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Optimum Health!, Issue #011 -- Keep It Simple!
July 01, 2008



In truth, living life is simple. Like the other creatures we are supposed to eat natural foods when we are hungry, sleep when we are tired, have sex when we feel like it and pretty much gaze at the world and play in it. Simple!

But, often we don't. We eat junk foods, over do, have sex like it's a contest, and stress out too much, too often, and mostly about unnecessary things. And that's where diseases come from. Screwing up the way the body was designed to operate.

The Problems

Most of the human health problems in the civilized world come from impropper diet, lack of exercise, and stress.

For example: You would never consider putting kerosene in the gas tank of your car. Why? Because you know better. Because you know kerosene would make the engine run improperly, or break it down, or make it not able to run at all.

BUT, the crap we are willing to put in our bodies day after day is mind boggling. In fact we are often more educated in what to put into out cars than our bodies.

Then, to make things worse, when our bodies malfunction we look for all kinds of chemicals (drugs) to put in our bodies to fix the situation. It's NEVER gonna happen!

Sure, there are some antibiotics and similar things that are a real aid for certain types of bacterial infections. Pain killers in an emergency can be a God send!

But, when a person's body is falling apart and disintegrating (arthritis, heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, BPH, other prostate problems, etc...) no drugs are ever going to fix those things.


But, we love the complexities. We love mysterious expensive things with strange names! We're taught to believe in them by those who sell them. The more expensive, the better it must work, right?

We believe that if we take the human body apart and examine how different systems react to different chemicals we can artificially fix things. Or we cut it up! All very very complex processes.

We claim to have all these modern scientific answers to health problems. But, if you look at the statistics, we are sicker than ever before in history with countless diseases that didn't even exist 150 years ago!

The fact is: life is so complex that we don't even know what it is exactly. But, we don't need to to be perfectly healthy!

Just like electricity. We use both of these things every day. Do a lot with both. But we really don't know what electricity is. And we don't really know what makes life.

Only Nature does.

Perfect Health

Want to see the proof?

Look at the lion that roams the jungle. The wolf in the forest. Or the sparrow in your back yard. They don't suffer from ANY of the diseases we do. Living wild they have no cancers, no arthritis, no heart disease, no kidney problems, no prostate problems, not even a common cold or flu.

Now these creatures don't have one tenth the brain power that we do. But they are way healthier and they seem peaceful and happy. They eat natural foods when they're hungry. Sleep when the're tired. Have sex when they want to. Play. Manage to raise their young successfully. They never stress out over missing a plane, or losing a dollar, or being mugged. And they almost never get an illness of any kind.

The domestic animals, and farm animals, whose diets and lives are unnaturally altered all seem to suffer just like the human being.

This doesn't mean you have to go live in the forest to be healthy. Our brains and our achievements are glorious things. Wonderful to enjoy! And an occasional treat or even a binge is just fine.

But, when we knock out all the basics that keep us healthy. We suffer. Terribly sometimes.

Getting back to all the basics is the surest way to health for anyone. It doesn't matter what you suffer from. And, you don't have to "know all about" your disease.

Your body is a totally self healing mechanism. It evolved that way over millions of years. Give it what is natural for it and it will take excellent care of itself. And heal itself. This has been proven over and over again.

Your Prostate

Sitting too much, chemical food additives, drugs of any kind, lack of exercise, too much caffeine or alcohol, excessive worry, tobacco, too much sex, all damage or pollute the prostate gland.

The prostate gland is a major blood filter. It must clean out all the chemicals and impurities in the blood to make a pure semen that keeps the sperm cells healthy. This is why the prostate suffers so often.

Without a constant supply of good fresh blood, the prostate can easily have problems. This can be prostatitis, BPH, infection, swelling, in more extreme cases cancer.

That is why prostate massage is so powerful in helping a man regain prostate health.

Even if the diet is not perfect, the fresh blood supply from correct prostate massage, can bring a whole new well being to the prostate gland. With proper nutrition, seeming miracles can happen!

The Healing Miracle!

Did the prostate massage cause the healing miracles? No. The fresh healthy blood and the power of life itself creates the miracles. But, prostate massage is the most effective way to do get the blood flowing through your prostate gland!

There are billions and billions of processes and chemical interactions which create life in you every second of each day. You don't have to concern yourself with any of them! That's one of Nature's gifts!

You need to learn what to eat and drink, how to get some exercise and move your blood around, how to sleep peacefully and well, have sex (if you still can), and how to enjoy each day (even the difficult ones!). That's all you really need to know to regain and have perfect health.

If you forget All the complexities, and apply that simple knowledge, you can turn any disease condition around and find your way to radiant health!

From all we are commonly taught, that may be hard to believe. But it's true!

Be Well.....


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