Saint William

by Richard
(Hollywood, Florida )

On your prostate massage information: You truly are a saint. If I ever meet you I will hug you and kiss you. PEOPLE LISTEN TO THIS MAN! HE WILL HELP YOU.

My story is that I have been diagnosed with prostatitis three weeks ago and have been relatively okay with minor symptoms. That is until three days ago when the pain became so bad I could not sleep. Staying up all night reading William's web site in the hot bath practically crying in misery. My situation was so hard for me to comprehend because i am in great shape. My diet is excellent with no sugar or processed food. I eat only organic with an emphasis on the primitive diet. My weight is ideal for my height. I had already been taking silver and allicin (garlic) as well as several other supplements. How could this be happening to me? Apparently my problem is/was blood flow. So now I know.

I got over my homophobia and ordered the prostate massager you describe by express mail. The results have been so dramatic I was compelled to write.

I'm practically symptom free and have a smile on my face for the first time in three weeks. I now know that I have beaten this.

There is nothing pleasant for me about having to do the massage. However I was in so much pain I would have shoved a baseball bat up my butt if I thought it would help.

There is a solution.

Thanks William

William's Reply:

Richard I can relate TOTALLY to your story! That was pretty much the situation I was in with pain before I discovered these techniques. I wanted to reach inside and pull the thing out of my body! That not being a reality, I had to find another answer. Just like you, I was in agony. Men sometimes believe they are the only one with this problem and when they are not finding the solution to their problem it can be pretty frightening.

I am so happy you wrote and shared your story with us. I'm sure it will be an inspiration and the first step back to health and a pain free gland for many men. Correct prostate massage is such a simple and almost miraculous thing!

Warm Regards, ~ William

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Sep 17, 2015
Good article
by: Steve from Baltimore

Good article and well written

Jul 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

Very interesting and informative

Jul 03, 2015
Well said!!!!
by: Nelson

The massages are working great! Thank you very much for sharing this post!

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