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Optimum Health!, Issue #020 - Nature's Dr. #5 - Massage!
January 05, 2010

Nature's 8 Doctors!

Doctor #5

How is massage a Doctor?

Well first: Massage, properly done, feels good! That is valuable all by itself. Any healthy pleasure we can get in life, we should take. And enjoy! It is good for us and helps us be well and heal.

A wonderful thing with Doctor Massage is: you don't need all kinds of special training to do a good massage. In fact, to do a nice massage you don't need much training at all. If you rub the body anywhere and it feels good, you're doing it correctly!

Learning to work out specific problems can take some study and practice. Just as it does with correct prostate massage.

But, a simple massage to a sore area of the body can really help reduce pain and promote healing.

Why Massage Is A Natural Doctor

Massage is a very valuable tool for promoting health because it:

  • Eases tension and stress

  • Stimulates the blood flow

  • Brings more nutrients and oxygen to the area

  • Helps cleans toxins from the area massaged

  • Promotes healing

Increased Happiness and Wellness!

One of things we lack in today's phobic society is human touch.

We don't make enough physical contact. Even the Bible talks about the miraculous healing powers of "laying of hands". "Laying of hands" is simple caring touching.

Our children will suffer from this lack of contact the most. With all the phobia these days of child molestation, teachers and adults are no longer allowed to hold a child in their lap when they are hurt. Or when they are crying. When I went to school this was the norm.

Their hands are no longer held when they need an escort. They don't get hugs when they feel scared. It's just horrible. It's a crime! These children will suffer for this immeasurably as life goes on.

Human touch is miraculous! And some of the best therapy there is for most emotional problems is a simple caring hug.

Massage for anyone of any age can have a similar effect.

Prostate Massage Therapy

Massage is a wonderful tool for healing the prostate gland also.

When it comes to the prostate gland, simple correct prostate massage has probably brought more relief than all the prostate medication ever prescribed.

Why? Because correct prostate massage brings more fresh blood to the prostate gland. This nourishes and cleans the prostate. It enables the body to heal itself.

What Massage Can Do For Your Prostate

Correct prostate massage:

- Cleans the prostate gland

- Brings fresh Oxygen and nourishment to the prostate

- Soothes and relaxes the prostate nerves and muscles

- Stimulates the prostate's functions

- Can be very effective in helping to reduce prostate enlargement and swelling

Do Yourself A Favor

Give and receive massage.

If you can not afford professional massage, trade with a friend. It will make you both feel so much better.

With some simple massage you can be:

  • Happier

  • Healthier

  • Calmer

  • Experiencing increased mental abilities

  • Sleeping better

  • Having a better sex life

and the list goes on and on and on.....

Doing A Proper Massage

You don't have to be a genius to give a nice massage.

If you want to learn therapeutic massage or the correct way to do a correct prostate massage it takes a little education.

But if you just care about what you are doing and the person(s) you are massaging, you will learn enough just by doing and paying attention to their response to give a wonderful healthy massage.

You'll soon learn if you are rubbing too hard or too soft. In the right direction or the wrong direction. Pay attention to the shapes of the muscles and rub them the long way rather than the short way. Use a nice lotion or oil so the rubbing is smooth.

Before you know it, you'll be doing an excellent massage!

Be Well.....

~ William

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