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Optimum Health!, Issue #015 -- Nature's Dr. #2 - Pure Water!
June 01, 2009

Nature's 8 Doctors!

Doctor #2
Pure Water!

The Water We Take For Granted

Remember how great a glass of cold fresh water tastes on a hot day when you were thirsty? Nothing tastes better or refreshes you more. No Alligator drinks or colas or anything else refreshes you like clean pure water!

And how good did it feel the last time you went for a swim in the ocean? Or a lake? Or even a swimming pool?

And what about the shower that refreshes you first thing in the morning or after a hard day at work?

And how good do those freshly washed clothes feel?

Water is so much a part of out lives that we usually just take it for granted. It's just there! We all use lots of water each day to drink, to bathe in, to cook with, to wash the car, etc.....

For most things, common water is just fine.

But, to stay healthy, we need to drink and cook with pure clean water!

Nature's Doctor #2

Nature's Doctor #2 is Pure Water!

Right after Fresh Air (Doctor #1), Pure Water is our most basic need.

Just like with the oxygen in the air you breathe, every single function of your life is dependant on water. And, on the quality of water you get each day.

You Are Mostly Water

Every living plant and animal require water to live.

At birth, a baby is about 78% water!

An adult male is about 60% water. An adult female about 55% (women have more body fat than men).

Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water. Blood is about 95% water. Body fat contains about 14% water. Even bone is about 22% water.

Everything your body is made of water and requires water! A fresh clean supply every day!

And, for water to do it's job most efficiently, it needs to be clean. If it is filled with chemical poisons and too much hardness (dissolved stone) it can not do it's jobs correctly. It can even cause you harm.

So, doesn't it make sense to always drink the cleanest water possible?

The Problem Is:
Most Of Our Drinking Water Contains Toxic Chemicals

71% of the Earth's surface is water!

326 million trillion gallons of it. That number looks like this: 326,000,000,000,000,000,000. W O W !!!

But, only about 2 percent of the planet's water is fresh water (the kind we need to drink and water all our plants and crops with). The rest is salt water (like in the oceans).

About 1.6 percent of all this fresh water is locked up in the polar ice caps and glaciers.

Another 0.36 percent is found in aquifers and wells underground.

Only about 0.036 percent of the total fresh water supply is found in rivers and lakes.

That means: only 0.396 percent of the water on this Earth is the water that must take care of 9,000,000,000 of us!

Most of our fresh water supply
is now contaminated
with harmful chemicals.

The Chemicals In Our Drinking Water

Anything that touches the earth will eventually wind up in the waters.

The rain carries it down through the soil or across the land and into the water supplys. Industrial waste, pesticides, petroleum products, etc... have all made their way into our water supplies.

Almost all city water contains a dangerous chemical called chlorine. Chlorine is put in the water to kill bacteria and viruses so that you don't get sick from them.

But chlorine is also highly toxic to people and animals. Chlorine is a known carcinogen (something that causes cancer).

Chlorine should always be removed from the water before drinking. But, it rarely is. Boiling chlorinated water for a few minutes will remove chlorine. So will a good carbon filter.

Chlorine also evaporates very quickly from water. This means you breathe it in when you shower. So, using a good chlorine shower filter is also a very good idea.

But, there are also hundreds of other industrial chemicals that can show up in city water supplies that boiling and a carbon filter will not remove from your drinking water.

And even in the countryside, most water contains pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are used on the crops.

These chemicals have settled into the ground and gone down into the wells. Or run off with the rain into our rivers, lakes, and streams.

There is very little pure fresh water available naturally these days.

What Is "Acceptable" Water?

Every major city has "acceptability standards" for chemical levels in the water. In other words, they check the water supply regularly to determine if what ever chemicals may be in the water are at a "safe" level to ingest.

But to my way of thinking, none of that chemical waste material is "safe". I don't want any of those chemicals in my water.

The reason is: chemicals can build up in the body. The liver works to detoxify them. But, often the task is too difficult, and they can accumulate in the liver.

The kidneys try to remove them from the blood. But, what can not be removed quickly, gets stored in body fat. It is a survival mechanism of the body.

The body is trying to keep clean and not get poisoned or injured. So the body tucks these chemicals into the fat to get them out of the blood circulation.

Your Prostate Gland

These chemical and toxins are also filtered by the prostate gland (and by the breasts in women). Your Mother Nature does this to keep the sperm strong and healthy (and the breast milk clean for babies).

But, the prostate can often not throw these chemicals off fast enough.

When chemical levels get too high, the body can no longer cope.

These days, we have unnatural chemicals in our air, our waters, our foods. So unnaturally high levels of these chemical residues and toxins can easily accumulate in our bodies.

This is why prostate (in men) and breast (in women) cancers are so prevalent today. 100 years ago, these cancers were rare or unknown.

And this is another reason why we need to consume plenty of pure clean water each day: to help flush these chemicals and toxins out of our bodies.

Plenty of clean pure water and prostate massage help to clean these toxins out of your prostate gland.

Bottled Waters

You can see why the bottled water business is a 9 billion dollar a year business that is growing larger each year. People are becoming more and more aware.

Unfortunately, bottled water is not always the best answer either.

The biggest problem with bottled water is the plastic bottles.

About 80% of the plastic bottles used for bottled water are made with harmful and sometimes carcinogenic chemicals that dissolve into the water in those bottles. Especially if the bottles are heated or left in the sun.

If you get bottled water it should be fresh clean spring water or purified water in glass bottles. If you have to use plastic, the milky colored polyethylene bottles are generally safer than the crystal clear ones.

Why You Need Pure Water

Drinking pure water that is chemically free, probably makes a lot more sense to you by now.

But, even when your water is clean and pure, your body also requires plenty of it to keep clean inside.

Your body is burning fuel (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins), and rebuilding itself constantly throughout each day.

These processes all have by products. Like ashes after a fire. Waste products. Garbage that has to be thrown out.

All this mess is also carried out of your body by water. If it wasn't, you would soon die.

If you don't have enough good clean water every day, your body will start to accumulate these waste products.

The Great Solvent

Water is often called "the great solvent". Pure water can dissolve pretty much anything.

But water can only hold so much material. Then it will lose it's dissolving and cleaning power. This is another reason why you are so much better off with pure water.

It's just like if you are carrying an armload of books in from the car, you won't be able to carry all the groceries in at the same time. You can only carry a certain amount at one time. Make sense?

Water is the same way. It can only hold a certain amount of dissolved substance. If your water is already dirty and filled with dissolved chemicals and debris it can not clean your body very well.

The cleaner and purer the water you drink is, the better your body can perform it's cleaning functions. And the healthier you will be.


If your body is not cleaning itself thoroughly, your body becomes like a swamp or sewer inside. Bacteria and Virus thrive on polluted blood streams! You become weak and ill.

When your body contains too much waste material you get every cold, flu, and virus much more easily. You get bad breath, bad body odor, headaches, constipation, etc...

And worse yet, your prostate gland (one of the finest filters in your body and in the world!) can get toxically overloaded. Why do you think there is so much prostate cancer these days? It's no accident or mystery! It's prostate toxic overload.

How Much Water Do You Need?

You don't have to get crazy with the amount of water you drink.

Normally, a healthy body will know exactly how much it needs each day.

But, most of our bodies have been so abused with soft drinks, caffeine, sugar drinks, artificially sweetened drinks, beer, etc... that the natural body mechanisms are not functioning normally.

Many of these drinks can actually cause cellular dehydration because of what the body has to go through to process them.

The best thing you can do for yourself here is to drink only pure water when you are thirsty. Cut out all those other beverages. At least for a while. Or use them only occasionally if you really want them.

In a short time your body will be able to determine exactly how much water it needs. Drink a little extra if you are in doubt.

But, don't go crazy in the other direction either. If you drink way more water than is comfortable, your body is telling you something: "You are trying to drink too much." This can also cause you problems.

Let taste and your thirst be your guide.

And as your body gets cleaner inside, you will undoubtedly feel better and better both physically and mentally.

Be Well.....

~ William

In the next issue of Optimum Health, we will discuss:

  • the special importance pure water has for your prostate gland

  • how pure water increases the effectiveness of your prostate massage program

  • how to get clean purified water inexpensively every day

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