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Optimum Health!, Issue #021 - Colon Cleansing for Renewed Prostate Health!
March 30, 2014

The Best Abdominal Exercises
Prostate Health

The best abdominal exercises for prostate health are the ones that you will do each day.

Let’s face facts: for most of us, that means they must be quick and easy. They can be. And, if you do the right one it can be highly effective.

We don’t need to do all the best abdominal exercises have 6 pack abs to be optimally sexually healthy.

Why They Work

First, let me say that any correctly done movement for your stomach is going to be good for you and good for improving your prostate health.


Because moving the blood and toning the tissues down there is what enables your body to clean up the irritating disease causing toxins and renew your prostate health.

Most people think about “strength” when they think of exercising.

But, equally important is moving your blood.

Just because your heart is beating, you don’t necessarily have good blood flow to your glands and organs.

When your blood is not moving sufficiently, metabolic waste products (toxins) can accumulate and cause pain and/or diseases. Yes, even cancer if the toxic overload is too great.

Why do you think cancer is so prevalent in this area for so many men these days? Toxic overload!

It’s not a mystery. Toxic overload can (and does) causes cancer. It also causes tens of millions of cases of undiagnosable prostatitis (prostatic pain with no apparent cause).

Your Blood Has To Get MOVING!

Abdominal exercises like the now very popular Planking can build a lot of strength in your abdomen. But, this type of static exercise really is lacking in the blood flow department.

Your male gland is located under these muscles. So you really have to move the muscles around it to get the blood flowing into your gland.

This is why correct prostate massage is the #1 method for increasing blood flow here.

It directly moves the blood in your gland.

Like I said, you don’t need 6-pack abs and hours in the gym each day to have good internal health.

You just need good blood flow, some decent muscle tone, and normal strength.

You can actually do that in just a few minutes a day. Not even 30 minutes. Just a few.

It’s Easy If You Do It Right

To most effectively wash away the poisons that correct prostatic massaging releases, you need to have good healthy circulation around your gland.

This is why you want to add some of the best abdominal exercises to you daily life.

They don’t have to be hard and boring.

You don’t have to spend more than a few minutes a day on them.

You don’t have to work up a sweat on them.

With the exercise I teach, you don’t even have to change your clothes to do it. You can even do it in a full dresses tuxedo with no one around you knowing it.

The BEST of the Best Abdominal Exercises

OK: Here is the #1 best abdominal exercise. Especially of you don’t yet have much strength in this area.

You can do it just about anywhere, anytime of the day:

This is the Simplest and Easiest of all the best abdominal exercises that I have found for prostate health: The Miracle Prostate Exercise. Click on that link. You’ll get complete free instructions. Then try it! It will take you less than a minute to do.

It truly can work seeming Miracles when your gland is bothering you.

And, like I just said, this jewel will take you less than one minute to do.

One Minute
That Will Make you Feel Better All Over

The Miracle exercise will make you feel refreshed all over. And, you can do it just about anywhere at any time of day.

Sitting in the office too long? Get up and do it once or twice.

Been driving too long? Get out of the car and do one or two.

Stuck in traffic? Even if you can’t get out of the car, do it right there in your seat.

Need a little boost of energy? This one can help you out.

Instant Refreshment

You’ll notice you feel refreshed all over right after doing it.


Because this one simple easy exercise will expand your lungs, relax your heart, and send a surge of fresh Oxygen to all your glands, organs, AND your brain!

It will also strengthen ALL of your abdominal muscles.

It’s pure, natural, free refreshment of the healthiest kind.

If You’re Too Lazy For This One
I Can’t Help You

Obviously even the best abdominal exercises won’t do anything for you if you don’t do them.

After a few days, or weeks, most men (and women) give up on a new exercise program because it is just too exhausting and time consuming.

With the Miracle Exercise you have none of these problems.

- It’s simple.

- It’s easy.

- It takes under a minute.

- You won’t be sore the next day.

- It will even improve your waistline.

IF you do it every day.

You Will Feel It Right Away

If you use this little miracle just once, you will enjoy it.

If you use it daily, just a few times during the day, you will start to notice almost Miraculous changes in the way you feel.

That is how it got it’s name.

It is so simple and so easy that it is hard to believe how effective it can be.

It will also:

  • Double the speed of your prostate massage program results

  • Improve your cardio vascular health

  • Decrease your likelihood of a heart attack

  • Give you more energy

Try It Once Right Now

So, try it out. Right now. Yes I’m serious. Right now! Just sitting there reading won’t make you feel any better. This will.

It takes less than one minute.

Stop what you’re doing any try it.

Come on. I want you to see how Easy it is and how Great it feels.

Come back here when you are done.............

Did you feel the burst refreshment all over?

I love it!

Of all the best abdominal exercises, this one is the easiest. And, if it is easy, and it feels real good, you’ll probably keep doing it. Right?

And, in the process you’ll be improving your prostate health.

Be Well.....

~ William

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