Charlie L's Story

I must say "Thank You William! Thank You 100 times!". After 15 years and over $12,000 of doctors and drugs I have finally found relief from my nagging prostate problems..... Just simple prostate massage (I'm not even that regular on it) and Silver Water..... Pain Free for over 6 months now.

God Bless You! Charlie L. - Fanwood, N.J.

William's Comment:

Thank you Charlie! It's just amazing itsn't it? Prostate problems that have been with us for so long in our lives seem to just melt away with some simple regular prostate massage and some silver water. And other healthy life style improvements. As always, when we get back to, or as close to, the way we originally lived as human beings on this Earth, the better our lives become in every way. Prostate problems seem to become a thing of the past as do so many other health problems and issues. We often think the answer is so mysterious or complicated or that we need some "new" advanced prostate treatment. More often than not, it seems to me just the opposite is true. We need less "modern advancements" and more simple basic things in our lives like proper food, exercise, rest, pure water, clean air, sound sleep and simple things like prostate massage.

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May 29, 2015
Good stuff
by: Saras

Charlie L's Story is a good and very enjoyable story. I found full story here in a very simple English language. Charlie is a good character in all over the media industry. He help me to find out and this good method.

Mar 12, 2009
by: Brian

Wow! I've also wasted a lot of money on useless prostate treatments. 8 years already. I've never had a real prostate massage before. Not like you describe. And I always hear praise from product sellers. But Charlie, you sound like me. If prostate massage helped you so much maybe it's what I need too. So I'm definitely going to try it out!

Brian D.

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