90% Improvement, Tony's story.

by Tony.

Dear William,
I am 54yo and have suffered from prostatitis for 22 years. I've done the rounds with urologists and antibiotics etc etc etc.My last visit with a specialist was a couple of years ago where he started talking about surgery so things weren't going well. About this time out of desperation I began exploring online and came across your website. I pretty much followed advice re prostate massage, silver water, fish oil etc to the letter and improved tremendously. If I had to put a number on it compared to my darkest days I'd say 90% improvement. I have to say a big part of my improvement is drinking lots of water. Coffee is a love for me and I've found if I have a glass of water after and an apple (strangely enough)I get none of the familiar prostate throbbing at all.

The second purpose of this story is something I came across by accident. Ive been having trouble with arthritis in my left hand. My mother also years ago had trouble with arthritis and cured herself with fresh celery-munching on little pieces throughout the day. My wife suggested I try it which I've been doing and not only has it unbelievably fixed my fingers but I basically don't have any symptoms of prostatitis any more! As my fingers were getting better you could actually feel the stiffness and swelling subside about half an hour after munching on some. I won't go on and on but as a long term sufferer of at times severe prostatitis I almost feel like crying I'm so happy. Pain free with all the accompanying benefits esp sex drive/life. Guys give celery and prostate massage a go. Stalk or two throughout the day.I hope you all find the same benefits I have.

NB:Did some research online and celery is a highly effective natural anti-inflammatory. Google it yourselves-it really can help.

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