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Optimum Health!, Issue #018 - Nature's Dr. #3 - Natural Food - Part 2 - Fresh Raw Juices!
September 01, 2009

Nature's 8 Doctors!

Doctor #2
Natural Food

Part 2 - Fresh Raw Juices!

In the last issue of Prostate Massage and Health's "Optimum Health" Newsletter I promised to tell you about the very BEST vitamin and mineral supplement in the world! So here it is:

The Very Best Vitamin Mineral Supplement
In The World!

The very best vitamin mineral supplement you can get is RAW freshly made vegetable juice. You can get a good juicer for under $100 that will last for many years. Just run some fresh vegetables through it and drink a glass full every day.

Though freshly squeezed is the very best, you can make a pitcher full and it will last in the fridge for a few days. And even 3 day old juice is far superior to the canned and bottled stuff.

Don't worry about which juicer you get. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a machine. Any one will make you some wonderful juices! My first one cost me $79 and it lasted for years!

Not only will you get a great supply vitamins and minerals, you'll also get the raw living essential life elements found only in this live plant "blood".

The stuff you see in the aisles of the super markets is not all that good. It is cooked to death so that it can sit on the shelf and it usually contains a HUGE amount of unnecessary salt.

If you can't squeeze your own, the freshly squeeze juice in the refrigerated section of most major markets is usually excellent also.

Once you taste the difference you'll never want anything but fresh!

And just 1 twelve ounce glass of fresh vegetable juice will give you all the vitamins and minerals of 4 portions of vegetables! Is a 12 ounce can of soda or a beer going to do that? Ha!!!

It's Like A Miracle!

Something you will notice right away after you drink a glass of fresh vegetable juice is: you start to feel really refreshed within just a few minutes!

You feel mentally better almost immediately. More alive! In a better mood! And very soon you feel physically refreshed!

It's like a miracle! Face it, it is one of Mother Nature's miracles!

The "blood" from these plants goes into your blood stream almost without digestion. And because it is fresh and raw and requires almost no digestion, it refreshes your blood almost immediately!

Drinking Raw Juices

But, don't gulp it down! Always drink your juice slowly! Otherwise (because fresh raw juice requires almost no digestion) too much natural sugar will get into your bloodstream too quickly. This can produce a sugar "High" and then a sugar "Low".

So, go slowly. As you drink your juice, pretend it is like a solid food. Take a sip at a time. Hold it in your mouth for a second or two and let the juices in your mouth (saliva) mix with it. Then swallow. You don't have to make a whole production out if it. Just savor it. Like a nice wine. Enjoy it!

Raw vegetable juice is also excellent for people who have no teeth. With raw juices, people who have trouble eating vegetables can get all the nutrition they were missing.

They can also mix some of the finely ground pulp into the juice. It requires no chewing and it will help keep them regular!

And for those with weak digestion, who say they can not eat raw foods, raw juice is superb! Because the fiber is out of it, digestion is easy. Even to the weakest systems.

In fact raw juices have been proven to digest better and assimilate better than any other food on Earth except pure raw honey. And raw juices strengthen the digestion!

Rejuvenating Your Body!
Your Prostate Gland!

It is true: You are what you eat. Good natural food creates good health. A pain free, able, strong body (and mind!). Crappy overly processed junk food produces poor health, sickness, disease, depression and pain.

Most men, after experiencing how effective prostate massage can be for their health and well being seem to want to know how they can improve the rest of their body as well.

Drinking fresh raw vegetable juices will rejuvenate the entire body!

Prostate Massage And Fresh Raw Juice

Most men find adding fresh raw vegetable juice to their daily diet is often the easiest and best way to increase the effectiveness of their prostate massage and prostate health program.

In American herbology Parsley juice, and Aloe Vera juice are specific prostate tonics. I used both for myself with magnificent results!

But ALL fresh raw vegetable juices are wonderful for your body. So using a wide variety of vegetables will give you the most complete nutrition.

Living With Radiant Health!

If you try to build a temple (your body) out of poor materials it will be a painful disaster.

But, if you use the best building materials (All Natural Foods and fresh raw vegetable juices) in time you can build (or rebuild!) a magnificent structure that will serve you well and in radiant health through the rest of your life!

Be Well.....

~ William

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