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Optimum Health!, Issue #009 -- Awareness! Part I
April 01, 2008


Your Key to Success!

Part I

It seems so obvious to most of us. We are always aware of what we are doing, aren't we?

Well, actually no. We do so many things in this lifetime without realizing the effect it may have on us. And there are so many potentially harmful possibilities these days.

Every action creates some kind of reaction. Cause and effect. It is true with prostate health also.

This is why some men do not succeed completely with their prostate massage and prostate health programs. Other men have many relapses and don't understand why.

This is a cause and effect Universe. Change the cause, you'll change the effect. Maybe not immediately. But surely.

Cause and Effect

If you do harmful things to your body, you will harm it. Do healthful things, you will heal it.

If you do more harm than good, you will fail. Do more good than harm, you will succeed.

The key is to become AWARE of what happens to your body with the course of every action that you take. What effect did the action cause.

We can never just believe what we read because so much of it is false and purely profit motivated.

Let's take a common example: "low fat diets". The worst! As many people with dried out skin, osteoporosis, heart attacks and strokes now know.

Yes, that's right. Very Low Fat diets actually Increase your risk of heart attack and stroke and deprive your body of the minerals you need for strong bone health. The human body requires fat for arterial strength. And, it requires fat for mineral absorption.

Without adequate fat the veins and arteries become fragile and brittle. When they break... Without fats, you can not absorb and utilize minerals (like calcium). So your bones get weaker and weaker... well that's part of what a very low fat diet can do for you.

If you follow the statistics and not the advertising hype, you will see that is the truth. And your awareness will now keep you from that folly.

There Is ALWAYS a Cause

No health problem happens by "accident." There is ALWAYS a cause. Always.

And that is good! Very Very Good! Otherwise we'd be in a heap of trouble.

The best part about cause and effect is: if you remove the cause, the problem goes away (provided it has not already destroyed you).

Even diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease CAN and ARE being reversed daily by numerous people all over the world. That's because even these diseases have a cause.

Take away the cause, create a natural internal environment, and virtually EVERY disease that has not become terminal or irreversible will reverse. Even many people considered terminal have turned around their situation, and their disease(s), and have gone on to live long happy healthy lives!

Compared to those problems, prostate problems seem like child's play. Don't they? So now you know that you do not have to suffer from prostate problems for the rest of your life! You just don't. Unless, of course, you continue all the things that keep causing prostate problems.

Your Awareness

This is where your Awareness comes in.

Most people in our affluent civilized cultures like to live irresponsibly. Eat every piece of manufactured crap they feel like. Smoke a lot, drink a lot of alcohol and soft drinks, sleep too little, don't exercise, party too much... Then they want their Doctor to give them a pill to fix it all up!

How are Doctors supposed to take care of that?

Now, if you're reading this, you are already ten steps above the common man. You are already taking action to improve your life and health.

Here's the point usually missed. And the reason why most people, who fail in their health persuits, fail: It's not just what you add to your daily routine. It's also the damaging things you remove from your life that makes you well.

If you don't remove the causes of the problems, it doesn't matter how many correct things you do. You'll still suffer. Maybe less. But, you'll never be truly well until you do the right things AND remove the harmful ones to a necessary degree.

We can't always remove everything harmful. But, we can usually remove enough to get well.


Often we find we've made such great progress in our health. We do our prostate massage, eat right, exercise, moderate our sexual activities... Our prostates feel really great! Our joints no longer ache. The old chromic fatigue has been replaced by loads of daily energy and enthusiasm!

Them BAM!! It seems out of nowhere we feel horrible! Our prostate hurts like Hell! Or, we get a cold or flu that we haven't had in years. Or....

What Happened???

Trace back. What have you been eating the last few days or weeks? Getting enough sleep? Too much sex? Too much overindulgence somewhere else?

You must LOOK.

You must become Aware. Aware of the cause. There ALWAYS is one (or more). Always.

Then, as sure as day follows night, you will find the reason(s). If you correct enough of them, you will get well again.

We Felt Too Good!

We all do it. Especially when we've had lots of old bad habits. We start feeling so good that we get careless. It's human nature. Don't beat yourself up for it.

Sometimes when we have been feeling really good for a long time we allow ourselves too many "treats". We become lazy with our health rituals.

We no longer do ANY kind of prostate massage. We don't exercise regularly. Maybe we binge on our favorite beer. Etc, etc... Then our bodies get out of balance again and BAM! Our weakest parts suffer first.

For many men, that is their prostate gland.

Sometimes, it seems you've been doing everything right and you get whacked anyway. But there was a reason. A cause.

Don't Panic, It's No Mystery

You got yourself well before and you will again. But, first you must awaken you awareness.

You must think back. Retrace your steps. What have you been doing the past days, weeks or even months, that may have caused your problem(s)? With some thought, it usually become very obvious quickly.

If you just go through all your daily actions, you'll find the reason(s). Usually very easily.

Back On Track

Then all you have to do is make the necessary corrections.

  • STOP doing all the things that hurt you.

  • Return to (or keep doing) the things that made you well.

You'll be back to health before you know it!

Sometimes it takes a bit (or more than a bit!) of perseverance. Just always remember it is a cause and effect Universe. Change the cause and you'll change the outcome.

If you are new to this, there is a lot of trial and error in the beginning. Just stay aware of what causes what. That's how we all learn.

Don't take my word or anybody else's word for anything. If it seems safe and reasonable try it out. "The proof is in the pudding." If what you read gets you the desired results, it's correct. If it doesn't, it's not.

And that applies to EVERY thing in your life.

Be aware. Your body will teach you if you will just listen to it.

Then, be persistent... You will win!

Be Well.....


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