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Optimum Health!, Issue #001 -- Welcome!
February 01, 2007
This first issue is about:

Taking Action!

Yes, actually "doing it"!

So many men spend years, yes years!, reading about all the things they can do to regain a healthy prostate.

But, they do not take the necessary regular actions. Or they try something once or twice and expect a miracle!

You can not eat just one day a month, or year, or just once in your lifetime and expect to live. Can you? That's just plain obvious. It requires no explanation.

Well, you can not take care of your prostate for just one day and expect it to be well either.

Prostate Problems Vanished!

If your prostate is feeling all better, there's only one reason. You're doing enough of right things for your prostate!

If your prostate is not feeling better, there's only one reason for that. Are you ahead of me here? That's correct, you're not doing enough of the right things for your prostate.

Most men fall into the second catagory. No real relief. I was in that category for a long time. However, when I finally implemented enough of the right health practices, all, yes ALL my prostate problems vanished.

The Key to Success

The key to success is habit.

Habit will make you or break you.

Doing things the same way produces the same results. You've heard that over and over. If you don't make changes, nothing changes.

This is entirely true for prostate problems.

Wishing and hoping and planning and studying are all fantastic and necessary. But, unless you take action, unless you start doing what makes you well instead of what makes you sick, NOTHING ever changes. Except your viewpoint.

Healing The Prostate Is Easy

Not for everyone. But, for most men. Probably 97% or more.

In fact healing anything is not that difficult in most cases. Yes, I did say anything. It may take time and patience. But, the body almost always is able to heal itself when given a chance.

Some cases, however, have gone too far and are beyond repair. This is a very very small percentage.

Healing your prostate problem requires you to care for it properly. The means proper nutrition, exercise and correct massage.

You Must STOP
Doing All The Things That Make You Sick!

That is often more important than all the supplements and exercises in the world. You must stop harming your prostate.

You must understand one fact completely: Your body is self healing. It is always headed in that direction every day of your life. It is the nature of the body to be well.

No food, exercise, massage, or supplement heals anything. They never did. They just give the body the things it needs to do it's job.

If you don't give the body what it needs, or poison it daily, you get "dis-ease". Period. This includes mental poison.

If you live a life of pure negativity, anger, hatred or any other mis-emotion (negative emotion) don't ever expect to be well.

This doesn't mean you can not get angry, jealous, or upset. These things happen to everyone. They are a part of living. Acknowledge the situation and let it go. Move on.

But, if you live every day deeply attached to this negativity, you are killing yourself as surely as drinking toxic waste each day.

At every moment in life there is good and bad happening simultaneously. It's up to you where you choose to focus your attention.

Beware of Drugs

All drugs are toxic and/or harmful to a greater or lesser degree. They may relieve symptoms. But, they never create health. If you believe they do, you are in for a life of constant misery.

The sad thing is, we are all educated to believe that there is, or will be, a drug to cure everything. That's false.

But, we hope for. Heck, it would be great to pop a pill or drink a potion and feel 100% even though we trash our health in ever other way each day. It's NEVER going to happen. EVER!

Drugs have their place. But, they do not and never will build health.

The Real Miracle

The real miracle is that people get all better from the worst ugliest most awful diseases every day. But, that is because they gave their body a chance to clean up the mess they made. And, they give their body the assistance it needs to do it's job.

That assistance comes in the form of correct food, clean water, fresh air, exercise, massage, natural food supplements, rest, sunshine and a peaceful mental state. Those are Nature's Doctors. They always have been.

It's funny, but many many men could relieve there prostate problems with just correct prostate massage. A simple tool called the Aneros could take them from a life of frequent pain, misery, and despair to a happy healthy prostate and pain free sex life.

This device has helped everyone I know who ever used it. And, you can get one for about $50. It will probably last you a lifetime.

But will most men actually take this action? No. Not until they are in real unbearable pain. Until then, there is often an excuse like: "I'm not doing that!" or "That's's too weird." or "I don't have time." or "That's looks gay."

For some, the thought of spending $50 for a massage device seems too expensive to them. They'd rather spend thousands for pain medication. Where are their brains???

TheSe men seem to prefer to live lives filled with unnecessary pain and problems.

Do You Choose to Suffer?

As insane as it sounds, there are many who like having pain and problems. It gives them an excuse for everything. It gives them an excuse not to really live and not to participate and to get pity. I don't want any of those things! I want to live well and fell good.

Will prostate massage cure everyone's prostate problem? No, it won't cure anyone. Nothing will. The body cures itself. But, you have to give your body much much more of a chance to heal itself.

Correct prostate massage will give the prostate gland better circulation. This cleans, nourishes, and strengthens the prostate gland.

Action Is The Key!

USING (not just owning, USING) an Aneros REGULARLY will greatly help the prostate to get the blood and nutrients and exercise it needs to heal itself. It does this better than any device I have ever found.

And, it feels Really Soothing and Good!

The doctor can't exercise for you. And, he is not going to massage you. And, if exercise and massage is what you need, and if that is all you need, he will NEVER help you feel better.

Personally, I wanted to feel good again. Not sometimes. All the time. Now I do.

You'll Forget You Even Have A Prostate Gland

Do you know how you know you're really better? You've forgotten you even have a prostate gland! Because it never bothers you! That's how you know your prostate problem is gone.

Men ask me questions over and over again about why they are never any better. I ask them if they have been using their Aneros regularly. They tell me they still don't have one.

Well, you can bring a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

The whole point here is:

Action is King!

In order to make a change, you must change something.

Your body was designed to be well for a full lifetime. We just screw it up so much that it sometimes amazes me how some people even survive.

Life was never meant to be complicated. We just make it that way.

You don't have to learn about every nutrient and exercise and drug on the market, and how they all work, to be well.

At least 99% of all our ailments would disappear if we just learned to chill out and live more naturally.

Eat clean real food, exercise, massage your prostate gently and regularly, love your family and friends, laugh more, take time to play (when you die you lose all your stuff and all your money anyway), let go of anger (the one it hurts most is you), relax, put your trust in Nature and in God (they are much smarter than we'll ever be).

Then, see how much better you feel!

Be Well.....


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