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Optimum Health!, Issue #004 -- Hidden Poisons!
May 01, 2007
This issue may be the hidden key to your health success!

The Hidden Poisons!

Are You Killing Yourself??

poison: "a substance that through its chemical action usually kills, injures, or impairs an organism." - (the Merriam-Webster On Line Dictionary)

Why Most Health Programs Fail

What most people don't realize is that not only do you have to do the things that are good for you. You have to stop doing the things that are bad for you in order to be well.

Most health conscious people try to eat well, exercise, drink alcohol in moderation or not at all, quit smoking, reduce stress, etc....

They quit smoking, eat foods without preservatives or artificial colors, drink clean water, some even buy organically grown foods.....

The thing is, after years of trying they can't seem to really shake their health problem. Or, they actually develop new ones. They feel better, but not really 100% well.

The reason is usually this: To be really healthy, you need to not only do the things that are good for you, You MUST stop doing the things that are bad for you.

If you continue with the harmful actions the health building actions can not do their job efficiently if at all.

Most people just don't seem to know what is really sabotaging their efforts.

Hidden Killers

These are the most common poisons people ingest, not knowing the consequences or their actual effect on their body:

  • Take drugs daily

Prescription Drugs are the #3 cause of death in our country! (ref: "Health Alert", Dr. Bruce West, MD.)

"But I need them for.... " Hogwash! in most cases. Regular or long term drugging kills your liver with toxicity. You become sicker and sicker until you die.

Stop the ones you can immediately. With the ones you are "hooked" on, ask your doctor to assist you with weaning yourself off the drugs as your health improves. If he won't, find a doctor who will. There are many of them.

  • Grains

98% of grain eaters will develop arthritis. 98%!

Although grain is digestible to a large degree, the indigestible starches and proteins in grains wreak havoc on the body. Inflammation, alergy, and joint degeneration are the major problems associated with grain eating.

  • Sugar, in all forms

A few pieces of fruit a week are OK. Not necessary, but OK. Other than that, sugar eating can be connected to almost every known disease in some way.

Sugar greatly impairs the action of the mitochondria in your cells (the part that creates energy). This makes the immune systems incapable of doing their jobs.

A most interesting fact: Cancer cells can not survive in the absence of sugar.

  • Hydrogenated Oils

These are proven carcinogenic. They also do not metabolize well and clog your veins and arteries. They are literally a plastic created from vegetable oils.

Live Simply

If you will forget about all the fad diets and change your diet to a primitive diet, you will undoubtedly see all those nagging health issues melt away. The primitive diet is the diet our bodies evolved on in perfect health for hundreds of thousands of years. The human body still responds to it perfectly!

Be Well.....


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