Greg's Story

I have had prostatitis for 15 years.Today I'm about 80% pain free. Throughout the years I have tried everything to find a cure. The one thing that has helped me the most is the prostate massage along with antibiotcs. I have also tried silver water and that helped too.....

Greg - Chicago, IL.

William's Response:

Prostatitis can be a really difficult and baffaling problem for many men. It sometimes seems to come and go without reason. Just when you think you have it licked and you're on your merry way, BAM! It comes back.

The thing I have found true repeatedly is that if at these time a man gets back to his prostate massage practice, and all the things that made him feel well and gave him good prostate health the first time, his body seems to recover much more quickly than the first time.

We very often get slack in continuing the things that made us feel well when we were uncomfortable in the first place. I know I am guilty of this myself! I mean, when we feel good, why go through all the prostate massage and silver water, etc...

This is also how much prostate massage we learn we need to stay well.

So don't give up or become discouraged when/if you experience a relapse now and then. Just continue with what made you feel good and it will in all likelyhood make you feel all well again!

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Jun 29, 2015
by: Sony

Prostate massage is very much helpful and effective. I understood it from my personal experience. So you don’t hesitate to do prostate massages. It is really good for your health. Thank you very much!

Jun 25, 2015
Greg's Story
by: Anonymous

I have come across greg's story and so touching. But i am happy that finally he got a good treatment and a remedy for his problem. One of my uncle use to suffer with similar problem. It's better to suggest this blog to him.

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