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Optimum Health!, Issue #008 -- You caused it! And, you can fix it!
March 01, 2008

Prostate Problems
Personal Responsibility

You caused your prostate problems. Yes, you did. Unintentionally and probably without knowing it, you caused them.

Sound harsh? It's not. It's a simple truth.

The sweet part is, when you take personal responsibility for your problems, you can fix them!

If you believe prostate problems "just happened to you", and you want to hold on to that belief, don't ever expect to get well ever! Because you'll just keep on creating them.

No Responsibility:

Most men, when they have a chronic prostate ache or pain or can't pee, go to the doctor for a "cure".

But, what men people are really saying then is: "Doctor, this hurts. Give me something to make me feel all well again without me having to change any of my (destructive) lifestyle habits." It doesn't work that way...... It never has. It never will.

You may get some symptomatic relief. Some. But, unless you have a bacterial infection, it won't fix your problems.

Something causes every pain and problem. It's a cause and effect Universe we live in.

Disease is never really a mystery if you just backtrack and see what you've been doing. The reason so many people don't find the answer this way is simply that they don't know what is actually harming them.

We Are Extremely Uneducated About What Really Creates
Health And Disease

Just for example let's look at bread. Eating wheat and products made with wheat.

Next to rice, wheat is the most consumed food on the planet! It is also one of the most destructive foods to the human body.

Biochemists estimate that over 90% of the population is allergic to wheat to some degree. Some say 97%. They also say that about 90% of back pain would disappear if people stopped eating wheat products. The same holds true for arthritis.

Wheat does not digest fully in humans. The undigested material causes inflammation throughout the entire body. It wreaks havoc on the cartilage in the joints.

About 90% all arthritis stems from wheat eating.

But, if you have arthritis and you stop eating ALL wheat products and go on a primitive diet you will probably see all you pain gone and the joints moving freely (if they are not already destroyed) within 90 days. People do this all the time.

The Causes of Prostate Problems

What does all this have to do with prostate problems, prostate massage and prostate health? Everything!

Prostate problems ALL have a cause. It could be prostate congestion, lack of blood flow, missing nutrients, infection, alcohol, environmental toxins, food toxins, sexually transmitted disease, constant worry or anger or depression, constipation....

Most men don't realize any of these things could be the cause of all their intense prostate misery.

Most doctors are also seem to be unaware of this.

Prostatitis, BPH, Prostate Cancer

Yes, these are your own fault too. Mostly just from lack of correct knowledge. There is so much popular false data flying around these days!

One reason why non specific prostatitis is not usually remedied is that men are not educated properly as to the many causes of prostatitis. Non specific prostatitis cases out number bacterial prostatitis by 8 to 1.

That means 8 out of 9 times your doctor will tell you you're OK and he doesn't know why you are in pain.

Now, the same holds true for BPH and prostate cancer: there is a reason you have it. You just have to find the reason every time. And then, you can make the necessary changes.

Obviously, no doctor can change your habits for you. You must do that yourself. This is where responsibility comes in.

If you're ever going to get well from ANY bodily affliction, you have to take responsibility for causing it. Because you did! This includes prostate problems. There are genetic exceptions. But, those are very very rare.

If You Caused It
You Can Fix It!

You consciously or unconsciously caused your prostate problems, whatever they are.

If you do not take responsibility for that, your chance of every really getting rid of them is close to zero!

If you do realize you did something to cause the problems, then you can find the cause(s), change things and fix them.

But, no matter what: You can not keep doing the things that cause the problems and expect the problems to go away. Period!

There is no pill or drug or herbal remedy that can make you well if you keep causing the problems. And, if you stop causing the problems you won't have any need for a pill or drug.

Perfect Health

The human body is extremely resilient and totally self healing when given the chance. It was designed to operate in perfect health from birth till death. We just keep screwing up the process.

Sure, if you break a bone and it needs to be set by a doctor, the bone will not set itself. BUT, the healing and mending is all done by the body. Some pain killers are real nice at a time like this also. But it is the body that does the actual healing and mending. Nothing else. Not the splint. Not the doctor. A doctor can only assist. Or, get in the way.

The same with prostate massage. All prostate massage does is bring better circulation to your prostate gland. The body then heals itself. But, you must have blood that is healthy and clean enough to do that.

If you eat crap all day, smoke a lot, drink a lot of alcohol, take in all kinds of poison, some prostate massage will probably help you feel better. But, you will never get rid of your problems. Ever. Not until you clean up you act.

It's Up To You

Conquering any health problem is up to you! A doctor may be helpful. But creating health every day is a personal responsibility.

Be Well.....

~ William

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