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Optimum Health!, Issue #005 -- Exercise for Fun!
December 01, 2007

Fun Exercise!

Exercise Should Be Fun!

That's right, FUN! Not a chore. Not yet another unpleasant discipline. If it is, you're doing it wrong!

You do not have to be a Mr. America bodybuilder or a marathon runner to maintain perfect health. In fact you'll probably be healthier and feel better if you do not participate in constant extreme physical pursuits.

You do not have to spend endless boring hours in a fitness center to maintain perfect health either. Use a fitness center if you enjoy it. Otherwise don't bother with it. There are dozens of other ways to get all the exercise you need to be perfectly healthy.

All you body really requires is some regular movement and exertion to maintain and refresh itself.

If you like walking, great! Running, also great. Swimming, yoga, weight lifting, soccer, aerobics, pilates, tennis, golf, cycling, gardening... Anything regular physical activity (3 times a week or more) that makes you move and sweat a little (or a lot) is good for you. And it will help to keep you healthy and well.

And remember, it doesn't have to be the same exercise each time. Just 30 minutes or more of whatever you like that particular day. That will do the trick!

If a certain part of your body is troubling you, it may need a little special exercise of it's own.

If you're having prostate problems (which is why you're probably here), The Miracle Prostate Exercise as well as some correct prostate massage will definitely help your prostate feel better faster. They do so by bringing more blood, oxygen and nourishment to your prostate gland. This is what it needs to heal itself.

But, you still need to move your whole body around as well.

Given the chance, you body will correct any disease and malfunction. Any one. But, you can't feed it all kinds of crap and expect it to work properly, no matter how much you exercise. Learn to feed your body correctly so it can rejuvenate itself. The primitive diet is man's best diet.

Take your exercise for FUN! Fun is the Key! If you don't have fun you'll eventually quit. If it's fun and you're enjoying yourself you'll never give it up. And, your life, health, and happiness will improve dramatically!

Be Well.....


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