DrB's Story Starts in Cu Chi S. Vietnam

(Smithtown, NY)

First let me say this is the most accurate and complete site possible. I was a 26 year old oral and maxillo-facial surgeon attached to the 25 Infantry Division Cu Chi South Vietnam when my symptoms started in 1967 . I was 70 on May 3rd 2011. So this is a 4.5 decade story ...needless to say after practicing 40 years, I never once saw prostatis entered on one of my medical histories or a patient or friend admit to it until recently. There is social stigmata attached to the jokes from the uneducated which limits sharing ones plight. So before the internet suffers like me thought they were only ones with intractable prostatitis which their urologists could not PREDICTABLY help.
After the exam DRE, the urinanaysis, sometime even cultures of the ejaculate for patients at their wits end, the endless regimns of antibiotics, prostatic message, and frustatration found me depressed , anxiety ridden, in pain, but I was happy to know this disease was self limiting.
I read all that I could and from the jungles of South Vietnam to my residency at Brookdale Hospital to my 45 years in practice and as a urologic patient it was frustrating to think all that could be done was hot sitz baths and pain medication. Be grateful there is help here.
It was not until much later that I learned about protodynia and the work at Standford University tauting prostatic internal message and the recognition of PROSTODYNIA as a disease entity.
Flare-ups have been a life long companion and stress will cause symptoms to exascerbate for sure. MIND-BODY was a big connection for me. Prostatitis caused painful ejaculation at times along with the 18 other other symptoms you can easily read up on. I believe the material on this site is superb and will help all who HELP THEMSELVES.

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Jun 30, 2015
Thank you!!!!
by: Nelson

Prostate massage is one of the best methods to treat prostate problems. I have been suffering from these problems and now I am becoming alright doing these massages. Thank you very much for sharing this post!

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