About Prostate Cancer

Things You Should Know

Prostate Cancer
Is Not A Death Sentence

The prostate cancer treatment you use could be.

Prostate cancer is just like any other cancer. They are really all the same. How this disease progresses depends on the condition of the entire body.

Contrary to popular myth, this disease is not a localized condition. It is a failing condition of the entire body and immune system. The mutated cells simply show up in the weakest and/or most toxic area(s) of the body first.

Once You Understand This,
A Complete Cure Becomes Possible

The entire system must be made well.

If you proceed with the misconception that cancer here (or any other cancer) is a localized condition, you're never really going to solve the problem no matter what prostate cancer treatment you use. You can cut it out (surgery), burn it out (radiation), poison it to death (chemo therapy).

But, unless you remove the cause, your chances of the cancer recurring are extremely high.

In my own lifetime everyone who followed only the cutting, burning and poisoning route eventually died from the cancer. Everyone.

For prostate cancer patients who choose the cutting, burning and poisoning, the survival rate at the 10 year mark is no higher than for those who did nothing at all.

Today the largest epidemic and incidence of prostate cancer is among the men who had the surgery, radiation and chemo therapy and made it to the 5 year mark (where they are considered "cured").

That's what the statistics show.

Everyone I know who had cancer and lived (not the "5 year cure", but 30+ years), traveled a different route. They took the primitive approach. They used a Primitive Diet. And, everyone I know who used this diet lived and became cancer free. The tumors slowly died and were dissolved by the body.

Everyone has had cancer cells. They are mutations. They are not some outside invader, like a bacteria or virus.

You Can Not Catch Cancer From Someone Else

For years, laboratory researchers have tried injecting people with live cancer cells of all types. The cancer cells died in a healthy body.

You develop prostate cancer. You cause your own prostate cancer. Even if you do it unknowingly. And, that is good news! Because if you caused it, you can un-cause it (if it has not progressed to the final stages). You can create prostate health!

Cancer cells are a mutation. Cells that are damaged and have gone wrong, but continue to multiply and affect the other surrounding tissues.

A healthy body normally destroys these mutations so they can not multiply. A body that is not healthy enough, can not kill them.

So, the unhealthy body succumbs to the mutations uncontrollable cellular multiplication. That is the disease we call cancer. If it's found in your prostate gland it's called prostate cancer.

Then why do some people get prostate cancer and not their friends, who live the exact same lifestyle? Genetics, stress, chemical exposure, weaker biological systems.

The Statistic Is:
1 Out of 3 People
Will Develop Cancer In Their Lifetime.

That's ridiculous! But, it's true. And, 1 out of 6 men will develop prostate cancer.

Cancer is the result of trying to make the body function with too many unnatural circumstances, unnatural conditions, and lack of essential nutrients. Primarily, too many false foods. Impure water. And, from toxic chemical exposure.

The Human body is a magnificent machine that can take a lot of abuse. But, when it is pushed too far it breaks down.

The weakest parts break down first. If that is your prostate gland, you may find prostate cancer.

We would never consider trying to run our cars on gasoline mixed with kerosene (a less purified petroleum product). Depending on how much kerosene was mixed in the gas, the car would cough, sputter or fail to continue working altogether (die).

Why do we then think we can mix so much "junk food" into our food supply and still function properly and maintain health and life?

The body was developed in perfection with certain specific elements. ie: A certain food supply.

Many thousands of years ago, the Human being lived in perfect health. Just as the wild animals do today. No cancer. No Heart disease. No arthritis. etc. etc..

Today we label our food supply our "diet". When we were primitive and had no food manipulation, and perfect health, we lived on a simpler food supply that we call the "Primitive Diet".

What Is The Primitive Diet?

The Primitive Diet is not a special food supplement or something you add to a diet. It simply means eating the way our early ancestors did. It means feeding your body the way it was fed while it was developing. While the Human body was able to heal itself from any "dis"-ease.

Anthropologists and biochemists have studied the remains of our ancestors who lived 10,000+ years ago. From bone studies, they have found cancer to have been non existent.

Cancer can be traced only as far back as the time agriculture began (approx 10,000 years ago). It is a disease of civilization. It seems to have started with the addition of grain and sugar eating.

The healthy body can handle sugar efficiently only in extreme moderation.

Refined sugars deplete the body of necessary nutrients as they burn. And, all sugars, even the sugars found in fruits and most grains, interfere with the ability of the mitochondria to perform its functions. (Mitochondria are the part of each cell where food is converted into energy).

It has been proven over and over again that sugar weakens your muscles (impaired mitochondria). You are more lethargic after sugar eating (once the initial sugar-insulin rush passes). You feel more lazy. Your mitochondria have been impaired. Just like with alcohol (which metabolizes to sugar).

Your immune system becomes equally impaired from sugar. Did you ever notice that the kids in school who eat the most candy seem to have the most colds and flu? It's true.

These People Are Cancer Free:

Even in current primitive civilizations (of which there are almost none anymore) we don't find the cancer problem. Where there are no processed foods, the air and water are clean, stress levels are lower, we find no cancer problem.

Let's look at the Eskimo people.

You keep hearing "meat and fat causes this cancer and that cancer". That's a lot of absolute nonsense!

The "uncivilized" Eskimos have a diet that is over 95% animal products. 70% of their calories come from animal fat. But, the food it 100% natural.

Here's the news: They have virtually NO cancer! Not only that, you won't find any heart disease, arthritis, diabetes or any of the other civilized diseases we have. That includes no dental decay. And, they live in the harshest most stressful climate on Earth!

According to what the "authorities" tell us, those people should be the sickest invalids on the planet! Yet, they are some of the strongest and healthiest. It is not uncommon for a 68 year old man to be the leader of the hunting party.

Now, look at the "civilized" Eskimos who have had sugar, alcohol, processed foods, and tobacco added to their lives. They are equally as sick as the rest of the civilized world, have all the same diseases, and commonly lose all their teeth. They often suffer from depression and lethargy.

What does that tell you about what we are eating and how we are living?

As Long As You Keep Creating a Disease,
You Will Continue to Have The Disease

This is why all the surgeries, radiations, and chemicals will never really cure cancer. There will never be a "wonder drug" that can make up for constantly destroying a body with non-foods and poisonous toxic substances. It's impossible.

Now that we're talking about drugs,

Let's Look At Chemo Therapy

Does chemo therapy really kill cancer cells? Yes it does. Absolutely. It is a standard medical treatment for prostate cancer.

Chemo therapy also wreaks havoc on every other cell in the body and compromises or destroys the immune functions (the ones that can actually reverse the cancer).

Drugs don't reverse prostate cancer. They only kill the currently existing prostate cancer cells. And, often at the cost of the person's entire immune system.

All drugs are toxic to a greater or lesser extent.

The chemo therapy drugs are undoubtedly the most toxic drugs in the entire world pharmacy! They are so toxic that the nurses who carry them in to the patient are required to wear gloves, so that the container does not even touch the nurses' skin!

That same chemical is what gets injected directly into a cancer patient's blood stream. Let's think for a moment here. How damaging can that be?

When the patient then gets violently nauseous and all of his/her hair falls out, is the body trying to say something about the drugs?

The theory behind it all is that the drugs will kill the prostate cancer cells, but the healthy cells will survive. And then, hopefully, the patient will be strong enough to recover (even if their glands and organs possibly never really work right again).

My uncle, Dr. Alex Lesuk, who was a famous medical research scientist, called that "risk versus reward".

From what the statistics show, where's the reward?

Chemo therapy does kill cancer cells. The problem is, now the entire immune system is weaker than before. And, if no life changes were made, whatever caused the prostate cells to mutate into prostate cancer is still being continued.

When more prostate cancer cells form later, we say the prostate cancer "returned" or "spread". It's cause never really left. So, of course it returns.

Chemo therapy people consider 5 years of life after killing the existing prostate cancer cells a "cure".

But, a 45 year old man who dies at 51 of the same prostate cancer he was "cured" of is not really cured. Is he? If that man was really cured, he should have lived to 80 (barring some other tragedy).

And, What About Radiation?

This actually means "burning by radiation". This also kills existing prostate cancer cells. It has the same problems as chemotherapy, but it is more localized. The added penalty of radiation is: radiation poisoning.

That means, the radiation injures the cells and can encourage healthy cells to mutate into cancer cells at a later date. Just like repeated sunburn (a form of radiation burn). However, the manufactured radiation burn is about 100 times stronger than sunburn.

If The Cause Is Not Removed
The Cancer Will Persist

It does not take a genius to figure that out.

If a person is continually causing cancer, cancer will continue. If that person is continually undermining his body and immune system with what he puts into his body, he can not win.

And, if the immune system is compromised enough by the cancer treatments, there is no hope for a recovery.

Now, let's explore the observed results of

The Primitive Diet

The Primitive Diet is not a prescription. It is simply the diet followed by our ancient ancestors and by countless people who not only cured their own cancer, but remained cancer free. And, they used NO drugs.

It usually took most about 2 years to reach a full and stable recovery. Some in less than 1 year.

In fact, this Primitive Diet method was even used successfully after drugs, radiation and surgery had failed.

It is interesting to note that not only did these people disolve their existing cancers and remain cancer free, other major chronic degenerative diseases (like arthritis) also seemed to "miraculously" disappear. Other "miracles" also occurred, like a normalization of blood pressure.

In logic, it was never a miracle. That is, no more of a miracle than life itself. It was just the way the body works when the biological environment (nutrition) is correct.

From observation, The Primitive Diet seems to work across the board on disease in general. It contains only the natural substances (foods) we developed on.

Of course, organically grown foods will be "cleaner" (contain less chemical residue). But, two highly successful doctors I know (who are currently in their 80s) conducted their practice recommending regular super market meats and vegetables.

Why Is The Success
of This Diet Rarely Publicized?

And, why are the amazing results not more publicized? There is only one real reason. There is no profit to be made with it. No one makes money sending you to the grocery store.

The diet is too simple and too basic for many people to be able to comprehend. How can anything so simple and easily available do any real good? There has to be some mysterious chemical or other mysterious complex proceedure that is better. Doesn't there??

No. But you do have to leave out ALL the harmful and interfering substances. Like sugar.

If you think food is too simple. Try creating even one leaf of lettuce without a seed from nature. No one has ever done it. No one. Why? Because there are millons of complexities in life that we do not understand.

One thing is perfectly clear: Life only comes from other life.

We Have to Learn
to Think For Ourselves.

See what really happens in life. What the real statistics and data show. Gather all the information you can.

Forget what anyone else tell you is true. Use your own eyes, your own ears and your own mind.

If you think chemistry, cutting and burning are best, then go that way. If you think nature (who created your body) has a perfect system, then go that way. If you believe something else is better, go that way.

You have natural instincts. Instincts that are wiser than any "authority". Instincts that will guide you, if you listen to them.

On this page I've tried to share with you what I have seen in my own life experience, years of observation, and years of prostate health study. Hopefully, these observations will be helpful to you.

"You are a child of the Universe. No less than the trees or the stars. You have a right to be here." (from a scroll found in Old St. Paul's Church, dated 1692)

We, as "civilized" people pretend to be very smart. We have so many wonderful inventions and toys and creature comforts to play with. And with all that "civilization" we have more disease and more types of disease than at any other time in history. Including prostate cancer in epidemic proportions.

We like to make thing very complicated. We love mystery. We like our "games". Overcoming obstacles. It is human nature.

The thing is, as far as our health is concerned, when we work with nature (instead of challenging nature), we always seem to get the best results.

Be Well.....


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