Prostate Surgery

May Be the
of Your Death!

is prostate surgery necessary or helpful

Prostate Surgery, (prostatectomy), along with radiation treatment is the medical "answer" and medical standard for prostate cancer.

However, the statistics say: prostatectomy just doesn't seem to be working.

And, that is because you just can not chop (surgery), burn (radiation), and poison (chemical drugs) a person into health. It's impossible.

The Horrible Statistics

In western medicine, if prostate cancer is suspect due to a high PSA score, a biopsy is ordered. This done with a needle. The needle biopsy is a very risky procedure in itself.

Any type of prostate biopsy releases cancer cells from the prostate capsule into the bloodstream to settle in other areas of the body, such as the organs and bones. If your body is already incapable of destroying these cells, they can then grow rapidly in these new locations.

If you had a Gleason Score on your needle biopsy of higher than 7, your chance of cure (survival) with prostate surgery and radiation is only 15%. That means you have an 85% chance (or higher) of the disease recurring within 5 years.

The After Effects and Side Effects

Prostate Surgery, Prostatectomy, probably will leave you permanently sexually and urologically impaired (impotent and incontinent). And, you will lose your fertility. You will no longer be able to father a child

The recommended accompanying radiation after prostate surgery also comes with it's own set of horrific side effects. These can include: internal bleeding, cystitis (especially painful), loss of bladder control (leaving you in diapers for the remainder of your life), loss of bowel control, and puts you at a much higher risk for future bowel and/or bladder cancer from the radiation itself!

No Real Benefit

The thought given to you for all of this is that: "Prostate surgery is better than dying". Risk vs reward theory. But, is this type of treatment really helping? Is there really ANY reward with prostate surgery?

When you check the data, the statistics say "No". Here's what the insurance company statistics say (They are the ones who pay most of the prostate surgery bills.): With all these "treatments", the life expectancy of those who used them and those who did nothing at all is not really any different after the 10 year mark! The mortality rate is the same.

Interesting, isn't it?

And, these statistic do not take into count those who actually got completely well by following a corrected lifestyle and protocol.

Highest Number Of New Prostate Cancers

The fact is: the highest number of "new" prostate cancers is found in men who underwent prostate surgery and these other medical treatments and have now reached the 10 year mark.

So, there was really no "cure" from prostate surgery.

"If you are truly cured of a disease, then you should live a normally long and healthy life and die from some other reason. That is what 'cured' means."

Isn't it that true? But, that is not what we see happening with prostatectomy prostate surgery."

What You Must Know About Cancer

If you understand what this disease really is, you know that prostate surgery has no hope of ever curing it. Not ever.

If you don't really understand what it is, you must first understand that it is a condition of the entire body. It simply plays out first in the weakest or most toxic parts of the body (prostate, breast, lung, colon, etc.). The male gland and colon usually being that place in most men.

If you understand this, prostate surgery makes no sense at all.

If you perform prostate surgery, you are not changing the condition of the body (the cause). You are merely removing the first part of the body that is succumbing to the disease.

That is true of every malignancy. And that is why this disease "recurs" or "relapses" so often after a prostate surgery. The cause of the disease itself never really was removed.

When malignancies do "return" the doctors usually say it was a "biochemical failure" or a "relapse". That's crap! It's simply your next weakest body part(s) succumbing to the unnatural condition in the body. A condition that was never corrected in the first place.

A Simple Analogy

As a simple analogy: You go to the dentist with a toothache. He takes a look, finds a cavity and fills it. Then he says all your teeth are now fine and you are "cured". BUT, if every day after that you fill your mouth with candy all day and do not brush your teeth, you soon find you are back at the dentist with more and more cavities until you lose all you teeth.

As long as the decay causing condition still exists your teeth will continue to decay and rot until they are all destroyed.

Cancer occurs exactly the same.

You can not continue with the lifestyle that causes your disease and expect the disease to be gone no matter how many body parts you remove. If you think you can, you're kidding yourself.

You created you cancer. Knowingly or unknowingly. Yes, some people are more predisposed to it and others can tolerate a lot more physical abuse. Many get away with what you can not get away with. Like smoking.

Modern living (biological abuse, toxemia), especially modern diet, causes this disease. As do toxic chemicals.

When cellular structure is abberated and can no longer function normally, cells can start to mutate and multiply out of control. That's what is called "cancer". That's all cancer is.

Cancer Cells Can Not Live In A Truly Healthy Body

That's a fact!

Cancer is an unnatural condition of the body. It is not a disease you can catch. You can not even transplant it (they have tried to!). You must create it.

Prostate surgery does not remove the bodily condition, that is: it does not remove the cause.

But, with all the harmful things people do to their bodies these days disease is the natural result. Do you understand the difference there? In order to get rid of cancer it is important that you do.

In a normally healthy body, those damaged cells are easily destroyed by the healthy immune system. It happens to everyone daily. There are billions and billions of cells in your body. Nature knows some will go bad or become damaged. Nature has created many protective survival mechanisms. So, normally these cells are easily destroyed by the body itself.

When the immune system is compromised, however, it can not do it's job correctly or completely. So instead these cells grow wild. When there are enough of them they start to destroy the body.

Prostate surgery, prostatectomy, will not change the overall condition of your body. Removing your gland will not strengthen your immune system. The stress of prostate surgery or any surgery, for that matter, will weaken your immune system. Sometimes beyond recovery.

The Prime Causes of Cancer

Many of the the "foods" we eat daily, that we consider "normal", are not normal for the human body at all. They often undermine our bodies as much as constant candy destroys teeth.

Certain environmental toxins as well as too much chemical exposure can do the same thing. So can excessive radiation.

Let's go back to our analogy: The filling in your tooth did not cure the problem any more than prostate surgery and radiation cured your cancer. It just removed the greatest symptom. It remove the symptom, NOT the disease. That is why it "returns".

The fact is, the cause never really went away. Only the obvious area of damage was removed. On a cellular level you were still degenerating.

To Remove The Disease
You Must Remove The Cause Of The Disease

When you have a malignant cancerous condition your entire body is sick. Not just your male gland, or breast, or colon or lung...

Now, in our analogy, if you stop eating all the candy and junk food all day long, and brush your teeth regularly, your teeth will probably last a lifetime. Everybody knows that.

Same for this disease. Very few actually know that.

If you change the internal environment of your entire body to it's correct state, the body will destroy any currently existing malignant cells as well as any new ones that may appear. These cells will literally be destroyed and disappear. You doctor will say it's a miracle. You will know better.

You can then go on to have a normally healthy and normally long life, with a healthy cancer free usually normally functioning male sexual gland. Men are doing this every day.

Cause And Effect

Malignancy is no accident. It's the natural laws of cause and effect. Change the cause and you change the effect.

Diet plays a major role. It is not only what you must eat. It is also what you must stop eating.

The western medicine considers this to be a lot of nonsense. That could be because there's just no real profit in it.

But, seek out the survivors of this disease, the ones who are cancer free. The ones who are leading healthy vigorous lives. Talk to them. I think you will find what you have just read to be true almost every time.

What Is The Answer?

From what the actual statistics show, prostate surgery is not the answer to renewed health.

In primitive societies and with creatures that live in the wild, you will find any kind of cancer is virtually non existant!

Only the body cures itself. This is a fact. Even most MDs will admit to that. You can only assist the body in it's efforts.

Day after day people around the world are winning the battle over this disease easily and almost effortlessly. They do this without losing body parts and without their hair falling out.

The first step to success is education. But, not the standard education. The statistics show that method isn't working. It's false education. You must learn what really works. How a natural internal environment is created in the body. It is really quite simple.

To be well, a person must eat the foods natural to the human body (see the primitive diet Remove all unnecessary stress. Breathe clean air and drink pure waters. Exercise. Sleep well and as long as you need to. Gentle correct massage can also help by increasing the blood circulation.

Gentle correct massage greatly increases the blood supply to your gland. It brings more life giving nourishment and oxygen you need there so the body is able to heal itself.

For some it is already too late. Too much damage has been done and the body is too drained and too weak. But many many men who have been told to "get their affairs in order" have gone on to a perfectly healthy life after correcting their lifestyle. Most men probably could if they only knew how.

The Methods That Work!

If you have not read the writings of six time Nobel Prize nominee Johanna Budwig, it would be the most enlightening place to start learning about your body and cancer.

Also, you may want to search out a professional who knows how the body actually operates and what it requires to actually regain health. Someone like Dr. Bruce West in Monterey, California.

If you have prostate cancer and prefer working with an MD, Dr. West is an incredible man. He has helped countless men who now "used to have prostate cancer". You can locate him through his News Letter: "Health Alert".

Added Benefits!

What you will also find, when you put your internal environment into a correct state, is that your other chronic ailments seem to also disappear. Arthritis disappears. High blood pressure and heart conditions normalize. Diabetes is regulated (if your pancreas is still functioning). Almost every every common chronic disease goes away or is dramatically lessened.

Your thinking is clearer and easier. And, your disposition improves. Why? Because that was the way the normally healthy body was designed to be. And, it is always trying to balance itself out. And your body will be that way, given the chance. You just can't continue to abuse and poison it every day and expect it to perform properly.

Prostate surgery? Does it really make sense? Not to me. Not to those who have truly cured themselves.

If You Already Have Had Prostate Surgery

If you have already had prostate surgery, and you gland was removed, you'll never get it back. And, some of the complications and side effects will probably remain with you for the rest of your life.

BUT - you still can greatly improve your health and greatly reduce another incident by cleaning up your lifestyle and internal environment.

Remember: You don't "get" or "catch" cancer. Knowingly or unknowingly you have created it. You. If you are willing to take that responsibility, YOU will be able to un-create it. No one else can do it for you.

Prostate surgery will not make you well or change what caused your disease. It will only remove the obviously affected body part.

Be Well....

~ William

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