Tom's Story

by Tom
(Plano, TX)

I have been seeing a Urologist for about 10 years for BPH. In the beginning, Flomax was doing a reasonable job of controlling my stream and keeping the night urination to 3 times or less. The last 2 years, though, I have been very uncomfortable in the perineum area. I had very bad pains while running on the tennis court. I would often curse after missing routine shots mostly due to the pain in the prostate area. I finally told my urologist we have to do something. You would have thought that he would have done urine flow studies or used the cytoscope. Instead, he suggested the modern TURP with a green light laser. I had this in February. After 3 weeks I thought I was making good progress but the frequent urination and pain started coming back.

Then I found William's Web page here. I investigating the Prostate Massage techniques and stories written here. I initially started doing the massage with my fingers but discovered that is very difficult and hard to reach. Then I ordered the described massage device in early November. I have been using it 3 weeks now. I try to massage every other day. The first few times were somewhat painful and I couldn't do it longer than 10 minutes. After the 2nd week I started to notice that I could play tennis without the pain while running for a shot. My cursing on the court stopped.

It’s amazing what the prostate massage has done for me. The pain is way down now and I am noticing a decrease in the urgency to urinate. I hope to continue this progress and get to goal of only 1 urination per night, I am currently at 3 times.

I thank William for putting together this Web site and information. This is information urologists don't want us to hear because they have a cash cow business in us that suffer from non bacterial prostatitis. They should at least point out that prostate massage is an important tool in the arsenal for many men to control prostatic pain.



William's Comment:

Thank You Tom!

Once again you have shown how beautifully the body will take care of itself when given the chance. It is all about blood so very often. Even if you exercise vigorously, like when playing tennis, the prostate gland can still be clogged and sluggish in the circulation department because of all the sitting we tend to do. When we give it some simple regular massage, and the blood really has a chance to move in there again countless prostate problems have been remedied as if by magic! The only magic was Mother Nature being able to do her job again.

Best Regards! ~ William

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Jun 19, 2015
Tom's Story
by: Anonymous

This testimony say's the maximum advice I have found. I really wish every one who suffer with this problem needs to visit here.

Jun 10, 2015
by: james

I read the article which you shared here. This is awesome stuff. Keep up the good work.

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