I have a question William

by Jeffrey H

I am getting relief from the anal peripheral prostate message you teach, Thank God!!! You said not to do Kegel exercises but when performing the regular prostate massage that is how we get the aneros device to work. Do you recommend not doing the prostate massage and just doing the anal peripheral prostate massage since my problem i think is tight anal muscles? I am doing both massages right now and I don't know if doing the kegels with the aneros is defeating my anal peripheral prostate massage. Please help!, Your website is a god send for me, Please write me back as soon as you are able, Jeff, --------------@---------.com,Thanks again, I practice as much from your site as possible, I have wasted thousands of dollars with all negative tests with urologists that did nothing to help me. This website has me on the right track and able to function. I'm 32 and have erection problems, I am starting to get stronger erections now. I notice when I have my aneros device in it doesn't move that much so maybe that is more indication of tight anal muscles also, Thanks William, please write me back, you're my only hope I have found so far!

William's reply:

Hi Jeff! I'm glad the anal technique is helping you. That's an area so overlooked by most people and for many of us there is so much hidden tension in the anal muscles that it is almost unbelievable! The anal peripheral prostate massage is a God send to the gland when that is the case. It really gets the muscles loosened up and the blood flowing. Then, everything down there responds accordingly.

I can't and don't prescribe for anyone. But, I will give you some information on the 2 massages. Doing the kegels will conflict with loosening the anal muscles. It involves constant squeezing and tightening of the muscles with no stretching and loosening of them. Unless the anal stretching technique is used with them they can even be a bad idea for women.

Also, learn which of the techniques is best for you. A man doesn't need all of them all the time. And sometimes one works more effectively than another. And then it changes. And then it can change again. And again... It's easy to figure out though, just by listening to how your own body responds to things. After a while you get really in tune with your own system and you know just what technique you need when. In the beginning it's trial and error for everyone.

Anal tension was a HUGE problem for me personally. That is how I developed the anal technique. I only found out last year that this is a technique commonly used by sexology body workers for both male and female sexual problems. And very often used on women as well because of severe anal tension.

A professional session runs about $150. I've had a number of them. Unfortunately this kind of massage is not legal in every state. Prostitution laws. Even though it is physical therapy. If you can reach down there you can do your own sessions just as effectively. I do. And I find my own work on myself equally as effective as professional therapy.

What I personally do is use the Aneros for prostate massage. The Aneros does not have a lot of movement. It is subtle. But, I don't squeeze my anal muscles. I gently do a prostate massage as described in http:www.prostate-massage-and-health.com/prostate-massage.html as the drumstick method. The big advantage to using the Aneros over the drumstick is that it doesn't go in too far. It lands right on the prostate gland. It makes the process much easier. It doesn't take much pressure to be very effective. And clean up is simple.

Once the anal muscles have loosened up and are free of tension, kegels are fine to do. But, if someone has tight muscles there now, it is usually stress related and may tend to remain tight unless he/she consciously keeps them loose. So I personally avoid kegels all together.

As far as erection problems go, you're not alone. It is usually assumed that young men in their early 30s have no sexual malfunctions. Nothing could be further from the truth. For most men this is the time when serious sexual malfunction is just beginning. We should be better educated in this area. But, everyone loves sex. And sex sells. So most men overindulge unknowingly. This is why so many men begin to crash and burn at this early age. Just like ice cream, if that is all you have each day you'll soon become quite ill.

Erectile problems are often the first sign of a weakening sexual system. The massage techniques supply more blood to the area so the system strengthens. But moderation and a good diet are also necessary for those who still want to be functioning healthfully in their 60s, 70s, and 80s. Those who continue to overindulge and live unhealthfully are often impotent in their 40s and suffer every sexual problem imaginable. In fact it is reported that 40% of men in their 40s have erectile problems and/or dysfunction!

The biggest problem is our lack of sexual education as young men. That is something we seem to get when our parts are failing. And it is something this website is dedicated to: Helping men stay healthy and return to good health through sane natural health practices.

I hope this information was helpful to you! And I wish you continued success with your prostate massage (and anal massage) practices.

~ William

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Jul 01, 2015
Nice question!!!!!!
by: Samar

Thank you very much for sharing this post!

Jun 28, 2015
informative post
by: Saxons

Hi, William! Your articles are based on facts and reality. You mention answers to the questions as well. I like your way of expressing them here. In fact, I like your prostate information a lot. Continue sharing!

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