regards from chris

Hi William, I am about 45 years old male and in good health- exercise regularly and eat well, but I developed hemorrhoids number 3 there was a long period where I was straining and perhaps because my job involves mostly sitting in front of the computer, maybe also genes?.I tried all the home remedies I could find on the web and do not want to go to do medial surgery! At some point I found your site which is a life saver, what an important site!
Since then I do regular anal massages combined with kegel exercise during the day.

I do 2 sets of massage a day in the morning and night 10 min each
I am much better, can't even compare to how I was before I started. I have no pain or blood, and have one exit per day, But it did not disappear completely, and after toilet I still have to push my anus back inwards with my fingers- it goes in quite easily. It does not go out during the day. There is about 2 times a week where I doesn’t happen
Also my sex life has made a quantum leap where my strong floor muscles give me sexual strength I didn’t have before.

Best Chris

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