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Optimum Health!, Issue #017 - Nature's Dr. #3 - Natural Food!
August 02, 2009

Nature's 8 Doctors!

Doctor #3
Natural Food

Isn't All Food "Natural"?

No. Too much of what we eat these days is not Natural Food. It is not even really "food" anymore. Food must be able to nourish, maintain, and clean the body without harming it. Otherwise it is not really correct "food".

When you overcook and over process foods they lose necessary nutrients. When you add all kinds of chemical additives to preserve, color, and flavor foods, you give your body a lot of extra clean up work. This poisons your body, weakens your immune system, and can even damage your organ !

What You Eat Day After Day

Eating natural food is so very important to maintaining Optimum health and living a healthy pain free life!

In fact eating ONLY natural food is the best way to eat. But, let's be real. We live in the world as it is. There are all kinds of things that have been done to food to make it appealing to the taste buds. To make taste sensations ! Taste treats! So we want to enjoy some of this also.

The problem is that there is so much of this "non food" available. Most people wind up eating so much of it that they have very little room left for real live health building foods. So their health suffers.

The most important thing to ask yourself is what do I eat day after day, meal after meal, week after week, year after year. THAT is what is going to determine your health as far as nutrition goes.

You Create Your Disease!

If most of what you eat is freshly prepared vegetables, meats, eggs (yes, eggs!), fruits nuts and hard cheeses, virgin olive oil, real butter (yes, butter!).... then you are probably going to have very few health problems. Because these are all the natural foods that create health.

Even if you can't get all your food naturally (organically) grown, you can still restore and maintain excellent health with the fresh foods you find in every common grocery store.

If on the other hand, you like lots of caffeine, soft drinks, white bread, macaroni, white rice, fast foods, cookies, cakes, candies, pancakes with syrup, "vegetable" oils, margarine, packaged prepared foods,..... then you are probably headed for a life with arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, possible cancers, stroke..... Because these non-foods are the "foods" we eat that create all of these diseases.

Yes, over processed non-foods really do create the most horrible diseases of all kinds.

"Foods" That Destroy Health

The big problem for most people is that eating a lot of health destroying crap is so common these days that most people don't even recognize how much of it they eat!

Now, if you are on a good healthy diet of natural foods and once in a while, or even once a week, have some cookies, a candy bar, a bowl of ice cream, or a few martinis, it's probably not really going to harm you at all.

But, if you are on a diet of primarily non-foods, fast foods, sugar laden foods (and drinks), lots of caffeine and/or alcohol every day and every once in a while eat a piece of broccoli or an apple, the broccoli and apple probably won't help you too much either.

It's the sum total of everything you consume day after day that matters.

The Very Best Diet On Earth!

Now a primitive diet is our most natural diet. It doesn't matter what anyone else tells you. I don't care how many degrees come after their name or what zones they put you in. The primitive diet IS BEST!

Why am I right on this? I'll tell you why: Because neither I nor anyone else created or fabricated this diet to sell you books or products. Your Mother Nature created this diet. Just for you! To keep you in perfect health your whole life.

Trace it all back. See what human bodies developed on (in perfect health. No cancers, arthritis, etc....) for hundreds of thousands of years. It was what we now call the "primitive diet". Back then it was called the "eat whatever you can find" diet.

When we lived on the "eat whatever you can find diet" it was ALL Natural. It was vegetables of every kind, roots, berries, nuts, dead animals, fish, eggs, even bugs! Because that's all we could find. And it was all 100% natural and organically grown!

The Beginning Of Degenerative Disease

Agriculture only began about 10,000 years ago. That's when we started playing around with our natural food supply (grain, and sugar eating) .

And isn't it interesting that when researchers study human remains, all of our worst and most painful diseases started about 10,000 years ago. Hmmmmmmm.

No sign of cancer or arthritis was ever found in bones that date back further than this time. None! Hmmmmm.

Then came food processing and chemical preservatives. And people just seemed to get more and more diseases that never existed before. Hmmmmmm.

Don't you think that's a little too coincidental? Can you see the connection? The more we play with our foods, the more health problems we have.

There Is No "Magic Pill"

We have all been taught to believe that there are "complete" vitamin and mineral tablets. Every vitamin and mineral we need is supposed to be in them.

But when experiments were done giving animals pure protein extracts, pure carbohydrates, and pure fats plus these "complete" vitamin and mineral tablets, ALL the animals developed horrible diseases and died in a relatively short time. Every single one of them.

Do you know why? Vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are all essential to our life. BUT: There are thousands of necessary life giving elements that we don't even know about that exist in real live food.

Life comes only from life. And life is super complex! That is why we have never been able to create any form of life (even a blade of grass) in a laboratory unless it came from another form of life.

When you separate parts out and/or destroy parts with too much cooking and processing, necessary life elements are lost or destroyed. And whoever is eating that overcooked processed stuff suffers.

Usually not immediately. That's why the problem is not recognized. But slowly, over time, the body becomes less and less able to perform it's functions efficiently and correctly. Functions become weak, things break down, diseases form.

You Need
ALL The Necessary Building Blocks

If the necessary building blocks (nutrients) are not there, or are insufficient, you can't build correctly. Or strongly.

For Example: If you were a carpenter and you were building a house you would know exactly how much wood you would need. And you'd know what kind of wood to use. And you'd probably bring a little extra to the job.

The plumber would know how much pipe you need and how many faucets. The electrician would know how much wire and how many switches.

As people, no one really tells us this stuff. Mostly because there are necessary nutrients and life factors we need that we don't even know about!

But, your Mother Nature knows. So She does all the work for you. She created your body in perfection from the foods She originally gave you to eat. All you have to do is eat them. You really don't have to know everything that is in them .

Pretty simple. Yes?

She puts all of these nutrients into ours natural foods. If you stay with Her plan and eat a wide variety of her natural food, you don't really have to concern yourself with the amounts of vital nutrients (building materials) you get. They'll all be there.

If you eat a lot of processed "refined" foods, many life elements you need will be missing or in very short supply and you won't even know you are slowly ruining your health until your body gets sick and starts to break down. And a vitamin pill isn't going to fix that situation.

Clean Foods

We also require clean foods. This means foods that are not contaminated with all kinds of poisonous chemicals and added colors, flavors, preservatives, etc...

Again, we live in a world where this is practically impossible for most people. Artificial fertilizers, chemical insecticides and residues are on most everything we buy at the grocery.

You just can't avoid them all. BUT, the less pollutants you consume, the less work your body has to do in getting rid of these things and the more energy it has to create health.

Although eating everything "Organically Grown" is best. It's usually not possible because of lack of availability or cost.

But, eating just regular supermarket fresh vegetables, fresh meats, fresh eggs, fresh fruits, fresh butter, and raw fresh nuts will keep almost any human being in very very good, and even radiant health, and restore good health to those who are sick. Even chronically sick.

Freshness Counts!

You'll notice I said "fresh" before all the foods. That means not packaged, canned, or processed. Frozen is OK if you can't get fresh. The canned, cooked, highly processed foods have had many of the important nutrients cooked and processed right out of them.

When no other foods were available, canned foods served a purpose. But, today fresh foods are available everywhere through out our nation.

Fresh foods are alive! And since life comes only from life, you want live food . It's OK to cook some of your food. But, the more of it that you can eat raw, the better you will feel.

Making sure you have just one nice large fresh salad or a couple of nice pieces of fresh fruit each day will make a HUGE difference in the way you feel.

Raw food has the most life elements. The raw juices in raw foods are the easiest for the body to use and convert into healthy blood, bones and tissues.

Natural Food And Prostate Massage

So what do natural food and fresh juices have to do with prostate massage and prostate health?


When you are trying to create or maintain prostate health, prostate massage is what gets the blood really flowing into your prostate gland.

It is healthy, clean, nutrient rich blood that the body uses to heal EVERYTHING! So when you eat health building all natural foods, your prostate massage program will give you much better results in a much shorter period of time.

In the next issue of "Optimum Health" we will discuss what the absolute BEST vitamin and mineral supplement in the world is. It's also the freshest and the most delicious! And you will find it right in your own grocery store.

Be Well.....

~ William

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