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Optimum Health!, Issue #021 - Nature's Dr. #6 - Rest and Sleep!
May 06, 2010

Doctors #6
Rest and Sleep!

Yes, Rest and Sleep are two of Nature's greatest doctors. And that doesn't mean just sleeping at night. It's all the times during the day we give our bodies and minds to rejuvenate. To let go. To recharge and renew our energies.

It's also the time when the effects of your prostate massage program do their greatest work.

What Ruins Good Restful Sleep

8 hours of sleep at night is good. But, is it restful sleep? A sleep when your body and mind really let go and relax? Not for most people these days. And that is unfortunate.

Halfsleeping and restless sleep is like half a meal. It doesn't let you fully recharge. You wake up without the full energy that you could have. Without the full enjoyment of feeling excited and ready to go for a full day.

What causes this? Usually too much mental worry. Working hard mentally and/or physically is usually not the reason. Worry is.

It's important to learn how to really just let go of things for a while. But, that is often easier said than done.

Really Letting Go!

I have found, for most people, just letting go is almost impossible. "What about all I have to do tomorrow?" "What about the kids?" "I have all these bills." "They're laying off people at work." "I have a big meeting tomorrow." "I have deadlines to meet." etc... etc... etc...

There are just hundreds of things to worry about. Or not. And really, when did worrying ever help the next task to be done? Worry only makes things harder.

A Lesson From The Original Native Americans!

Many Native American tribes often believed that when you go to sleep you die. And when you wake up the next day it is a whole new life.

So when they laid down for bed at night they didn't attach to any problem there was. For life ended there and then. So what could they do about the problems anyway?

And this was way back when. When life was simpler and less complicated.

But, it's a fantastic practice! If you don't feel well rested when you wake up, try it. Not just as a good idea. For real. Do it!

Go to bed and tell yourself, "My life is now over. There is nothing else I can do about it ever again. I will fall asleep and that will be that."

It may sound rather stupid until you really do it. If you let yourself pretend to really believe it, you're body and mind find it easy to let go of tension and worry because they know there is nothing they will be able to do about anything ever again!

And, you may just have the best night's sleep you have had in years! I certainly did.

The 8 Hour Myth

8 hours of sleep has actually been found to be insufficient for most people. You thought I was going to tell you how to get by on less. Right?

In clinical tests 9-10 hours has been found to be the more common amount people will sleep when they are left to sleep as long as they wish. Interesting. Isn't it?

So, if you're always waking up to an alarm clock, you might just want to get to bed earlier and see how you feel the next day.

Oh, yes. There are the kids to get ready, and the TV shows to watch, and the news (ban the news from your daily life! Getting that horrible fear mongering mess out of your life alone will increase your energy and sense of well being. If it's really important, you'll hear about it soon enough.), and we all need our own little private time....

If you want a better, happier, healthier, more productive life, make the time to sleep properly! You'll find you are much more productive, well rested, and get much more done in less time.

Rest and Prostate Massage

It is actually after your prostate massage that your prostate gets a chance to do it's work. New blood is flowing in greater quantity to your prostate after your massage. This new blood is what purifies and nourishes your prostate gland.

And when you rest, that it the time your body does it's greatest healing. With the fresh abundant supply of oxygen and nutrients from your massaging, your body can heal itself much more efficiently.

This is why I usually recommend doing your prostate massages at night. Before bed.

Secret of The Successful!

Many highly successful people that I've talked with nap. Every day! 30-60 minutes. They say it is one of the major keys to their success. They say it gives them the strength and stamina to work full steam, with a clear head, until the end of the day.

It's not about being lazy! It's about being fresh and alert!

Even 15-20 minutes of "down time", time to just relax in a chair and close your eyes, or look at the sky, can greatly improve how you feel. How well you work. How much you enjoy your day. Especially if you do it at a regular time each day.

And this doesn't mean taking 20 minutes to figure out your problems. It means separating yourself from them. It means having a deep period of relaxation.

If you can't sit still at first: walk, read a fun (not work related) book, sew, draw,...

Resting eyes closed or gazing at the sky or the trees is best. But, if you can't do that at first, do something that is only pleasurable.

There are also many forms of simple 20 minute meditation you may want to try such as Transcendental Meditation, Yoga Nidra, etc...

"I'm Too Busy To Rest"

"I have too much to do to take a rest." You only think so. And if you drop dead from over work who do you help? You kids? Your spouse? NO ONE!

Make the time to rest. Get off the tred mill. When you do, you'll find that the 20 minutes you took to rest made every other task so much easier. And that you actually had time to enjoy doing most of them.

The Art of Letting Go

"Letting Go" is actually an art form. "Letting Go" means: Releasing. Not holding on to. Not being a part of.

Don't spend your 20 minutes of letting go time worrying about how you're going to get everything done. Or how to solve problems. That's not letting go!

Put your thoughts, problems, and worries aside. Out of your life. In another room. In the drawer of your desk. Anywhere but in your head. Even just for 20 minutes. Most of them will still be there when you come back.

You can concern yourself with them all you want when you get back to them. But, give your mind and body a break. You'll often find the answer you were worrying so much about just comes to you after your break.

That's because your mind will see more clearly. With renewed energy. And your body will be more refreshed so that it can carry out the task(s) more easily.

How To Learn To Put Your Problems Aside

If letting go is hard for you, here is a technique I learned a man who must have had an incredibly stressful life! His name is Bruce Lee (the famous martial artist!):

Write on a piece of blank paper: "All my worries and problems I am putting here:" then write: "All My Problems." (not the actual problems themselves) next to it. Circle "All My Problems". And as you circle it mentally place every problem in that circle.

Then tell those circled words: "I'll be back for you in 20 minutes. Don't go away." Then leave that paper on the desk or table and walk away from all your problems.

You're not getting rid of your problems, or avoiding them. You're just putting them aside for a while.

Amazingly enough, when you come back most of your problems will all be waiting for you! BUT, you'll be stronger and better able to handle them.

Try this technique. I think you'll be surprised at how well it works!

Try It!

Just try these simple things for 10 days straight. Don't expect to do them perfectly in the beginning. Just do them the best you can. Each Day. Once you do, you'll never want to give them up!

Be Well.....

~ William

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