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by Dave
(Cherry Hill, NJ, )

Im 36 yrs old. I went to GNC and took a stupid supplement to boost my testosterone. I wound up getting prostate infection, kidney infection. I was on antibiotics for 30 days levaquin 500mg. The infection cleared up. 2 weeks later I was getting prostate pain....radiating up my pelvic area in my testicles and in my penis. It was horrible! Had a CAT scan and ultrasound of testicles. All test were fine. No kidney stones. Ultrasound was NEG. Had a scope from urologist it was NEG. He had no explanation but CHRONIC prostatitis. I was in so much pain!! I wanted to kill myself.... I don't wish this on my worst enemy.... My urologist gave me valium, muscle relaxers.... I came to this site and read about prostate massage. After two days of prostate message its feeling much better!... This web site is no scam. You are telling the truth....


William's Comment

Thank You Dave! It is not uncommon for a prostate infection to hurt like hell!

As young boys we never realize that we even have this gland! We're usually too busy having orgasms to even consider it. Then when we get a little older and something happens we usually get really scared because we don't know what is happening. Why? Because we were never taught anything about caring for this special gland of ours.

And, as with many things, we spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to find out what is wrong and cure it.

And, I would say, in most cases relief is as simple as some good self care. Some simple prostate massage therapy. Just getting adequate blood back in there has helped more men than I believe any other therapy or any amount of pain killers ever has.

If you are like me and almost every man I have ever heard from on this, pain killers just don't seem to work on pain in this area. And you know why? It's because the blood flow is often so low that the pain killers don't really get into the gland much at all. So, how can we expect them to work?

Congrats Dave, on having the courage to try massage when you were in so much pain! I know personally how tender the gland can be at that time. It was a brave choice! And extra gentleness in the massage is necessary at these times.

But, just like for you, and for me, and for tens of thousands of men it was the only real remedy to our problem.

When blood flow is low it is very easy for infection to set in. When blood flow is very low it will cause slow death of tissues. Right before that happen, pain can be extreme.

I have the feel chronic prostatitis is a thing of the past for you!

Warm Regards, ~ William

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Jun 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

Prostate massage can actually be of great use in these kinds of situations. No medication might be able to relax a prostate muscle. At least that is what I have understood until now. I think you have been doing a great job here.

Jun 23, 2015
Good post
by: Lance Metz

Hi! Thanks for your great articles!

Apr 21, 2015
Hi Dave
by: punjabi

Myself also suffering the same. Stress should be reduced to cure the above problems.

May 31, 2010
awaiting prostate massage
by: david

hi i am 45 yrs old and have suffered prostate pain for 2 and half yrs now its been awful and very depressing.my urologist has offered a prostate massage for me and i am waiting and hope this will make me feel better from this terrible discomfort.i have been on antibiotics(cipro) for 18mnths on/off but got side effects from it and cannot take again.i will let you no how i get on after my massage and hope to get relief.thanks for the great information.david from england

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