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Optimum Health!, Issue #003 -- Low Fat Diets Kill!
April 01, 2007

Low Fat Diets

You read that correctly: A Low Fat diet is Very Hazardous to your health!

Hey, wait a minute. Haven't we been hearing about lowering our fats and cholesterol all these years as a way to protect our hearts and health?? Yes we have.

BUT! you have not been getting the clinical actual reports and stastical results that go along with this myth. So here's the info your not getting.

People who live on very low fat diets for extended periods have proven to have 2X GREATER risk of heart attack and strokes.

Why? Because the fatty acids found in natural saturated fat is necessary to keep the vein and arterial walls strong. Blood vessels weaken without sufficient fat and burst much more easily (heart attack and stroke).


AND: Here's another enlightening statistic for you: in the 1950s and 1960s when people were put on high polyunsaturated oil diets and saturated animal fats were reduced, heart disease did not lessen significantly. BUT! cancer increased by 50% in those who were on this low saturated fat and high polyunsaturated fad (over those who made no dietary changes at all).


Animal Fat Is
The Cause of Clogged Arteries!

A diet high in fat does NOT cause clogged arteries and veins. That's a lot of hype developed to sell a lot of drugs. Period.

The proof: The Eskimo people (who do not eat processed "civilized" foods) have a diet that is 70% animal fat. 70%!

Yet, they have no heart disease, no diabetes, no high blood pressure, no kidney disease, no arthritis, no cancer, no strokes,..

And they live in the most stressful environment in the world!


With that kind of real world proof you would think we'd be told to eat MORE fats!

What's going on here??

A lot of false information. Fat and cholesterol reduction is BIG business! Lots of money in it!

The Enemys

So what causes the artery clogging problems? What's really causing all these"fat" problems. What is your real enemy? Well, it's SUGAR! Sugar means: carbohydrates, not just white table sugar.

When you eat a lot of sugars (carbohydrates of ANY kind: including all sugars, grains, fruits, honey, etc...) your body stops burning fat efficiently if at all.

Why do you think so many overweight people can't seem to lose their fat? Or are chronically hungry and out of energy when they have 10, 20 or even 100 lbs of fat on their bodys!

Their body will not burn the stored fat until the sugar eating stops or starvation sets in. But, before starvation sets in, the hunger paings can be almost unbearable.

Yet, on a primitive diet or Atkins Diet (very low carbohydrate diet) there are no hunger paings, lots of energy, a lowering of blood pressure, more mental clarity and the excess fat just seems to melt easily off of the body.

That's because in the absence of carbohydrates the body burns (metabolizes) fat. It burns fat very cleanly and easily. And it not only burns the fat off you body, it burns the fat out of your viens and arteries.

Fish Fat

Omega 3 fats are also very necessary to maintain a proper fat balance.

This is a large subject in itself. But, in a nutshell, there are many different typs of fats. The body needs a balance of Omega 3 type fats with saturated fats to work properly and to feel really well.

Omega 3 fats used to be in balance (with saturated fat) in meat fats. In wild grazing animals it still is.

In domestically grown farm animals the grain diets they are fed all but eliminate the otherwise naturally occurring Omega 3s.

Besides nourishing the body, Omega 3 fats help liquefy fatty deposits and cholesterol deposits in the veins and arteries. The richest and best source of these Omega 3 fats is Pure Fish Oil. Fresh flax seed oil, and fresh raw nuts are also excellent sources.

Live Well

So get rid of the real enemy: Sugars. That means sugar, honey, molasses, fructose, fruit juice, wine, beer, alcohol, bread, cakes, pastas, cereals... Don't eat them!

A baked potato or two, and a few pieces of fruit is about all the sugar you should have in a WEEK. Not a day. A week. And not all at once. You can even have less.

No grains (wheat, rice, pasta, oatmeal, corn, rye,...).

Add some Pure Fish Oils and fresh raw muts to your diet. Eat the fat on your meat. And eat those eggsT They are one of the most perfect foods in the world! Have plenty of fresh and freshly cooked vegetables.

Try this for just 3 weeks. The first two weeks may be difficult while your body is adjusting to the change.

But, after only week 3 see how much better you are feeling!

Be Well.....


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