William is the best for chronic pelvic pain!

Hey William!!
You are a god send! I have suffered from chronic pelvic pain syndrome- pain in testes and prostate region for 6 years now and the prostate massages described on your page have helped me a lot in past 6 months!!

Each and every word you have written on your site is true. I couldn't agree more. I wish I had come across your website before trying all those useless western medicines, antibiotics, alpha blockers etc when there was no infection found and doctors said I had non bacterial prostatitis.

The key to releasing anal pain is to relieve the anal tension using the methods described by you in the anal peripheral prostate massage!!!

Also I recommend everyone to read the book by Dr. Wise-" A headache in the pelvis" to understand more about the condition.

You are my angel, William!!


William's Comment:

Hey Thanks J!

Yes the anal peripheral prostate massage can work magic when there is too much tension in those muscles.

Almost no on acknowledges the impact of the anal muscles on the prostate gland. There are thousands of men taking all kinds of drugs and pain killers just because they have overly tight muscles there.

It's no joke. In fact it's so logical if you think about it. It's practically folk lore.

Have you ever heard the expressions: He's a "tight ass". He's so "anal retentive". What a "pain in the ass".

Also, a natural reflex of the human body during times of fear is a squeezing of the anal muscles to keep things in.

Fear, stress, worry... all make people squeeze their anal muscles. Often for long periods of time. In time, the squeezing just becomes a constant habit.

In today's world most men have HUGE responsibilities earning a living and taking care of their families. This causes a lot a physical tension.

And where do you think a lot of this tension and anxiety and yes, fear, manifests itself? That right! In the anal muscles.

It's almost impossible to live in modern society and not have some type of anal problem, be it hemorrhoids, constipation, or just plain tight muscles.

And when you are all stressed out and go for a massage, do they massage your anus? NO! In fact in most states that's illegal. It's considered prostitution! How insane! But, that's the society we are.

So these tight anal muscles just get tighter and tighter and cause problems that most men don't even know they can cause.

So after trying every possible prostate treatment, some men just can not get rid of their prostate pain and discomfort. Even when they use the incredible internal massage.

Your anal muscles are very strong. If you wan to see if yours are too tight, wash your hands, put a little lubricant on your finger, and put it gently up your anus. Don't freak out with this suggestion. There's nothing wrong with this.

If you feel a lot of pressure on your finger at the opening of your anus and it is difficult to pull those muscles gently side to side, you have a "tight ass". And you may be headed for, or are having, some prostate discomfort and/or pain.

The massage described here:


could be the answer to your tension/pain problem.

So J, for all those men who had the same problem here as you and I did, I thank you for your letter!

Warm Regards, ~ William

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Feb 24, 2017
by: Anonymous

Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad I came here! regards farah

Jul 14, 2015
Great information
by: Clark

Great information on your posts! Thank you so much for sharing. I went to your site and the prostate massage technique you teach is helping me lot. Thanks!, Clark

Jun 28, 2015
chronic pelvic pain
by: Jeremy

Obscure information. Where did you learn this stuff? It is really helping me. Jeremy

Jun 17, 2015
great article
by: Anonymous

Nicely presented information in this post, I prefer to read this kind of stuff. The quality of content is excellent.

Jun 13, 2015
Good post
by: Dr. Kevin Kohler

Thank you for your awesome work! Thank you!

Jun 04, 2015
by: Anonymous

Good post. I was checking consistently this blog and I am impressed. Quite useful information specially the final component. I was looking for this distinct information for a pretty long time. And know i am very happy after visiting your blog. Very nice work and thanks for sharing.

Jun 04, 2015
nice blog
by: Anonymous

Your post was good and the information that you giving in your post, that was really cool. I like it very much. Thanks for posting this great information with us. Please share more information and I will bookmark your blog.

May 16, 2015
by: dwsdxww

I couldn't thanks a lot more. I want I'd come across your website just before attempting dozens of worthless western medicines, antibiotics, alpha blockers etc any time there were simply no disease observed as well as medical doctors explained I'd not for microbe prostatitis.

May 22, 2014
relief from prosate massage
by: Ed


I tried your method of prostate massage last night for the first time. I had ordered the exact instrument that you mentioned and it arrived last night. Before i tried it, I had been experiencing severe pain after sitting at dinner so that by the time I got home I was in agony and that was even after taking three percosets!!!! I used the instrument as directed and after five minutes my PAIN WAS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY urinary symptoms are about 50% improved! I only woke up once to urinate and so far, today I have only very slight soreness which compared to the pain I usually have is a walk in the park! I want to thank you for your effort and brilliance and generosity in giving out this information! I have gone through everything you have mentioned and I have been in daily pain for three years now!!! I am a clloege professor of anotomy so I have searched and search for the answer. The medical doctors are absolutely clueless about this stuff. They should be stripped of their licenses.All of the drugs and painful invasive procedures and making us feel like we are crazy????!!! They should all suffer like we have for their ignorance of their own specialty!!! Urologists that have no idea of how the pelvic floor works and the effects of the facsia, triger points or shortend muscles on the bladder and prostate!!!!???Thank God for people like YOU!!!! and folkes like Doctor Wise!!!

I feel like a miracle has occurred since I used the prosate massager. I am dumbfounded that I could have gotten so much relief from just one use!!! I pray that I am not imagining that this could have worked for me so well the first time. I do realize that the pain will most probably come back and I will have to continue the treatments for sometime for a permanet cure or permanent improvement, and after all the things I have tried, I know I will do so!!!


I believe you may have helped me get my life back!!!


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