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Optimum Health!, Issue #002 -- Age Is Not Toxic!
March 01, 2007

Is Not Toxic

Although we are used to seeing older people in poor health with prostate problems, arthritis, heart disease, strokes, kidney problems, infinitum.. Age is not the cause.

I happen to know many people in their 80s and 90s who are still very physically active. Some still sky dive (yes, at 88 years old!), ski, dance etc... A 75 year old friend of mine celebrated his 75th birthday by running 75 miles! I can't even do that!

It Is What We Do To Ourselves

Age, time, does not make people sick. What we do to ourselves during that time determines our health more than any other factor.

What we eat and drink are the primary factors. Stress, smoking, alcohol and especially drugs also will account for our state of health.

Drugs are killers. 99% of all drug use would be unnecessary if people simply fed themselves correctly and stressed out less.

If people lived more naturally and ate correct clean foods only, prostate problems, arthritis, heart disease, and yes, even cancers would be practically unknown.

In fact, all these diseases are being cured every day by people who learn how to feed themselves correctly and live more naturally.

You don't have to be a hermit to do this. You simply have to learn what makes your body well, what makes it sick, and choose accordingly.

Learn What Makes You Well

The body is a totally self healing mechanism when it lives in a natural environment. And, that is especially true of the internal environment.

As long as you keep on polluting your bloodstream with non foods, bad water and actual poisons, you can forget about ever being really healthy.

It doesn't take a great deal of non foods to really screw things up and keep them that way. But it takes time for the damage to happen. That is why you see so many decrepit old people.

It's not the age. It's what was done to the body over all that time.

Knowingly or unknowingly they have trashed their bodies.

The Good News -
You Can Get Well!

The good news is that unless you have destroyed your body beyond the point of no return, you can get well.

Don't expect to compete with 20 year old athletes if you are 40 or 60 or 90.

But, even at 80 or 90 you can have a body that functions well and painlessly in every way. You can have a healthy prostate. a strong steady heart beat, smooth flexible joints, and a clear happy sound mind. All pain free!

That's the way you were designed to live.

The Destructive Factors

But, if you continue to eat non food, take drugs, drink too much, smoke too much, and stress out over every bump in the road. You are going to have a short painful life.

If you eat crap every day your body's going to break down. Either from malnourishment or toxins.

If you stress out all day, every day, your are literally burning yourself up. The weakest links will go first.

If you fill your body with endless alcohol, smoke, caffeine,.. etc., you are poisoning your system. It will fight back as long as it can. When it can no longer fight. You'll get a heart attack, a stroke, kidney failure, cancer or some other horrible condition.

And, the culprits most people don't know about are Sugars. Fats are not your enemy (healthy fats: meat, butter, cheese, olive, fish and coconut oils). Sugars are the enemy. They can precipitate (cause to bring about) almost every known disease.

The mainstream belief in the "low fat" diet is proven false in every clinical test.

The Drug Problem

Forget about drugs as the answer. They answer VERY little. In fact the statistics now say that properly prescribed prescription drugs (not illegal or street drugs) are the #3 cause of death! That's right, #3!

Wow! Do you know why? Because your liver has to detoxify all of them. Eventually when people get older and are on 5,6,7,8 or more prescription drugs each day. Their livers eventually fail from too much toxicity.

If people lived normally healthy lives, 99% of all drugs would be unnecessary. That is not an exaggeration.

Even most drugs that people "need and have to take" could be weaned off as the body regains health. This includes heart medications.


Time is not the enemy. For a human, 60 to 70 years is not old. Past 90 is old.

Time neither heals or destroys. It is what is done during that time that causes the outcome. And, unless you are moments from death or broken beyond repair, YOU CAN REVERSE THE PROBLEM. Any health problem from prostatitis to arthritis and cancer can be reversed. Usually quite simply.

If you have any doubts of this, I suggest you read the healing histories of people like Dr. Johanna Budwig and Dr. Richard Schultz.

Will you be as healthy as a child? Maybe not. But, you can be wonderfully healthy!

You Can Be Well!

If you use the time to take the correct actions.

Please read that again: You can be well. If you use the time to take the correct actions.

Getting well does not usually "happen overnight". It usually takes years, or decades to degenerate seriously. So expect it to take months or even a couple of years to get really well again.

The nice thing is, in most cases, you will find significant major improvement within a few months.

You must learn about the primitive diet. Disregard the hype, learn what really works. Get a water purifier. Exercise. Laugh more. Put money and things in proper perspective. Breathe deeply. And love everyone around you as much as you can.

Be grateful for each moment. See how half full the glass is. Not how half empty.

Clean up your internal environment. See how the world around you changes.

You'll see how age enhances your life instead of ruining it!

Be Well.....



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