clear it up in a day or two.

There is nothing like this for prostate problems.

What assists prostate healing most effectively?

Improved blood flow.

Improved blood flow Through correct prostate massage and regular body exercise.

Also: adequate prostate nutrition that give your gland the building blocks it needs to clean and repair itself.

Fortunately, it’s not at all complicated:

Massage Your Prostate Correctly .html Get the nutrients you need Get some regular exercise Sleep adequately Bring stress to a minimum Don't sit all day long.....

….seeming miracles can happen.

A Very Common Mistake

In most cases, a prostate will not feel or function correctly just by taking pills. You probably know that already. If they did you wouldn’t be here looking for an answer. Right?

But, pills are so easy. We all want them. Almost none of us wants to do even the little work required here. We just want the problem to go away. Right?

I’m no different. I can’t condemn you for this.

But, That approach did me no good. It never helped anyone else I’ve talked to either. Taking the correct actions did.

Now, here’s a case in point. And, something I come across too often:

We’ll call this fellow “Kevin”.

I get regular emails from Kevin asking me what he needed to do for his particular prostate problem.

OK. First: I told him I don’t diagnose or prescribe for anyone. Ever. But, I do publish a LOT of extraordinarily wonderful information that has helped tens of thousands of men around the world reverse their problems. It may be very helpful to him also.

It’s available to everyone, for free, right here on Prostate Massage and Health .com So, I responded: “In the six months that you have been writing to me, have you read the website Kevin?”

Kevin: “Yes. Most of it.”

“Good. Have you tried any of it in these past 6 months?”

Kevin: “Not yet. But, I am thinking about it.”

“Why bother me with your unsolved problem when you haven’t even tried anything?”

I then asked him if he ever got a prostate massager. He said,


Did he try ANY of the other massages? “No.”

Had he actually done anything for himself, other than take pills? “No.”

Well Kevin, are you really in the dark about why you still feel the same way?

As Albert Einstein clearly said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Don’t be like Kevin.

You Can Start Feeling Better

If you are an “Optimum Health” subscriber, you must know our website quite well. And, thank you for your constant readership. And, your wonderful Success Story emails. With your permission, I published many of them on the website.

I just want you to know: Your Success Stories have helped many other men begin their journey back to feeling great again.

For the rest of you here today:

Have you purchased your Aneros prostate massager yet?

If not, you should click the link and get one. Don’t be like Kevin. Take action and quit suffering.

Still, I regularly get emails from men like Kevin who say they’re not sure if the massager will work for them and they don’t want to risk $70 to try one.

Fine. Then don’t bother me with regular emails telling me how terrible you feel.

It may NOT work for you. It’s not a fix all. BUT: It just may be all you need. You won’t know until you try. Correct prostate massage has been the answer for thousands of men worldwide.

You go to your Urologist and spend $250 - $300 just for the appointment before he does anything. If that all worked out you wouldn’t still be searching the internet for answers. Right?

So what’s the big deal? Is $70 even close to the hundreds you already spent? Get your massager. Start feeling better. What's the point of continuing to suffer?

Do Yourself a BIG Favor

Don’t be one of the “Kevins” in this world.

Please…. Do yourself a favor. Ask your doctor if using a prostate massager would be OK for you to try. For most men there is no problem at all. Probably 99.5%. For a very small number of men, it may not be advisable because of some other health concern or older-men.htmlvery advanced ags.

Your Doctor may laugh at you. Mine didn’t. He said, “It’s worth a try.” But, first just find out if it’s OK for you to try one.

Once you get the OK, use your Aneros massager. Regularly.

At least a few times a week. The worst thing: You’ll improve your blood circulation down there and it feels real nice.

The best thing: The added circulation will be enough to assist your body in cleaning itself out and getting back to normal.

It’s really that simple.

It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t require a college education, a PhD, or special classes. You just use it. The instructions are very simple.

How Long
Will Prostate Massage Take to Work?

So, back to the original question: “How long does prostate massage take to work?”

I think you know the answer to that now: It takes as long as it takes.

It’s entirely up to you, your issue(s), and your current state of health. Sometimes only a few days can relieve a long standing discomfort. Sometimes a year. Occasionally not at all.

Correct prostate massage is not a panacea. Correct prostate massage is simply a way of moving your blood more efficiently down there. A way to help your gland clean itself up, and bring more oxygen and nutrients to your ailing gland.

HOWEVER: If you are like most men who are persistent with their massages and healthy lifestyle, I’m sure you too will be quite pleased with the changes you’ll feel.

And, please send me an email with your results!

Be Well.....

~ William

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