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Optimum Health!, Issue #012 -- Breathe!
August 01, 2008

Learning To Breathe!

Everyone alive already knows how to breathe. Right? Is this some kind of article for idiots?

No! To the contrary. This is one of the great health secrets of all time! It may be one of the most important articles for your health that you ever read!

Today almost no one hears about it. Probably because no one can make any money selling it to you. But in the beginning of the last century it was one of the most important parts of health care protocol in every major health sanatorium in Europe.

Most of these sanatoriums were located in high mountains where the air was most pure and the percentage of oxygen to carbon dioxide was highest.

Fresh air and sunshine used to be a part of every major curing regimen. Today we are afraid of the sun and we have forgotten how to breathe.

Are You Suffocating?

Without oxygen, nothing in the body works. Without oxygen we all know we will die very quickly. What most people don't realize is that they are in partial suffocation most of their day.

With insufficient oxygen our bodies can survive. The thing is we don't feel our best. We can feel "out of sorts", cranky, depressed, irritable, get headaches... These are all symptoms of suffocation. And without enough oxygen it becomes impossible to have really good health.

It just amazes me beyond belief that medical doctors do not teach their patients to breathe. They will prescribe endless medications when very often the person is simply suffocating.

Every bodily process requires oxygen. We are carbon burning life forms. And the carbon is burned with oxygen. If there is insufficient oxygen the systems all slow down. Metabolism falters, the heart can become arrhythmic, elimination slows down and the blood becomes toxic, the organs all begin to fail, colds develop, aches, pains and disease sets in....

Does that sound like an exaggeration? It's not.

Breath And Life

Can you remember leaving a stuffy room and going out doors? Remember how good the air smelled? Remember how you took a few deep breaths just because it felt so good? Remember how your spirits started to lift? And you felt happier?

That's all because you were getting more oxygen. Your body was coming back to life!

For a while, here in Los Angeles, we actually used to have Oxygen Bars! Just like bars for alcoholic drinks, but all you could buy was oxygen. You could sit at your table, put on a face mask, and enjoy some pure oxygen!

It was a big hit and fad for a while because it gave such a beautiful "high"! And, it was legal!

Daily Suffocation

Now most people sit all day doing some type of work. They tend to crouch a little over their computer or papers. This compresses their lungs and causes breathing to be very shallow.

Ever notice how much better you feel walking to your car at the end of the day? It'd not just because work is over. You are breathing more deeply. Your body is getting more oxygen! The walking helps pump that oxygen through your body. You start to feel refreshed!

When you worry a lot or concentrate on mental activity for a long period of time your breathing also slows way down. Part of that is due to a genetic factor.

Tens of thousands of years ago we used to have to worry about being attacked by animals and enemies. So to listen and concentrate and be unheard, we would slow or stop our breathing. It has become a biological response.

But, back then, it was for only a few moments at a time. Now we concentrate and worry for hours on end. No wonder so many people suffer from migraines and all other types of physical aches and pain. They are slowly suffocating!

Many people become caffeine addicted this way. The caffeine forces the blood to move more quickly and you breathe faster. All they are really craving is more oxygen to the brain.

More Exercises? Oh No!!!

So how do we breathe better? Do we need yet another exercise to do each day?

No. It is really very simple. There are all kinds of wonderful breathing exercises out there if you want them. They're often fun and very good for you. But, you don't need them.

All you have to do is consciously breathe a little more deeply. That's it! It's very simple! Just stop right now and try it. Or do it as you read this.

One deep breath won't do it. Keep breathing deeply for at least 10 minutes.

At first it may seem like chore. But it doesn't take too long before you will notice some refreshment. You can continue as long as you like.

At work, become conscious of your breathing regularly throughout the day. And just breathe a little more deeply than you were.

You don't have to take great big gasping breaths. Just take in more air with each breath than you are now. And keep doing it. It feels wonderful! You can do it anywhere. And, nobody even realizes you are doing it.

It feels so good after a while that it can become a very wonderful addiction!

It's Life Changing!

If you do this regularly throughout your day you may start to notice many changes in your life, including:

  • You have more mental alertness

  • You feel happier

  • Work seems easier

  • Annoying people and things don't upset you as much

  • You have more physical energy

  • You digestion improves

  • Headaches start to disappear

  • Your complexion is better

  • You fall asleep faster and sleep better

  • Life just plain feels better!

And, it's FREE!

Breathing and Healing

This site is about prostate health.

You will notice that by breathing more deeply during your prostate massages, that your massages feel better. And, that you are getting better results from them.

Prostate massage, or any type of massage, is enhanced about 300% - 500% when you breathe deeply during the process.

The whole point of massage is to bring fresh healthy oxygenated blood to the body parts. When you breathe deeply during your massage you are greatly increasing the benefits of the massage. You will feel it right away.

Breathing deeply enables your prostate massage to really do it's job. And that job is to let the blood bring new life to your prostate gland and help it clean out all the irritating harmful toxic build up.


So give yourself a treat often throughout the day. Breathe! Breathe as deeply as often as you can. See how much better you feel!

Be Well.....


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