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Optimum Health!, Issue #016 - Nature's Dr. #2 - Pure Water! - Part 2
July 01, 2009

Nature's 8 Doctors!

Doctor #2
Pure Water!

Part 2

The Importance of Pure Water
Your Prostate Gland

A Clean Fresh Stream?
A Sewer?

Remember how wonderful it feels to stand by a clean fresh mountain stream? Or a lake? Or a tropical ocean (if you've ever been luck enough!).

It feels just amazing! Doesn't it? And the smell is so clean and refreshing!

Ever stand by a swamp? Or sewer? It stinks! Right?

In both cases your body is telling you something. It is telling you what is good for you and what is not good for you.

You want to stay where the water if fresh and clean.

You want to get away from the stinky stuff! Your body knows that is poison.

If the water you put in your body is already filled with all kinds of debris, dissolved material, and toxic chemicals...besides poisoning your body, it can not clean your body properly. Inside, you will become like the swamp or the sewer.

If you drink plenty of pure water, breathe lots of fresh air, eat clean natural foods, and exercise even moderately: Inside, you will be like the clean mountain stream. It will be very hard for disease to take hold.

Are You Destroying Your Prostate Gland?

Internal cleanliness is very important to maintaining good prostate health.

As you learned in the previous issue of Optimum Health, your prostate gland is one of the finest filtering mechanisms in the world!

Your Mother Nature takes every means to help each species survive. Nature designed your prostate to filter all the fluid that becomes semen. If it didn't do this, the toxins and debris in your system could possibly kill all the sperm cells in the semen.

If all the sperm were dead there would be no babies and the species would die out.

So your dear Mother Nature has your prostate gland filter all the fluid that goes into the semen. And those poisons often accumulate and get stuck in the prostate.

Prostatitis And Prostate Cancers

These days, we have more toxins in our food and environment than ever before in history. Our bodies often can not handle the unnatural overload.

Because of this overload, the toxins your prostate filters often do not get cleaned out of your prostate sufficiently. They often start to accumulate and build up in your prostate gland.

If these toxins build up too much, they can cause severe prostate distress (prostatitis) and disease. Including prostate cancers.

These days we have more chemical pollutants in our waters than ever before in history. We also have more prostate cancers now than ever before in history.

Pure Water and Prostate Massage

Your prostate massage program will give you much faster and better results when you drink plenty of fresh pure water.

When you massage your prostate gland, one of the things you are doing is loosening all kinds of toxins and squeezing them back into your blood stream.

These toxins are usually what irritate the nerves and cause the pain the day following your first prostate massage. And often, after the first few massages.

This is a good thing. It means your prostate will be getting cleaner and healthier.

The cleaner the water you drink, the more these toxins can be absorbed by your blood, carried to your kidneys, and quickly carried out of your body.

Make sense?

The Water You Drink

If the water you drink is filled with toxins, you keep adding toxins to your body. You poison your prostate gland (as well as every other organ in your body!) every time you drink water that is filled with all kinds of chemicals and toxins.

Pure water is extremely important to your prostate health.

Your prostate massages will be more effective, and cause you less discomfort when your body is properly hydrated (filled with water) with fresh pure water.

Drinking plenty of fresh clean water each day, and having a glass or two before your prostate massage, can make your prostate massage program work much more quickly and be much more effective!

The Health Benefits of Pure Water

Life is really miraculous. You can survive on some pretty crappy water. You may develop a lot a problems from it. Still, you'll survive. For a while, anyway.

But with an abundant supply of fresh pure drinking and cooking water you will:

  • Feel better

  • Look Better

  • Have more energy

  • Be stronger

  • Get sick less

  • Have less aches and pains

  • Think more clearly

  • Add years to your life

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, way back when... almost all ground water was clean and pure. We drank from rivers, lakes, and streams. We breathed pure clean air. We ate clean natural foods. And, we lived in perfect health.

This state of perfect health is well documented by bone studies of ancient human remains.

TODAY, we have to work like crazy to get decent food, clean water and can only hope with the air we often have to breathe.

But, the closer we get to living in a natural state, the cleaner we can make our internal environment, the better and healthier our lives will be.

Drinking pure clean water is a major and vital step in this direction.

Getting Good Pure Drinking Water

Insist on drinking (and cooking with) plenty of pure clean water each day!

But how can we get clean healthy water?

Unless you are luck enough to live where there is some pristine natural water supply, you are probably going to have to filter your water to get it really clean. Or, get purified water delivered to you.

You will never get it "perfectly clean". And you don't have to. But, you can clean it up so that it is cleaner and much purer than most of our common tap water.

Although any filter may be better than no filter, forget about the small cheap filters. They do very very little. Same with the refrigerator filters and the faucet screw on filters. The pitcher filters are hardly better.

A good reverse osmosis water purifier is the safest and most economical way to get a highly purified quality drinking water. You can find a good one for about $150 - $200 and it will last for many years with simple filter changes.

Over the long run, a good reverse osmosis filter, that gives your family all the high quality water you need for all your drinking and cooking, will only wind up costing your family about $1 - $2 a week. About the same the cost as just 1 single gallon of bottled water at the store.

Use Your Doctor Every Day!

Nature's Doctor #2: Pure Water, wants to help take care of you and help to give you a long, happy, and healthy life. That's what your dear Mother Nature intended for you.

So use this wonderful natural doctor (and all of Nature's 8 Doctors!) every day. See how much better you start to feel!

Be Well.....

~ William

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