You Saved My Sex Life!!

by Kurt

Suddenly, I started having random moments of not being able to get an erection or if I got one, it went limp. This especially happened if I started thinking about it going soft. I new this wasn't a direct physical problem because I was still waking up in the mornings with a raging hardon. In searching for answers on the Internet, I ran across your site and immediately began the abdominal and peripheral prostate massages. I even bought a small vibrator to assist in the internal massages. With just three days of doing this, I was able to obtain a rock hard, and I mean rock hard erection during sex. The climaxes were stronger than they have been in years and the semen output was even greater. I had gone through several months of stress and no doubt I had gotten into a habit of tensing the muscles in the lower abdomen and pelvis region. Your prostate massage instructions help to relive this chronic tension. Now, I can immediately notice when I'm tensing those muscles down there. During sex, if I become anxious of losing my erection, I focus on the muscles to make sure they are relaxed and the erection stays. My problem was muscle tension and anxiety on losing an erection or not even getting one. You have saved the day. If I had a million dollars, I'd give it to you :) Thanks for your site!

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Oct 14, 2015
Good posts
by: Miss Lula Ullrich

I can see that you are a professional in this niche. I really love your site. I am learning so much that no one else ever told me was even possible. And, my husband is feeling better!

Jul 03, 2015
Great information
by: Hank

I like your post. I used the massage techniques you mentioned on your website and they are working very well. As is your unique and simple exercise. I was more than surprised with that one! Wow! Hard to believe something so simple works so well. And costs next to nothing. Thanks so much.

Feb 01, 2012
What every man should be aware of!
by: Rich

In the past I was very much homophobic concerning my anal area. Being desperate to Resurrect my ability to achieve a solid erection I followed the advice given in this news letter. Being 68 and experiencing the frustration of the past 15 years I to would have paid for what I learned here. I use the massager regularly and generally awaken with an erection a cat couldn't scratch. Just wish I could find a lady to greet each morning.

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